How Often Should I Message A Girl I Just Started Dating?

How Often Should I Message A Girl I Just Started Dating?

It really depends on how it has been going.

If you just started dating this girl and the both of you have really hit it off, messaging her multiple times a day may be the most appropriate.

Again, you would have to assess how it has been going.

If you notice that she tends to text or call you a lot, she would want the same in return.

This is due to the fact that you tend to cross her mind quite often during the day.

She texts or calls you as a result because she wants to keep that connection open.

You should respond with the same kind of energy and zeal.

She obviously feels really comfortable with you and wants to communicate often as a result.

It is really important that you match her enthusiasm here.

A big mistake that a lot of guys make is to keep their communication at a minimum when they just start dating a girl even when she is constantly communicating.

They do this because they may believe that they shouldn’t appear to be overeager.

However, this tends to be a mistake because they will only end up making the girl question just how much they like her.

If a girl is beginning to question and doubt you, she will begin to ask her friends about their opinion.

There is a good chance that her friends will encourage her to drop you.

She may be against this at first because she likes you so much.

However, as she continues to communicate with you regularly on a daily basis and you continue to be lackluster in your response, she will begin to take this advice from her friends to heart and may ultimately stop.

This means that you are now in a very precarious position.

You will notice that she is not messaging as much as she used to and you may begin to panic.

By the time you have mustered enough common sense to begin initiating more conversations, she may have lost interest.

This is why it is important to gauge the kind of relationship that you are in.

As I mentioned earlier, if you two have really hit it off, there is really no limit to how much you message each other.

It would simply be flowing with the pace and rhythm of the relationship.

You would essentially be allowing the messaging to happen in a natural way.

However, on the the flip side, if she seems relatively conservative or seems to be taking things slow, go along with that as well.

You more than likely will have to do most of the initiating of conversation in the early stages, however, keep it to about one or two messages a day and no more.

Again, you will most likely have to do the lion’s share of the initiation earlier on, so just give her enough to know that you were thinking about her without making her feel like you are trying to hard by sending her too many messages.

Again, the best way to go about this is to use whatever she has shown you as your guide.

If she is talkative and is always looking to communicate, match her energy in kind.

Don’t hold back. However, if she has shown a willingness to take it slow, keep your messages to one or two a day at the start.

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