If A Man Is Keeping His Dating Options Open, Should You Do The Same?

If A Man Is Keeping His Dating Options Open, Should You Do The Same?

Though he flirts and teases you, he isn’t your boyfriend.

You have seen him keeping his dating options open in talking to various girls, and believe that he is going out on dates with them.

Yet, he pays attention to you whenever you are alone with him.

He stares at you intensely, flirts with you, and makes you feel like you are the one girl in his world.

But, you aren’t.

He is talking to girls besides you and making moves.

The truth is, you are under no obligation to wait on him.

He is keeping his dating options open for a reason.

Regardless of how well you get along with him, he is clearly showing that you aren’t enough.

In talking to various girls and going out on dates with them, he is showing that he isn’t completely entranced with you.

He is looking for something and though you meet some of what he likes in a girl, you don’t meet everything.

Has he asked you out on a date?

A guy asks out a girl he believes has romantic potential.

A guy who doesn’t ask you out on a date but flirts with you regularly, isn’t considering you as someone with dating or relationship potential.

No matter how good the conversations are, a guy shows his true intentions through his actions, not his words.

You need to follow his lead and keep your dating options open too.

When you don’t do this, you make him your focal point of romantic desire and this is a massive misstep.

In keeping his dating options open, there is no guarantee that he comes around to liking you enough.

In not asking you out on a date so far, there is no guarantee he ever does.

When you aren’t keeping your dating options open, you spend too much of your mental capacity thinking about what dating him is like.

You get lost in your own thoughts and this is a trap.

Before you are aware of what you are doing, he is on your mind throughout your day and your emotions are influenced by how he treats you on any given day.

This is when you have given him power over you that he doesn’t deserve and hasn’t earned.

Jealousy is not far from your emotions when you see him talking to another girl or hear about him taking yet another girl out on a date who wasn’t you.

When you keep your dating options open, you diversify your choices.

Other men who come into your life as dating prospects take up space in your thoughts, keeping you from thinking about this one guy 24/7.

Even though nothing comes of these men in terms of romance, you are keeping your mind preoccupied with getting to know them, which is beneficial.

No matter what, maintain your dignity.

It works in your favor to stop patronizing this guy when enough time has passed without being asked out on a date by him.

Some guys love to flirt and tease for the ego boost, but have no intention of ever taking the girl out on a date.

Remember, a guy who never asks you out on dates but keeps flirting and teasing you, is a guy who isn’t serious about you.

Don’t wait for this guy.

Keep your dating options open.


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