Does This Girl Like Me?

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Does This Girl Like Me?

This girl likes you when she tries to make eye contact with you often.

If you notice that she typically tries to make eye contact with you, she is trying to create a connection.

She is also showing that she really likes what she sees.

If she often accompanies eye contact with a smile, there is a very good chance that this girl likes you.

A girl who isn’t shy may allow you to maintain eye contact with her for a sustained moment before taking it away.

On the other hand, a girl who is shy may take that eye contact away almost instantly.

You have to watch for this.

A shy girl may like you but you wouldn’t know for certain because she may try to look at you when you aren’t looking her way.

The moment you lock eyes with her, she may look away.

This is what a lot of shy girls do and it typically means that they like you.

Another great way to tell if this girl likes you is if you notice that she tends to get jealous when you are flirting or talking to other girls.

She may act unhappy or she may begin to fidget with her purse or her dress while glancing in your direction from time to time.

This is her showing disapproval that you are talking to some other girl.

She will typically want to take her attention away from what you are doing and focus on something else but will often find it hard to do so.

She just keeps turning back to your direction and looking over disapprovingly at you and this girl that you are talking to.

A girl likes you when she tends to make time for you.

If you actually know this girl and you notice that she always seems to be free and available to talk to you or hang out with you, she may indeed like you.

She may want you to ask her out and feels that the more she makes herself available, the more opportunity she will have to be asked out.

She may tend to start dressing up nicer too.

You may notice that she has updated her wardrobe or is wearing a little bit more makeup than usual.

You may notice that she is really trying to get your attention so that you know how good she looks.

To do this, she may talk a little louder or walk around a lot.

This way, your attention is either drawn to her voice or to her movements.

A girl who likes you may even praise you.

She may be very generous in her praise and even exaggerate.

She may tell you that you are really good at this or that.

It is all done to inflate your ego so that you really feel good about yourself.

She knows that if she can really make you feel good about yourself, you may be willing to give her a chance and possibly ask her out.

She has her motivations and is hoping that you feel the same way about her as she feels for you.

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2 thoughts on “Does This Girl Like Me?”

  1. I have a girl staring at me constantly, we both lock eyes whenever we pass each other. I think she also stands in places for me to notice her, when waiting for math class she stood in an area that was in my view (I’m not in her class), when she left for class she gave a last minute look back. Am I over-analyzing these signs?

  2. Hi Leo,

    If she is staring at you constantly, there is a good chance that you aren’t over-analyzing this and that she does like you.

    The fact that you lock eyes when you pass each other is also a telling sign that she is interested because girls typically don’t maintain a sustained period of eye contact with a guy unless they are interested.

    When she gave you the last minute look back when you were waiting for math class, she was most likely hoping that you were looking in her direction as well.

    You should try not to spend too much time constantly looking for signs of interest.

    She has already shown them.

    She has done all of this because she wants you to know that she is interested and she wants you to come and talk to her.

    This is what you will have to do the next time you see her.

    If you spend too much time analyzing her body language, you may lose your opportunity.

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