How Can I Come Up With A Creative Way To Surprise Visit My Long Distance BF?

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How Can I Come Up With A Creative Way To Surprise Visit My Long Distance BF?A good way to surprise visit your long distance boyfriend is to actually catch him somewhere he wouldn’t be expecting.

If you were to simply show up at his doorstep, you may surprise him but you would do so at a place that he is accustomed to.

His home is typically where he does most of his entertaining for friends, colleagues or family.

His home is typically where he hosts.

This is where he would expect to be visited by most people.

Stopping by his place may not be that amazing a surprise because you would still be catching him while he is within his element.

A creative way to surprise visit your long distance boyfriend should be at a place where he would be least expecting a visit.

You should find out what his schedule is going to be like around the time that you are planning to surprise visit him.

A truly shocking surprise visit would be if you actually met him at a place that he may be travelling to.

Perhaps he told you that he has to go to some city for work, personal business or for some kind of event.

He may tell you where he will be staying and what his itinerary will be like during this trip.

He would be telling you all of this in discussion with no inclination that you plan to surprise visit him at the place he would be travelling to.

He is merely having a discussion with you.

The last thing he is thinking is that you would visit him while he was on this trip away from his home.

If he were to consider the possibility that you would ever surprise visit him, the first and possibly only place he may believe that you would do it would be at his home.

However, you don’t plan to do that.

He has no idea that all the details he is giving you about this trip that he is planning is for a reason.

You intend to use those details to meet him while he is visiting this particular place.

This is one of the most creative ways you can surprise visit your boyfriend.

Instead of being focused like so many long distance couples are on surprise visiting their partners at their homes or places that they are entirely familiar with, do so somewhere that your long distance boyfriend would absolutely least expect it.

For this to work, you would have to plan ahead of time.

Once you are in the know of exactly when your boyfriend will be making this trip, where he will be staying and what places he would be going to, you can adjust your own schedule to match his.

Travel to this place and surprise visit him at either the hotel he will be staying at or whatever event location he would be spending a good chunk of his time at.

This is how you can absolutely blindside him because you would be surprise visiting him in an environment he would have least expected. This act alone could even help in strengthening your long distance relationship with your boyfriend.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Come Up With A Creative Way To Surprise Visit My Long Distance BF?”

  1. I am wanting to surprise my long distant relationship with a visit. I was planning on going to a nice hotel and sending an invite to him. Just not sure of how to send the invite to a party without him knowing it’s me.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    If you know any of his friends, colleagues or family, you can get one of them to send him the invite under the guise that it is their party.

    However, when he shows up, you will be there to surprise him.

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