I Feel As If I Turn Girls Off On A Regular Basis In My Dating Life

You are making too many assumptions about what girls like in a guy, and this works against you with girls.

I Feel As If I Turn Girls Off On A Regular Basis In My Dating LifeA mind filled with too many assumptions results in odd behavior.

Befuddled, you struggle to represent who you truly are to these girls.

Bouncing from one fake personality to the next, you search for a solution that prevents girls from feeling turned off by you.

Here’s the thing.

Girls like a variety of guys.

There isn’t one suit that fits all.

Girls have a wide array of what they look for in a guy.

Feeling that you turn girls off has more to do with how you misrepresent yourself to girls than anything else.

Repeatedly, you present yourself as someone you hope they like, misrepresenting your true self.

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Many girls read into this.

They know when you are not being authentic about who you really are.

This is what is turning girls off.

Consider how deeply sensitive you are when it comes to your true personality and character.

You don’t believe your authentic self is attractive to girls.

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This is weak and screams of a lack of confidence.

A girl doesn’t want a doormat as a boyfriend.

She wants a guy she knows has no problem sticking to his convictions and being brave, irrespective of whether it disagrees with her or not.

Being unapologetic about who you are is significantly more attractive to girls than a guy who adjusts his personality to appease a girl and agrees with everything she says.

A girl wants a guy who is his own individual and speaks up for himself.

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This confident independence is what sets you apart from other guys.

It gives a girl the impression that you are assertive.

Girls like assertive guys.

This is why being yourself matters.

Emulating the personality of other guys who are successful with girls isn’t a solution.

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These are qualities you don’t naturally possess and it doesn’t last long before the girl picks up on the deception.

Being who you aren’t for an extended period of time is impossible to maintain.

Soon enough, the act is up and you are exposed.

She is turned off.

Not because she doesn’t like your true personality, more so from you not being yourself by taking on a fake persona.

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Be self-assured in who you are as a unique individual and own your personality, both the good and the bad.

Authenticity and confidence is a turn on to girls.

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