Does He No Longer Want To Go On The Date?

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Does He No Longer Want To Go On The Date?

When he hasn’t called you to confirm the date, he no longer wants to go on the date.

He hasn’t mentioned the date since the last time you two spoke.

Instead, he has been going about his life, participating in different activities, and called you sporadically, as though you are now an afterthought.

A guy who has been preoccupied with his life, barely talking to you ever since he purportedly set up a date with you, no longer wants to go on the date.

Come to think of it, he never gave you a specific date, time and location for the date.

Sometimes, a person gets so caught up in wanting to go on a date with someone else, they don’t realize a date was merely suggested but solid plans were never set.

This often happens when you really like a guy and you are just craving and hoping that he asks you out on a date.

When he finally says anything with the word “date” in it, you get so excited that you latch on to what he said without realizing that he never actually set up a real date.

Is that your situation?

Think back to when you both were talking about the date.

Did he actually make solid plans with you or did he say something like, “I’ll give you a call and let you know when.”

That is all very vague and isn’t necessarily leading to a date.

When a guy is convinced that he likes a girl and wants to take her out on a date, he is very precise with his offer.

He gives you a specific day, time and location for the date.

Without this trifecta, he was never serious about the date.

Something else that is worth pondering is how he behaved right after that vague offer.

Did you observe a reduction of phone calls finally capped with the silent treatment?

Where he was once calling you daily, he was calling you every few days and conversations didn’t last as long as you were used to.

This was a sign of waning interest.

Cap this dramatic reduction in phone calls and shorter conversations with the silent treatment a few days before the date, and you have a guy who no longer wants to go on the date.

He caps it off with the silent treatment, fearing that you would ask him about the date as the day got closer.

He is a coward.

He doesn’t want to have to tell you that he never took the date seriously.


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