When A Guy You’re Talking To Says He Can’t Read You, Is That A Bad Thing?

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When A Guy You're Talking To Says He Can't Read You, Is That A Bad Thing?

It isn’t.

When a guy you are talking to says that he can’t read you, he is typically insinuating that you are intriguing to him.

In essence, he may be trying to tell you that you are not like the other girls that he has interacted with in the past.

You are exceptional.

That is clearly where you want a guy to be.

You want him to be constantly wondering about you.

As a result, he may try even harder to figure you out.

This typically means that he will dedicate the time to get to know you more.

Now, there is a caveat to this.

A guy telling you that he can’t read you because your emotions are all over the place isn’t a good thing.

You don’t want him to constantly wonder about whether you are into him.

If he is always wondering about whether you are into him because you keep sending mixed signals, he may be intrigued at first but eventually resent it.

This is the line you shouldn’t cross.

The objective is to have him intrigued by you, not annoyed and frustrated by you.

When he can’t read you because you are a dynamic personality that makes him feel a range of different emotions whenever he is around you, you are on the right track.

This normally emanates from a sense of happiness, contentment and adventure on your part.

You are showing him the many facets to your personality.

You are giving him just enough to get curious without giving it all away.

For example, the both of you may get into a conversation about music.

You may let him know about your views on certain types of music while giving him a detailed description of the reasons why you feel that way.

However, you stop short of telling him everything.

You may hold back on something.

You may give him a reason but not elaborate on it.

That gets him intrigued.

He begins to wonder why you told him that and now he really wants to know more.

It could be any topic.

Politics, pop culture, sports, religion, etc.

You start by giving him the kind of knowledge of information that no other girl he knows has.

You give him your opinions. You explain some and stop short on explaining others.

From here, you move on to another topic.

This keeps him hanging. He wants to know more.

When he is not around you, he is wondering about what else there was that you didn’t reveal to him.

He starts thinking about you constantly as a result.

He wonders if you think about him as much. He becomes more and more curious about you.

Now, he starts trying to psycho-analyze you in his mind.

He will naturally try to read you because he is trying to put you in a box just like he does the other girls.

A box that defines your personality, temperament and interest level.

He does this for his own comfort level.

When he can put a girl in a box, he can get a feel of how he wants to go about talking to the girl in the future.

This is what he has done with other girls in the past.

However, he finds that he can’t put you in a neat little box because you are intriguing.

You are not like the other girls.

This is one of the best ways to have a guy like you.

When he says that he can’t read you, not because you are sending him mixed signals, but because there are so many facets to your personality that leaves him wanting more, you are different and on the right track.

Hence, you should take encouragement from that and keep up the work in keeping him intrigued.

This is how you are able to build up momentum in this interaction and possibly reach a point where he just wants to be with you.

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