Does He Just Want A Casual Relationship or More?

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Does He Just Want A Casual Relationship or More?

He may only want a casual relationship when you notice that there is a lack of meaningful communication.

If the both of you only communicate from time to time and the discussions are very frivolous, he may be showing signs of disinterest in getting to know you on a much deeper and meaningful level.

A guy who just wants a casual relationship simply won’t commit himself to get to know you better or communicate on a regular and sustained basis.

Also, you will notice his lack of preparation when it comes to the both of you meeting up.

In other words, dates will be very spur of the moment with no real planning.

When a guy does this, he is essentially insinuating that he may not have had you in his plans to start with.

He may have had other activities planned which didn’t work out.

As a result, he contacted you for a spur of the moment date or encounter because his initial plans fell through and he didn’t want to stay home bored.

These are very strong signs that you are not a priority in his life.

When a guy truly wants to romance a girl and take the relationship to the next level, he will plan out dates.

He will be excited to do things with you and would want to impress you by taking you somewhere and giving you an experience you may have never had before.

Another way to tell if a guy just wants a casual relationship is in how he treats you in reference to the people that he knows in his life.

If he has barely introduced you to the people he cares about, his family and friends, etc., he is not taking your relationship with him very seriously.

When a guy is serious about a girl, he will want to share her with the world.

He would want to share this happiness with his closest friends and family so that they know just how glad he is to be with you.

If the relationship is merely casual, he would barely do this.

He may introduce you to a few people he knows but he will rarely take you places where he knows that they will be around.

In other words, he would rarely want them to see him with you.

This is a very strong sign that he views his relationship with you as casual and temporary.

You are the person that he is with for the moment and nothing more.

Also, if you have noticed that he still has a very active social life but rarely invites you with him to go out, he is showing you the sign that this is a casual relationship.

Oftentimes, a guy will do this because he intends to talk to other girls when he goes out.

As a result, he doesn’t want you to get in the way.

A guy who is looking for more than a casual relationship would make you one of the major focal points in his life.

He would want to share you with the people he loves, take you out, get to know you intimately as a person and more.

If he has shown a lack of any of these traits, there is a very good chance that he just wants a casual relationship and nothing more.

Thereby, you should really pay attention to the traits or a lack there of.

If you don’t, you could make yourself believe something that really isn’t there.

This tends to lead to heartbreak.

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