I’m Seeing A Guy Who Blames Me For Everything Even If It Has Nothing To Do With Me. Should I Stop Seeing Him?

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I'm Seeing A Guy Who Blames Me For Everything Even If It Has Nothing To Do With Me. Should I Stop Seeing Him?

You should stop seeing him.

When a guy blames you for everything even if it has nothing to do with you, he is showing strong signs of insecurity within himself.

He is unhappy with himself and is in essence projecting that negativity on you.

This can be very dangerous in a relationship.

When a guy is like this, he can be very callous in what he does.

He will try to make himself feel better by blaming the person closest to him.

This is a guy who doesn’t want to confront his emotional insecurity with courage.

He would rather find a way to avoid it by blaming you.

It is very likely that he has always been this kind of guy. He has always been insecure in himself.

You may discover that his past relationships were like this as well.

He gets into relationships only to begin hurting his partner in a mental sense once he knows that his partner has developed feelings for him.

This is how he relieves responsibility from himself.

He may insecure with himself for a number of reasons.

Those reasons truly wouldn’t have much to do with you.

There may be something that he wants to accomplish in his life that he hasn’t.

This sense of failure stays with him and he begins to blame you for everything just so that he can forget.

He may have had some issues with girlfriends from his past.

Perhaps they told him things about himself that weren’t complimentary or treated him in a way that he didn’t like.

They may have even cheated on him.

All of this has made him insecure.

He feels like in order to get back at them, he is going to make your life miserable.

He starts blaming you for everything.

He wants you to hurt so that he can take back some ownership of his pride.

This is a guy that is clearly very insecure.

He has to find a way to validate his role and importance to himself.

When he is blaming you for everything, he is able to feel like he can be that person who is sure of himself.

Unfortunately, this only results in more insecurity.

He decides to blame you some more because he is misguided in believing that this will bolster his confidence and sense of self-worth.

It doesn’t.

But he can’t help himself.

He keeps doing it.

A guy like this will typically never stop. He feeds off the fact that he knows he makes you feel lousy when he blames you for everything.

Remember that he is insecure.

He may be getting back at past girlfriends for how they treated him.

He may be unhappy about not having made something out of his life.

He finds that you are the easy scapegoat. He uses that to his advantage.

When you keep seeing a guy like this, you would only encourage him.

He would become accustomed to blaming you for everything. He would become dependent on it.

Once he becomes dependent on it, he has ruled out any possibility of changing. Once something becomes a habit, it is very difficult to get rid of.

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