What Should I Do About The Guy I Like And Have Been Thinking About?

If this guy you like is single and available, you should either let him know that you like him or ask him out.

What Should I Do About The Guy I Like And Have Been Thinking About?This is your opportunity to take that step that puts you one step closer to what you want.

People often make the mistake of delaying because they are afraid that the other person doesn’t like them.

They are worried about rejection and the effect it has on their current relationship.

They worry about how to go about looking at this person in the eye from here on out or interact with this person’s friends.

They worry about whether they will be humiliated if they were to let this person know that they like them.

Don’t fall into the trap of overthinking with endless questions.

These questions are designed to cause inaction.

They are designed to make you feel so uneasy that you give up on telling this guy how you feel or asking him out altogether.

The truth is, you don’t know how this guy reacts to you.

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All you have been doing so far is asking questions that have no real answer.

They don’t have an answer because they aren’t grounded in reality.

As a result, you create the answers to these questions yourself.

Being hesitant about this leads to negative answers.

Those answers would be designed to discourage you on a subconscious level.

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Once you have answered all these questions in a negative way, you won’t tell this guy that you like him or ask him out.

Do me a favor.

Don’t answer the questions.

They aren’t designed to help your situation but exacerbate it.

Besides, those questions couldn’t possibly be answered without action.

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Take real action to see whether you get rejected.

Take real action to discover whether your current relationship with this guy changes upon letting him know that you like him or upon asking him out.

Take real action to see whether you will be or feel humiliated.

This means that you have to let this guy know that you like him or ask him out in real life to get your answers.

Recognize that relationship is risk.

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It is risk, as it is worth it.

Take that bold step to go for what you want.

Risk rejection or humiliation.

Accept that when you go for something, you are sending that energy into the world.

You are making a bold step that only builds more character in you.

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Were he to turn you down, you are better off for having taken a chance.

This way, there is no doubt.

This way, you can move on to someone else with the same level of courage and get what you want.

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