Do Muscular Guys Turn Girls On?

Do Muscular Guys Turn Girls On?

Muscular guys turn some girls on.

However, most girls don’t want to be with a guy that seems to live his life in the gym unless she is into the same thing.

Most girls can appreciate a muscular guy but they don’t want to feel intimidated.

In other words, a muscular guy who takes things too far may become a turn off to girls.

Though muscles do have their appeal, most girls look for something more.

Having lots of muscles simply cannot compensate for a lack of personality.

This is where so many guys go wrong.

They erroneously believe that as long as they keep going to the gym and pumping iron while ignoring the work that’s required on their personality, they will get girls to want them.

This is not the right approach.

You still need to be a guy that excites her and makes her want to be with you.

You still need to be able to stimulate her mind and make her feel good.

This is what girls truly place a lot of importance on. How you make them feel.

How you get her mind to crave and want more of you.

Merely being a muscular guy isn’t going to cut it for most girls.

You have to give her more.

As I mentioned earlier, a girl doesn’t want to get the impression that your life is in the gym.

She wants to feel like you have an interesting and full life outside of that.

This is typically what would attract her to you a lot more than your muscles.

Are you the kind of guy that seems to have an exciting life and can show her a good time?

Are you a guy with some really amazing hobbies that she would love to be a part of?

Are you the kind of guy that goes on new adventures and gets out of your comfort zone?

Are you the kind of guy that can carry on a conversation?

These are all very important questions that she has.

The last thing on her mind is the question of whether you went to the gym on Friday.

You need to understand this.

Your muscles are not going to compensate for a lack of personality.

Your muscles may not even be that attractive to her.

She may not like the fact that you are so hard.

She may want to be able to cuddle into a soft chest or lean against you and not feel like she is leaning against a brick wall.

Guys who believe that merely having muscles is all that is required to turn a girl on are often mistaken.

If she is not a gym rat, she may care less that you go to the gym.

You could be skinny or even a little overweight and she would be fine with it as long as you make her feel good and stimulate her mind.

I don’t want to discourage you from working on your muscles.

That’s your prerogative.

However, do understand that girls are attracted to a variety of looks on guys.

Simply being a muscular guy doesn’t mean that a horde of girls will jump at you.

Sure, they may notice you and admire the muscles.

However, to get a girl to be really turned on to you, you have to give her the right aura, personality and words.

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