He Isn’t Attracted To Me Anymore

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He Isn't Attracted To Me AnymoreIf he isn’t attracted to you anymore, this is how he feels and you should accept that, even though it may hurt.

Attraction isn’t something that is always guaranteed to be there.

There are lots of people who become attracted to someone and later lose that sense of attraction.

A lot of it has to do with where there mind was at the moment. At that moment of attraction, there was something that caught their attention.

It could have been a distinct physical feature that the person had or even a particular mannerism.

Once they have had some time away from this moment, that initial reason for their attraction can wane.

Once it starts waning, they don’t feel as strongly as they did about the person initially.

They have had the time to be away from that experience and the attraction hasn’t lasted.

This does happen quite often.

It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.

He may have been initially attracted to something about you.

It may have been your eyes or a certain facet of your persona.

That may have been what grabbed his attention initially.

You still have these elements today.

However, he may not be as drawn to them as he once was.

This had nothing to do with you.

After all, you still have the same eyes and persona.

His initial attraction was just that. Initial.

There was no real bearing behind it.

It wasn’t the kind of attraction that would carry on into a getting-to-know-you stage.

If it did get this far, that attraction wasn’t strong enough to sustain it through this stage.

This is where you have to realize that attraction is not always going to bring chemistry.

Two people may find each other attractive but may go no further than a few dates because there was no chemistry to push it along further as the attraction began to wane.

A lack of chemistry is no one’s fault.

It is either there or it isn’t.

Sometimes it will take a few dates to know if there is any chemistry.

Other times, people can tell from the very first date.

Again, attraction is one of those things that can be there and gone relatively rapidly.

It doesn’t mean that your physical appeal has changed in any way.

It just means that the other person’s attraction to you faded for their own reasons.

It may have been that they lost that initial sense of excitement upon seeing you or it may mean that there wasn’t any chemistry there to keep that attraction alive.

Hence, it is important to be accepting of this and avoid judging yourself. People will often judge themselves harshly when they feel like someone no longer finds them attractive.

Understand that this often has more to do with this other person than it does with you.

You may have felt like there was chemistry, but dating is a two way street.

The other party has to feel the same way too.

You shouldn’t blame yourself for this.

Simply understand that this does happen and allow yourself to move on.

When you are able to genuinely accept this, you will be able to also understand your value and know that there will always be someone out there who will value your uniqueness.

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2 thoughts on “He Isn’t Attracted To Me Anymore”

  1. Hi,
    I am really confused tbh..I don’t know if this guy is attracted to me or not. So in last year in grade 11 we had chemistry class together. He was two seats away from me and our teacher made this joke so we all looked back and I guess I was staring at him cause I do have the tendency to day dream then he caught me staring so it was a very intense stare. His eyebrows were lifted up and his body was kind of positioned towards me. I got really nervous so I licked my lips which I guess came off in flirty way but it wasn’t supposed to so I got embrasssed and looked away. So the semester goes by i sometimes sense him staring at me and I would do the same. One day the guy I was sitting beside asked if he was staring at me and he said no and went back to do his work and I overheard this. The other day I was working on the exam booklet and he came up to up to my desk tapped it and we just stared at each other but he had this smirk on his face then tapped another girls desk and walked away. After the last few weeks of exam I guess we never paid that much attention towards each other. So now we are in grade 12 and we have no classes together but we did have a few encounters. One day I was sitting on the bus with my friends and he was sitting on the other side and halfway through the bus ride he stood next to my seat. I don’t know if he did it because his stop was colse but majority of the time he was on his phone and it got really awkward because my friends don’t like him. Another time I was in business class and a big group of his friends were in the hallway calling one of his friends to come outside but I felt him staring at me. It’s really confusing in a way I feel like he thought I was flirting with him but I wasn’t but I think I like him now. We never really talked or anything. I noticed him and his friends are reallY colse with this other girl group but I haven’t seen him talk to them it’s mostly his friends. His friends don’t talk to me ethier cause I havent had a class with any of them.Can you explain to me your analysis of the situation? What’s going on in his head? What’s going on between the both of us?

  2. Hi Laura,

    There has been quite a few moments of intense staring between the both of you.

    This normally indicates attraction.

    He is most likely using these moments to try to figure you out.

    He has caught you staring at him but he has also experienced you being somewhat nonchalant a la the time he walked up to your seat on the bus and stood next to you but you didn’t respond in any way.

    There is a tenseness between the both of you.

    He is most likely hoping that someone breaks that tension by either starting a conversation or at least saying a greeting.

    At this moment, he is not willing to be the person to break the tension.

    Either way, the attraction here is very evident on both your parts.

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