I Feel As If I Turn Girls Off

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I Feel As If I Turn Girls Off

You may feel like this because you make too many assumptions about what girls may like in a guy.

When you make too many assumptions, you may begin to act in an odd way.

You start acting like this because you simply don’t know who you should present.

Should you present the real you or should you present someone that you assume these girls would like?

Here’s the thing.

Girls like all kinds of guys.

There isn’t one suit that fits all.

Girls really have a wide array of what they tend to look for in a guy.

If you feel as if you turn girls off, it may be because you never give these girls the opportunity to see the real you.

You keep giving them someone that you hope they will like.

You keep misrepresenting yourself.

Many girls can read into this.

They can tell when you are not being honest about who you really are.

This may actually be what is turning them off.

Also, you should consider that perhaps you tend to be very sensitive when you are around girls.

If you seem to be the kind that is constantly worried about what a girl would think if you do or say something out of the norm, this can also be a turn off to girls.

A girl doesn’t want a doormat as a boyfriend.

She wants a guy that she knows has no problem sticking to his convictions and being brave.

If you agree with everything she says just so that you can appease her and win her over, you would be making a very big mistake.

Again, a girl wants a guy who is his own individual and can speak up for himself.

You should understand that being yourself and not being ashamed to show that you have a different opinion can actually make you quite attractive to girls.

It really does set you apart.

It gives a girl the impression that you can really handle yourself and be assertive.

This is what a lot of girls like.

They love to see this kind of quality in a guy. This is a guy who has no problem being himself and doesn’t give any apologies about it.

This is why being yourself is so important.

You may believe that being yourself may be the reason why you turn off girls but this is unlikely.

As I mentioned earlier, it is typically when you aren’t being yourself that girls get turned off.

You may try to emulate other guys who are successful with girls because you believe that this is what will help you do well with girls.

However, this is where you fail because those other guys have their own unique personalities.

If you simply try to emulate them, you would be acting in a way that isn’t natural to you.

This is not only quite obvious to most girls but it can also be very difficult to maintain on your part.

You can’t be this way. Instead, be self-assured and know that your own unique personality is what sets you apart from everyone else.

This is your strength and what you should present.

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