Affectionate In Person But Neutral Over Text?

Affectionate In Person But Neutral Over Text?

If this person is affectionate in person but tends to be neutral over text, they may feel more comfortable when they are face to face with you.

In essence, they may prefer it when they are there with you physically than when they are using a keypad to communicate.

It may be difficult for them to express how they are feeling over text.

Understand that there are some people who can actually find this difficult.

You are probably a pro at this whole texting thing.

However, not everyone is going to be like you.

Some people are just more adept at expressing themselves and showing affection when they are with someone physically than when they have to type it out.

This person may feel a lot more comfortable expressing their affection in a face to face setting than by using words through text.

They may not be very good with words in the first place.

They may not like having to use them to convey affection because they truly lack any confidence in their writing ability.

Again, you probably text all the time and are very adept at using words but this may not be the kind of person that you are dealing with.

Not everyone is good with words.

They may be able to play around with words and banter.

However, when it comes to showing affection over text, it is a lot different.

So, remember that not everyone is going to be like you.

Just because you are comfortable using words over text doesn’t mean that other people that you date will feel the same way.

Something else you should consider when this person is neutral over text is the possibility that they may not want to get carried away and ultimately say something that they shouldn’t have.

It is easier to gauge whether they are taking things too far when they are face to face with you.

They can observe your body language.

They can watch and analyze.

If they notice that you are smiling, they are getting positive feedback.

This in turn encourages them to be even more affectionate.

If you are touching them from time to time, they are encouraged as well.

They can tell that you are enjoying being around them and you are trying to create a connection.

Due to this kind of feedback through your body language, they are able to be even more affectionate with you.

They may hug you close and keep you there for a while.

They got to this point because they were able to gauge your behavior based on how you were acting while you were interacting with them physically.

It can be a lot harder to gauge just how much someone is enjoying another person’s company when they are texting.

Since they are merely texting you and they don’t have the added benefit of observing your body language, they may choose to be cautious and remain neutral.

They don’t want to make any assumptions over text.

They don’t have a clear idea of what kind of mood you are in today or if you would respond to any flirty or affectionate gestures in a positive way.

Hence, they save their affection for the next time they get to see you in the flesh and face to face.

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One thought on “Affectionate In Person But Neutral Over Text?”

  1. Hi my name is Maureen and im almost 20 in a few weeks and i have been dating this guy for 9 months and i go over to his place when he can and when im there with him he is very affectionate but in text i feel like i do everything. I say, i hope you have a good day at work i send hugs and kisses etc. He doesn’t. I motivate him and ask about his day and you know try to make a conversation but he doesn’t ask much about my life. Even when i graduated high school i told him weeks and days before it arrived and i showed him pics and he NEVER once said Congratulations. He only said, see i told you you’d make it. To me THATS a major heart break. I had family send me checks and cards and he never did send me a card or something. A simple card from him would of made my day.
    I know some it might not be a big deal to graduate High school but these days it is. Tests are harder and work is as well. Not once has he said congrats. I’ve gotten him gifts and for his mom too but i know gifts won’t open his eyes. Please i need some advice.

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