I Really Miss Him And Want To See Him But Don’t Want To Ask To?

I Really Miss Him And Want To See Him But Don't Want To Ask To?

If you really miss him and want to see him, contact him and ask him out to do something with you.

If you don’t want to ask, you have to consider the possibility that you don’t miss him as much as you are making it out to seem.

You will have to analyze just how much you care about him.

If you care about him on a deep level, your ego will have to be set aside.

This is how it has to work.

The problem you will have if you allow your ego to keep you from trying to make a date to see him is that you may keep allowing yourself to let time pass you by.

When you do this, he may ultimately get to the point where he has moved on mentally and wouldn’t want to see you altogether.

Once he has gotten to this point, it is over.

Also, you may delay trying to ask him to meet up because you believe that he will eventually come around to doing this.

However, there is no guarantee that he will.

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Once you allow yourself to think in this way, it will be much harder for you to make any proactive moves as time goes by.

This is the crucial period where you are supposed to be making those moves.

When you allow this time to pass, you may be missing out on the opportunity to see him again.

Again, you will have to let go of your ego and your desire that he will come around on his own.

You would have to ask for a date or a meet-up so that you can move things forward.

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You will know where he stands when you get his response or lack there of.

This allows you to move forward.

If you stay in a constant state of not knowing, you will not be helping yourself or your situation.

You may be worried that if you were to ask, he would think that you are being too desperate or needy.

Well, you would be making one request, not several.

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If he refuses your first request, you shouldn’t keep asking over and over again.

This is when you would be acting desperate and needy.

However, making one request for a meet-up or a date isn’t being desperate or needy.

It is being assertive and proactive.

This is the best mindset to have.

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If you don’t act now, you will keep spending precious time waiting on him to do something.

You will keep watching his every move, comment and gesture.

You will use those to deduce whether he misses you too and whether he will make an attempt to try to see you or go out with you.

You would start creating too many scenarios in your mind that just aren’t real.

For example, you may notice that he smiled at you today and may take that as a sign that he will ask you out soon.

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Well, you wait and wait but nothing happens.

That smile never meant anything after all.

You shouldn’t handicap yourself in this way.

Make a proactive move on him and get this done.

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