I Think My Ex Wants Me Back

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I Think My Ex Wants Me Back

You may be thinking that your ex wants you back because you really want this to happen.

Think about this for a moment.

How often do you fantasize about getting back with your ex?

How often have you spoken about this to friends in your social circle?

How often does your ex come into your mind from day to day?

There may be a part of you that has been wanting your ex to get back with you.

You may have been trying to ignore this reality but if you were to be honest with yourself, you may agree that this is true.

If you have been constantly talking about your ex to your friends or thinking about your ex, you would be a lot more prone to see what really isn’t there.

You may think that your ex wants you back just because he called you today and spoke to you for longer than usual.

You may think that your ex wants you back because you noticed that he left a comment on your social media account or liked a photo.

You may in essence draw a premature conclusion simply because you want your ex back into your life so badly.

This is something that you have to be very cognizant of.

It is tempting to believe what you want to believe.

When you desire something so much, you could start making yourself believe in something that really isn’t there.

Your ex may not have the same desire that you have to get back together.

They may have communicated with you recently simply because they wanted someone familiar to talk to.

Exes do this all the time.

They may suddenly just want to hear a familiar voice because they aren’t particularly happy that day or got into an argument with someone they are currently seeing.

You should understand this.

Simply hearing from your ex is no guarantee that your ex wants you back.

Now, if you have noticed consistent behavior from your ex, this may be cause for further investigation.

You are noticing that your ex is calling you around the same time every day.

You are noticing that your ex is constantly where you are physically and always trying to get your attention while there.

You hear that your ex has been asking questions about you to your friends, family or acquaintances.

You notice that your ex is beginning to engage in activities that you love that they would never engage in while you were dating.

This may be because your ex is trying to make you see that they are a changed individual.

All of these instances that I have just described are very good signs that your ex may want you back.

However, you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions at this time.

Take things slow.

If you feel the need, ask your ex to meet you for a talk.

Have an honest discussion with your ex and learn what their intentions are.

Don’t get into anything serious until you have thoroughly figured out where you both stand.

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