How To Know That Your Girlfriend Is Bored Of You?

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How To Know That Your Girlfriend Is Bored Of You?

When your girlfriend is bored of you, she will communicate with you a lot less than she used to.

You will notice that she tends to call or text you less.

You will notice that she is sending you less messages on your social media accounts.

When she does this, she is showing that she is not really thinking about you as often.

She isn’t bothered to communicate with you as much because you are simply not entering her stream of consciousness that much.

She may be out there doing something else that is occupying her time and is giving her more pleasure.

She may be hanging out with someone that makes her feel better.

She may even be conversing with someone else that she would rather be talking to than you.

This is why communication is such a big indicator of boredom.

When someone is not communicating with you as much, they are not thinking of you as much.

Another way to know that your girlfriend is bored of you is when she is not going out with you as much as she used to.

She may have been all about going out with you when you first started dating.

She is not doing that anymore.

In fact, she may even be cancelling dates that you already had planned.

She may not be suggesting dates either.

She may be leaving all of the initiating of dates to you.

This is a strong sign that your girlfriend is bored with you.

When you try to set up a date, she may give you an excuse.

She may say that she has something else planned or she will get back with you once she finds out what her schedule is looking like.

The problem is that you never hear back from her about her schedule.

The next time you talk to her, it is as if the last conversation never happened.

She seems to want to avoid mentioning the fact that she told you that she would get back with you and let you know what her schedule will be like.

She just wants to act like you didn’t ask her out. If you were to bring the topic back up, she may give you an excuse.

She may tell you that she found out that she would be busy on the day of even though she may never have checked to see if she truly would be.

When you find it increasingly difficult to set up dates with your girlfriend and have her follow through with them, it is likely that she has gotten bored of you.

If you also notice that your girlfriend rarely asks you questions about yourself anymore, she has probably gotten bored of you.

She is no longer curious about what makes you who you are.

She is no longer showing any true investment in finding more ways in which she connects with you.

You are not her curiosity or project anymore.

She just doesn’t care to know more.

She simply sticks with what she already knows about you and doesn’t go any further.

She doesn’t bother to learn more about what you like or don’t like.

She doesn’t bother to learn more about what brings you joy and what you strive for.

This is your girlfriend showing you in very clear terms that she is bored of you.

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