Do Guys Like Tomboys?

Do Guys Like Tomboys?

Some guys like tomboys.

It really depends on the guy.

The kind of guy who likes tomboys may appreciate the girls that are willing to look more natural.

That may be his thing.

He may be into girls who don’t apply much or any makeup.

He may be into girls who tend to wear less showy clothing.

He may be into girls who are willing to get dirty with him and do something rough.

He may be into girls who aren’t afraid to be foulmouthed or act tough.

This may be what he is attracted to.

There are guys like this.

They like that tomboyish nature and want to be around a girl like that.

However, most guys do prefer girls who aren’t tomboys. They like it when a girl dresses up or puts on makeup.

They like it when she may act flirty or get protective of her man.

Most guys like this because it also gives them a clear role in the relationship.

They get to be the guy who wears the pants in the relationship.

They get to be the one that is macho and aggressive.

It just gives them a reason to feel and be different in the relationship.

This is how a lot of people define their relationships.

They define it by the differences that they have with the other person in the relationship.

Most people like to have clear contrasts.

They like to feel like they are a partner that has a particular role that is different from the other.

If they were to look too similar, it can throw them off.

It may make them feel like there is no equilibrium.

They may even feel like they are dating themselves to an extent.

It is fine to have things in common with the person you date but for most people they still want to feel like there are enough differences between them in order to make them look compatible as romantic partners.

A tomboy may be too similar for most guys.

They would find it hard to embrace their role as the male in the relationship.

These guys may even feel awkward when they are in public or among friends or family with a tomboy.

They may not quite know who they should present themselves to be.

It just creates a feeling of uncertainty and discomfort.

This is often why you will see most guys dating girls that look the part.

The girls look different from them and have the feminine traits.

The girls will dress showier.

They may have their hair and nails done.

They may love to go shopping and wear the latest fashion.

The guy on the other hand can feel like her opposite to an extent.

He is comfortable here and willing to play that role.

He doesn’t have to worry about how the public or friends and family will look at him.

After all, these clear roles are the norm in society.

He doesn’t have to worry about how he should handle her when she gets emotional because he has been there before.

He wants this because it is familiar to him.

A tomboy on the other hand may not be all too familiar to him.

He simply may not know how to handle one.

On the contrary, a guy who is used to being around tomboys would be the most likely and willing to date one.

He knows how tomboys behave and what to expect because he has gotten to know them in his social circle.

If you are a tomboy, this would be the guy who would most likely want to date you.

This is the kind of guy that has been around tomboys before and may even be friends with them.

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