If Someone Doesn’t Ask Questions About You, Does That Mean They’re Not Interested?

If Someone Doesn't Ask Questions About You, Does That Mean They're Not Interested?

Some people aren’t good at asking questions, especially at the start of getting to know someone.

A lack of romantic interest isn’t always the reason.

As a person who is putting out the effort to get to know your date and ask them questions, you aren’t unreasonable in thinking that this person must have no romantic interest in you.

Don’t be too fast to make a judgment.

The early stages of getting to know someone is very mercurial.

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Emotional investment is still at its infancy, making it that much easier to bail the moment you feel like something is off.

Again, don’t be too quick to judge.

Before drawing the conclusion that this person isn’t romantically interested in you, consider what their body language has been like so far.

Have they mimicked your posture?

Have they allowed you to get close to them physically?

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Do they laugh at your jokes?

What about touch?

Have they responded to your touch by touching you back?

Have they shared a piece of their meal or a sip of their beverage with you?

Affirmative answers to these questions make a strong argument that romantic interest is there.

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Yes, it’s frustrating that they aren’t asking you questions about yourself, but a person who is giving you the right romantic body language and not cancelling on dates, is a person that is romantically interested in you.

Sometimes, people who are in the habit of not asking questions about the person they are out on dates with do it out of a lack of practice.

Some attractive women for instance and even some attractive men, are a lot more used to getting asked questions by romantically interested parties than having to be the one who comes up with questions.

A beautiful or handsome face makes many admirers turn a blind eye to this deficiency, as long as they get to go out on dates with said attractive person.

This attractive individual has never had to develop conversational skills that required they come up with questions to ask.

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It comes across as vain to the judgmental eye, but it isn’t always the case.

When a person has never had to develop a particular skill their whole life, to expect them to simply become fluent and comfortable in doing so as an adult isn’t realistic.

If you are running out of patience with this person, even though they have consistently displayed positive romantic body language and never cancelled on a date, try using something you have in common with them as a topic in one of your conversations with them.

In general, people feel a lot more comfortable asking questions around a topic they are very passionate and knowledgeable about.

For instance, you discover you both have a passion for fashion.

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Talk about fashion-related topics for a stretch in conversation and allow some breaks in conversation to give them the opportunity to ask you a question.

A familiar topic that they are passionate about normally elicits questions.

They have more confidence in this topic as they know it so well and have found a kindred spirit in you.

All of a sudden, they are asking you about who your favorite fashion designer is or what you thought about the latest fashion line by some random designer.

Normally, this is where you start.

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Easy, familiar topics that they have a lot of knowledge about and passion for.

Gradually, as you become that much more intriguing to them, questions about you become a lot more frequent.


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