How Do I Get Him To Like Me?

How Do I Get Him To Like Me?

Give him a reason to like you by showing him why you are different and a lot of fun to be with.

Ask him questions or observe him to figure out what activities you have in common.

Relate to him.

Advise him of your shared love for said activities.

Share your knowledge about it by giving him valuable nuggets of information.

A mutual interest in a TV show gives you an opening to share interesting information about that TV show that he either doesn’t know about or does, but doesn’t expect a lot of other people to know about.

This is how you set yourself apart.

Unlike most people who just watch the TV show, you have a deeper knowledge about it that transcends what the average person knows about it.

Given that he is already passionate about this TV show, demonstrating this extended knowledge to him separates you from everyone else.

Do this with any activity he is passionate about that you share an interest in.

A mutual interest in animals is your opening to talk in detail about specific animal species and their histories and proclivities.

Demonstrate a knowledge about animals that the average person doesn’t know.

Getting a guy to like you is this uncomplicated.

Find activities or interests that he is passionate about and you have in common, and demonstrate a greater knowledge in them than the average person.

How about your openness to doing activities that you have never done, but he is interested in?

This works in your favor, especially when these are less glamorous activities.

Most girls aren’t excited to do activities that get them dirty or leaves them feeling unglamorous.

For example, lots of guys love playing sports with each other.

Not just glamorous sports like tennis or cycling, but “dirty” sports too.

Dirty sports like football, soccer, rugby, basketball, etc.

A girl who is game to do these activities with him is a girl that sets herself apart from the lion’s share of girls.

Getting a guy to like you is so straightforward when he connects with you while doing activities he knows he has a hard time finding girls to do with him.

Sharing interests and an openness to doing activities many girls don’t with him is advantageous, but never be afraid to provide a differing opinion to him or expose him to a totally new experience.

Never get sucked into believing that you must agree with him on everything and solely love doing what he loves.

A guy gets to like you when you bring something extra.

You get him to see something you disagree with him on from a different angle, with cogent arguments.

This is fantastic.

It gets him to appreciate your intelligence.

Unlike a girl who is doing everything in her power to relate to him on what he loves, you are brave enough to give him a different viewpoint on an opinion with valid arguments.

Exposing him to a totally new activity or experience is such a plus too.

This excites him.

What else are you going to expose him to?

He is looking forward to it and that makes him appreciate you so much.

With this much excitement, you get him to like you.


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