Does This Girl Like Me?

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Does This Girl Like Me?

A girl shows she is attracted to you when she repeatedly looks at you.

She is attracted to what she sees and looks at you repeatedly to avail herself of your appearance.

When she accompanies looking at you with a smile, she confirms she likes you and is intent on creating a connection with you.

A girl who isn’t shy maintains eye contact with you for a sustained moment, before removing it.

On the other hand, a shy girl removes her gaze once you are about to establish eye contact with her.

A shy girl who likes you is trickier with how she shows she likes you.

It is hard to establish sustained eye contact with her, but knowing that she has looked in your direction multiple times, she is confirming she likes you.

A girl shows that she likes you when she gets jealous as you flirt or talk to another girl.

She demonstrates jealousy when she bickers to her friends about the girl you are talking to.

Her friends look in your direction to see who you are talking to and turn to her to give their scathing opinions about the girl.

Her friends are telling her what she wants to hear to make her feel better about the girl who is taking your attention away from her.

Unhappy, she fidgets with her purse or her dress, while glancing in your direction from time to time, hoping to catch your eye so that you are no longer distracted by the girl.

Struggling to establish eye contact with you, she keeps turning back to your direction, looking over disapprovingly as you talk to the girl.

A girl who likes you makes time for you.

She is never unavailable to talk or hang out with you.

Whenever you leave her a text or voicemail, she gets back with you in minutes, the majority of times.

This is a girl who wants to make it painless for you.

She never wants you to think she isn’t available to talk or hang out, being that she is hoping that you ask her out and keep doing so.

Not just this.

She dresses up nicer too, so as to get your attention.

She has updated her wardrobe or is wearing a little bit extra makeup than usual.

It’s about getting your attention.

In this vain, she talks louder or moves about when you are around, so as to get you to either hear her speaking or see her walking about.

The hope is that you are drawn to what she is doing and make a move to talk to her.

A girl who likes you, praises you.

She is a bit too generous with her praise, exaggerating on multiple occasions.

Though you know that you are an average ball player, she calls you amazing and compares you to some of the greats.

Though you don’t have the best dress sense, she praises your shirt, shoes, pants, etc., as though you are a fashion model.

Your jokes are average at best, but she laughs hilariously at them, comparing you to the funniest professional comedians.

The intent is to inflate your ego so as to make you feel good about yourself and connect that good feeling with her.

The better you feel whenever you are around her, the higher the likelihood you ask her out.

Your best bet is to watch for a number of the aforementioned cues.

Repetition is key.

Repeated behavior is your confirmation she likes you.

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2 thoughts on “Does This Girl Like Me?”

  1. I have a girl staring at me constantly, we both lock eyes whenever we pass each other. I think she also stands in places for me to notice her, when waiting for math class she stood in an area that was in my view (I’m not in her class), when she left for class she gave a last minute look back. Am I over-analyzing these signs?

  2. Hi Leo,

    If she is staring at you constantly, there is a good chance that you aren’t over-analyzing this and that she does like you.

    The fact that you lock eyes when you pass each other is also a telling sign that she is interested because girls typically don’t maintain a sustained period of eye contact with a guy unless they are interested.

    When she gave you the last minute look back when you were waiting for math class, she was most likely hoping that you were looking in her direction as well.

    You should try not to spend too much time constantly looking for signs of interest.

    She has already shown them.

    She has done all of this because she wants you to know that she is interested and she wants you to come and talk to her.

    This is what you will have to do the next time you see her.

    If you spend too much time analyzing her body language, you may lose your opportunity.

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