He Said He Doesn’t Want A Relationship But I Still Want Him In My Life?

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He Said He Doesn't Want A Relationship But I Still Want Him In My Life?

You have to understand why you still want him in your life.

You really have to be clear about this.

What is your end game if he doesn’t want a relationship but you still want him in your life?

Are you still in the frame of mind that perhaps he could change his mind at some point or are you truly just hoping that the both of you can remain platonic friends.

Oftentimes, it can be very easy to get confused between these two.

You may make yourself believe that all you want is to be friends with him when in fact there may still be a part of you that hopes he will ultimately want to date you.

So, understand where you truly stand before moving further.

Let’s assume that you still want him in your life because you want to be friends with him or remain friends.

In this scenario, how close do you want him to be to you?

Do you want to talk to him everyday and keep him in the loop with everything that is going on in your life?

Do you want him to remember important days like your birthday or be there for you when you need someone to go to an event with you and you are seeking a filler?

You have to understand exactly what kind of friend it is that he will be.

Here is the thing.

The danger here is that you could allow yourself to get so close to him as a friend that all of those romantic feelings start coming out again.

The closer he gets to you, the more you want to share your life with him and have him acknowledge you.

This friendship begins to move into something more.

All of a sudden, you are into him again and feel like you want to be in a romantic relationship with him even more than before.

This is why all of this can get so tricky and complicated.

If you were to keep him in your life as a supposed platonic friend and he were to get too close to you emotionally, you can easily start falling for him all over again.

Thereby, be very careful about this.

Truly understand where you stand in all of this and what you can handle.

If you truly want to keep him in your life as a platonic friend, you may be better off not allowing yourself to get too close to him earlier on.

You don’t have to have him be involved with your everyday life or your daily decisions.

You don’t have to text or call him everyday and expect the same in a return.

In these early stages where your emotions may still be relatively entangled, you should really try to keep him at a relative distance as a platonic friend.

Communicate on occasion but not so frequently.

Perhaps you could even relegate the majority of your communication to social media instead of via phone in order to maintain some distance.

As time goes on and your emotions calm down, you may be able to do more with him as a platonic friend.

While having him as a platonic friend, you may actually discover that this kind of relationship would suit you a lot better.

You may come to the understanding that even though you may have initially liked him romantically, it may be best that you let go of that notion and simply look at this person as a platonic friend instead.

Not everyone will be a romantic match.

This kind of understanding opens you up to finding another possible romantic match in the future.

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