I Think I Have Been Texting Too Much. How Can I Do Better So I Don’t Push Him Away Before It’s Too Late?

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I Think I Have Been Texting Too Much. How Can I Do Better So I Don't Push Him Away Before It's Too Late?

You can take a step back and just allow him to initiate texts more often.

When you text too much without giving him the opportunity to initiate texts as well, you may get him to the point where he gets lazy with taking the initiative.

He may come to the point where he just expects you to do it and as a result he stops putting in the effort.

This is where you start.

Simply reduce the amount of texts that you are sending him and give him the opportunity to text you first.

You can also find activities in your life that you can undertake to keep you busy.

One of the reasons why you have been texting too much may be because you have made your life all about him.

You have ignored your past hobbies or you have just gotten lazy with trying to find new ones.

You will have to change that kind of approach.

You have to engage in activities in your life that don’t involve him.

You should think about the hobbies you love and start doing them again.

Perhaps you are into photography. Dust the cobwebs off your camera and start taking photos again.

You should also think about activities that you have never undertaken but you have always wanted to.

Now is your opportunity to take them on and go for it.

The more you engage yourself in other activities, the more consumed you will be by them.

This way, you don’t spend so much of your time texting him.

Also, when he knows that you are involved in these new activities, you may ignite a surge of curiosity in him.

Over time, he may want to learn about the new activities that you are undertaking and how they are going.

This could actually encourage him to take the initiative in texting you first and more often.

You have given him a reason to because he is curious about what you are doing.

Also, by noticing that you are no longer texting him as much, he would have a natural curiosity about what you may be up to in general.

This can also spur him to text you more so that you aren’t constantly tempted to text him.

You can also find other ways to interact with him other than texting.

You can use social media.

On the days that you message him on social media, you can avoid texting him.

This way, you aren’t overdoing it.

You were able to communicate with him but through another medium.

If it is a medium that he likes, he may be more prone to wanting to interact with you.

In time, he may start to miss the use of texting as more of a way to communicate and that may cause him to start initiating more texts with you.

When you are able to mix it up in terms of the way you communicate with him instead of always relying on texting, you can prevent him from getting bored over having to respond to you through texting all the time.

In the end, you are the one who has full control over how much you text him.

If you are truly willing to do better by reducing the amount of texts you send him, you will have to make the effort and stick with it.

You will realize that the more you practice control, the easier it will be to maintain that control over time.

Eventually, he may get to the point where he even begins to text you more because he wants to hear more from you.

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    She may be trying to drive a point because she feels that there is something wrong with the relationship and you haven’t been willing to work on it. She may want to scare you into thinking that you may lose her so that you start acting right.

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