Would A Girl Reject A Guy Who Has Less Weight Than Her?

There are many girls who date guys who have less weight than they do or are skinny in build.

Would A Girl Reject A Guy Who Has Less Weight Than Her?There is usually something about that guy that attracts them.

They have a general preference for slender or skinny guys or they love some other physical feature.

When you are constantly being rejected by girls, it has nothing to do with having less weight than them.

A pattern of rejection means there is something about you that is not rubbing them the right way.

For one, it could be your insecurity about being a skinny guy or a guy with less weight.

You aren’t aware of this but a girl can read when a guy is insecure about his body.

She can tell through your body language and how you speak.

This is the reason why you are constantly getting rejected by these girls.

Take a closer look at these instances when they have been prevalent.

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Instead of fixating on the belief that these rejections are based on having less weight, think about what else you are doing.

Do you keep a conversation going while maintaining consistent eye contact?

Are you laughing, loose, and relaxed?

An ineptitude to exhibit these behaviors, turns girls off.

If this is the first time you have been rejected by a girl, it has everything to do with your attitude and less to do with your weight.

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With a girl you know personally, you would have an idea of the type of guy she has dated in the past.

She already has a track record.

Think back to the guys you have seen her dating and what they looked like.

That look is what she likes and has a taste for.

In deducing that she tends to date the bigger guys, you learn that this is her type.

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That being said, take note that most girls are eclectic with the kind of guys they choose to date.

A girl could date one type of guy for a while, and then end up dating another guy that looks totally different in her next relationship.

Most women aren’t confined to just one look.

This is why you shouldn’t use having less weight as a reason for why this girl or any other girl for that matter would reject you.

There are lots of skinny or slender guys out there who are dating girls they weigh less than.

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Your focus from here on out should be in increasing your sense of self-worth and confidence.

Look at yourself as a catch, instead of a person who is less than.

Realize the value you bring to the world and to yourself.

The moment you acknowledge and accept your value, your attitude changes and girls follow suit.

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