My LDR Boyfriend Hardly Talks To Me. What Could Be The Reason?

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My LDR Boyfriend Hardly Talks To Me. What Could Be The Reason?

Your LDR(Long Distance Relationship) boyfriend may be hardly talking to you because he is losing interest.

This often happens in long distance relationships.

Many often end relatively quickly because someone lost interest.

It can be very hard to sustain a relationship when two partners are physically distant from each other indefinitely.

This is because human beings need that physical connection with someone and in long distance relationships, someone will end up frustrated.

They are frustrated because they don’t get to touch and be around their partner on a regular basis.

They get frustrated because they don’t have that partner physically there with them to help them through a bad day.

Conversations over the phone can only go so far.

Skyping each other can only go so far.

Sending a Kik or Snapchat will only get you so far.

At some point, there needs to be some face to face interaction.

This may be what your LDR boyfriend is missing.

He may have simply reached the point where he wants more.

You may be okay with the status quo but he isn’t.

He may want to touch your face and hand.

He may want to do things with you that most boyfriends and girlfriends do.

When an act as mundane as simply going out with your partner on a date is impossible to do due to distance, it can be very frustrating.

Another reason why your LDR boyfriend may be hardly talking to you could be because he just doesn’t see a future in this relationship.

He has given up hope that there will ever be anything more than what you have right now.

Initially, he may have had hope.

He may have believed that at some point things would change and you would be together in the same physical space.

That hasn’t happened.

Perhaps it has been months or more and still no progress in this direction.

Though he may still have feelings for you, he may have decided that those feelings were being wasted.

When he loses hope, he loses the drive to talk.

He would rather do something else with his time than talk to you.

If he were to talk to you, he would be reminded of how bad he feels and how hopeless the situation is.

He doesn’t want to be at the receiving end of this any longer.

You should also consider that your LDR boyfriend is hardly talking to you because he has found someone else who is physically close to him.

He may have started to talk to another girl that either lives where he is or close. They may have already met and even currently dating.

A long distance partner will find comfort in someone else who is close by.

They may initially be only friends with this person.

They may tell this person about their long distance relationship and how frustrating it has been.

Soon after, the long distance partner begins to confide in this person.

After all, this person is there for them and listens to their complaints.

This person is physically there.

Soon, there are feelings involved.

The long distance partner then decides to talk less to their partner because they have found someone new.

This does happen and it is something that you should be aware of and be willing to accept.

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