My Boyfriend And I Have A Lack Of Things To Say While Communicating And I Don’t Know How To Solve This Problem?

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My Boyfriend And I Have A Lack Of Things To Say While Communicating And I Don't Know How To Solve This Problem?

You need to start having new experiences together so that you have more things to talk about.

When you only stick with the same old activities and experiences you always have, after a while, you may find that there is a lack of things to say while communicating.

You will have to take the initiative to make things interesting.

Start doing things together that you have never done before.

Meet new people who aren’t in your everyday social circle.

Put yourself in new environments.

Travel somewhere together.

Learn a new skill or pastime together.

Take a new class together.

Start going out on walks together instead of always taking the car.

These are some of the things you can do that can truly begin to change the problem of having a lack of things to say while communicating.

You will have to be proactive and aggressive in doing this.

If you only suggest some of these activities or experiences with your boyfriend, he may not follow through at all.

Due to familiarity, relationships can often get to a very lackadaisical place over time.

This is when partners become lazy.

They don’t really have the desire to try something new because they have gotten too comfortable in the relationship.

This is where you will have to be the motivator.

Instead of simply suggesting what you can do or the new experiences you can have with your boyfriend, set them up yourself.

Plan them out.

Tell him that you are both going to take a walk that day.

Tell him where you are both walking to and the exact time.

The more specific you are with these plans, the more effective you will be in getting your boyfriend to follow through.

Buy that three week class course in photography, cooking, painting etc and tell him when it starts.

Buy that ticket to the next social event that is happening in town that you have both never been to and tell him the exact day that is is happening.

Book that trip somewhere out of town for the weekend and tell your boyfriend where you will be staying and what sights you will be seeing.

In essence, you will have to make some bold and decisive moves.

Your boyfriend may feel no real desire to take action unless he sees that you are serious.

When you are this aggressive and bold, you will be able to start forcing change in your relationship.

As you have these new experiences and perform these new activities with your boyfriend, you will create new and interesting topics to talk about.

You will no longer have a lack of things to say while communicating because you would have these shared experiences to talk about.

You should be ready for some resistance from your boyfriend and for some frustration.

You will be tempted to either get upset with your boyfriend or give up trying.


Change is often not a pill taken lightly.

Forcing change is often difficult because people don’t want to do the work.

If you are patient and persistent, you will be able to get your boyfriend to change and thereby solve this communication problem.

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