Exclusively Dating, Yet He Doesn’t Reply To My Text Messages. Should I Ask What’s Going On?

A boyfriend you are exclusively dating who isn’t replying to your text messages is cause for concern, and there is good reason to ask him about what is going on.

Exclusively Dating, Yet He Doesn't Reply To My Text Messages. Should I Ask What's Going On?This is abnormal behavior in an exclusive relationship.

Talk to him.

Don’t be confrontational by pointing the finger of blame at him.

When you talk about this, be honest with what has been going on and ask him for the reason behind it.

Eschew making him feel like he has to go on the defensive.

Your objective when you approach him with this question shouldn’t be to make yourself out to be the victim, and make him feel like he is a bad boyfriend.

Don’t make that assumption quite yet.

A guy who has been positively attentive to you in numerous ways, save for how infrequently he replies to your texts, is showing that he continues to care about you and the relationship.

When he is consistent with talking to you on the phone or meeting you in person to talk, he is demonstrating that he prefers this method of communication over texting.

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He has a history of not replying to text messages from friends and family.

Keeping this in mind, you are not the problem.

This is why your approach should be warm, and done in a way that allows him to feel like he can express himself without having to become defensive.

After all, you do want him to speak sincerely.

By upsetting him right from the onset, you run the risk of getting him to be so emotional, he is dishonest in how he replies.

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When a person gets caught up in the moment, they are more susceptible to letting their emotions get the best of them.

This isn’t what you want.

Like I mentioned earlier, he isn’t the biggest proponent of texting.

He has had this history throughout his life.

In a circumstance where the two of you are in a relationship that is relatively new, he is yet to adapt to an influx of text messages.

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He isn’t used to this consistency in text messages.

He ordinarily doesn’t get that many at all.

Now that you are in his life as his girlfriend, he is suddenly receiving a surge of text messages.

He isn’t used to this and doesn’t know how to continuously respond to them.

It takes time for him to get used to the fact that he is now in a relationship and has to be more responsive through text.

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A guy who hasn’t had that much experience with relationships doesn’t know how to handle all of these text messages.

He is used to shorter and more sporadic communication with his friends and family members.

You are sending him messages multiple times a day and he doesn’t know how to respond to this novelty.

Be aware of how frequently you text messages to him.

You aren’t aware that you are doing it too much.

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When he gets a notion that you text too much, you cause him to respond less.

It is too much for him and he concludes that you are needy.

Don’t do this.

Sending him less text messages for now inspires him to reply more.

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