Is Rejection My Fault Or Am I Just The Unluckiest Person There Is?

When you are rude or disrespectful in your approach, and consequently get rejected, it is your fault.

Is Rejection My Fault Or Am I Just The Unluckiest Person There Is?It starts with who you choose to go after.

Going after someone that you know is already in a relationship with someone else, opens the door to getting rejected.

This is your fault.

Furthermore, having a negative attitude in how you go about approaching a person that results in getting rejected, is your fault.

Constantly going after the same kind of person and consequently getting rejected by them, is your fault.

Obsessively going after the same individual who has turned you down before and subsequently getting rejected, is your fault.

Look at the circumstances in which you have gotten rejected to ascertain whether rejection is your fault.

This being said, the good news is that rejection is not a permanent condition.

When there is a pattern of rejection in your life, there is a reason for that.

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A few of the obvious have already been stated.

Additionally, know that not everyone is going to date you, no matter how perfect you are.

Regardless of how respectful you are in your approach, your positive energy, and how eclectic you are in those you choose to approach or ask out, you will still get rejected.

Accept this.

There are people who won’t date you even if they are single and available.

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People are in different circumstances.

Although it seems as though she would be the perfect match for you, and she is single, she isn’t sure to be in the frame of mind to be with someone new.

Though single, she continues to be in love with a past partner.

She wants that past relationship to start over and flourish.

She is waiting for that.

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Even if this isn’t about a past partner that she persists in wanting to be with, she isn’t looking to date anyone at this time.

In cases like this, she recently got out of a long-term relationship and wants to have her freedom for now, without having to worry about getting into another committed relationship.

There are so many different circumstances that you are dealing with when you go through rejection.

The key is not to take rejection so personally.

Oftentimes, the person who rejected you doesn’t know you all that well, if at all.

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In a circumstance where they do know you, they haven’t gotten to see the side of you that is romantic.

They have no idea what caliber of partner you would be.

This means that your rejection wasn’t based on what is true about you as a person.

It was based on her own circumstances and interpretation.

When rejection is your fault, you have made the same mistakes over and over again.

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When this keeps happening, you have to be wiser and make a change.

In the end, look at rejection as an opportunity as opposed to a negativity.

This is either a chance for you to better yourself as a person, or for you to move on to the next girl that would be a better match for you.

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