Is My Flirting Style Too Strong, Which Is Why No Guy Wants To Be With Me?

Is My Flirting Style Too Strong, Which Is Why No Guy Wants To Be With Me?

There is something to be said about appearing to be too eager in how you flirt.

A flirting style that gets ahead of the guy in intensity is frequently a turn off to guys.

It’s too much too soon.

When you flirt with guys, are you giving it time for the intensity to build up naturally, or are you skipping ahead, wanting to get to the explicit part too soon?

It’s not that no guy wants to be with you, it’s that a flirting style that is too strong too soon, gives the guy the impression that the girl is either desperate or loose.

This is a turn off to guys.

Besides getting too explicit too soon, a flirting style that stays on a topic for too long, one that makes the guy perturbed, is a big blunder.

Introducing a topic of flirtation that doesn’t connect with a guy or makes him perturbed isn’t uncommon, being that you are two individuals who are new to each other and feeling each other out.

A guy is willing to forgive that, so long as you quickly move on from that topic to another.

Where you fail is when you stay with the topic.

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Mistakenly, you are taking his nervous giggles as a sign that he likes what you have brought up as a source of flirtation.

You are misreading his nervous fidgeting as a sign that he is enjoying the flirt, but being coy.

He isn’t being coy.

He is legitimately on edge with the topic.

You need to get better at reading this so that you don’t keep turning guys off.

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These are guys who were interested in you in the beginning, until you decided to introduce a topic that unsettled them and proceeded to stay with it.

The ability to quickly realize that a topic isn’t connecting with a guy and is making him perturbed, is a major part of how to go about flirting with a guy successfully, without coming on too strong.

This mental awareness allows you to quickly pivot from the topic to a new one without losing the guy’s goodwill.

Watch your body language when you are flirting.

No matter how much you think the guy is into it, don’t make the mistake of repeatedly touching him when you have noticed that he isn’t responding to your touch.

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Guys are always happy to break the touch barrier whenever they sense that a woman is into them.

When he is making no attempts to touch you after you have touched him multiple times, he is anxious.

You are being too aggressive.

Although most guys won’t tell you to back off, so as not to look like a jerk, they want to.

As a rule of thumb, keep your hands to yourself until the guy has touched you.

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And then, don’t go overboard.

Only touch him to the extent that he is touching you.

Flirting with someone you are attracted to is intoxicating. You can lose yourself in it and touch too much, without equal reciprocation from the guy.

This comes off too strong and aggressive, which then leads to the guy not wanting to chat with you any further so as to get away from you.

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