How To Act When A Guy Says I Make Him Nervous As He Is Courting Me?

When a guy says that you make him nervous, you shouldn’t be tempted to act in any other way that isn’t truly who you are.

How To Act When A Guy Says I Make Him Nervous As He Is Courting Me?You should be presenting your true self and stick to that.

In saying that you make him nervous, it doesn’t have to do with you.

He says that you make him nervous, worried that he will mess things up with you.

This is his worry.

It has nothing to do with you per se.

This is him struggling with his own doubts about how he should behave when he is interacting with you.

He is like this with other girls he likes.

He is the type that gets nervous around girls he likes, not wanting to look bad.

He feels like he has to say the right words or act in a particular way.

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This is how he interprets all of this.

He puts so much onus on how he behaves and whether he can impress you that he makes himself nervous.

All you can really do with a guy like this is be yourself and let him know that he can be at ease with you.

You should still be who you are and show him your true personality.

A personality that is too much for him doesn’t make you a match.

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In perceiving your personality as too different from his, he gets nervous.

This means that there is no compatibility between you.

This isn’t your fault nor his.

It is just the way it is.

There is nothing wrong with this.

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You shouldn’t start feeling that you should start acting like someone you aren’t just to hide your true personality or soften it.

You are who you are after all.

Getting into a relationship with this guy as someone you aren’t dooms the relationship to fail.

Eventually, you clash.

There are fights and disagreements that go unresolved.

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This is why it is always best to bring who you are to the table on the outset.

This way, there is no confusion about what you are about.

With personalities that don’t mesh, it is better to discover this earlier on than after having gotten into a relationship.

When a guy says that you make him nervous, attempt to relate to him so as to calm his nerves.

Should you learn that you have something in common with this guy, talk to him about it.

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The more you talk to him about something he knows and loves, the more he feels a sense of connection.

He finds it easier to continue conversation because you are talking about something that he is knowledgeable about.

This is what takes his mind away from how nervous he is.

He calms his nerves in time and enjoys the interaction.

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