Keep Thinking About Him – To Contact Or Not?

Keep Thinking About Him - To Contact Or Not?

There is a reason why you keep thinking about him.

You may be infatuated with him or even care for him.

You may feel like you have a lot in common with him.

You may believe that there is chemistry and a connection.

Again, there is a reason why you keep thinking about him.

When you know what that reason is, ask yourself whether contacting him would be worth it.

Perhaps this was someone that you were previously dating but never got into a real relationship with.

Perhaps this is someone that you were talking to for a while but for some reason it never went beyond just conversation.

Ultimately, the conversation may have fizzled out and you both parted ways.

These are all scenarios you have to strongly consider.

If any one of them applies to you, you may need to take account of your current emotions and not allow yourself to be misled by them.

If you were previously dating him but it never entered the stage of a real relationship, that may have been because there was no lasting compatibility between you.

It is easy to deceive yourself into believing that there was lasting compatibility after the fact because you are now being influenced by what you strongly desire.

Instead of studying the interaction in its entirety, you will focus on the good parts of the dating and forget that it never actually led anywhere.

If you were talking and eventually the conversation fizzled out, it may also have been due to the lack of compatibility or even a lack of energy.

These are all important scenarios that you shouldn’t forget simply because you are thinking about him now and wondering if you should contact him or not.

As I mentioned earlier, it can be very tempting to believe that there was something more when the reality is that the interaction with him in the past did ultimately fizzle out.

People can really start off on a high note.

It may seem like everything is working perfectly.

The conversations may be animated and fun.

The body chemistry may even seem fluid as you both touch from time to time and get close to each other.

However, it doesn’t always mean that this will be sustained.

Sometimes, chemistry just fizzles out.

It just does.

It may have been there at the start but at some point, there was a feeling of disconnectedness.

It may have occurred at some point during a conversation or even when he was away from you and realized that he wasn’t feeling as excited to talk to you again like he was when he first met you.

It may occur to him abruptly and literally out of nowhere.

As a result, the relationship never progresses to the next stage.

Often, as human beings, we can get blinded by our passion and what we desire.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be blinded.

If there was a fizzle out, it was for a reason.

Time away from this guy hasn’t changed that.

You may be better off not contacting him.

You may be better off letting him go and moving on with your life.

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