Does He Still Like Me?

Does He Still Like Me?

If he is still communicating with you on a regular basis, there is a good chance that he still likes you.

It means that you are still someone that he thinks about.

He would have to think about you in order to communicate with you and this is a good thing.

When you are in his thoughts, you are still of significance. When the thought of you spurs him to communicate with you, that’s even better.

The opposite of this would be a problem.

If you notice that he is communicating with you a lot less, he may not be thinking about you.

On the other hand, if he does still think about you, the thought of you isn’t necessarily compelling him to pick up that phone and call you.

This is a problem.

Regular communication is important.

When he isn’t doing that anymore, you may be becoming an afterthought.

If he is only contacting you from time to time, he may be sending the message that he doesn’t think about you as much.

He may think about you from time to time and decide to call or chat but he isn’t really invested in making this a regular occurrence.

When he isn’t invested in making communication a regular occurrence, he is sending the message that he has better things to do with his time.

This doesn’t bode well for you.

If he would rather be engaged in doing other activities and interacting with other people than with you, he is not all that into you.

This is one of the best ways for you to figure out whether he still likes you or not.

Simply determine how often he communicates.

You can also tell whether he still likes you by his actions when it comes to taking you out or hanging out with you.

How often does he ask you out?

How often do you hang out with him?

If he barely asks you out and rarely hangs out with you, there is a strong chance that he doesn’t still like you.

Perhaps you used to go on dates often or hang out all the time.

That hasn’t been happening of recent.

This is him showing you that you are no longer a priority.

Even if you are both still going out, you should think about the length of time that you are out with him.

Have you noticed that the dates or hang outs are a lot shorter?

You may be hanging out with him for only a short time before he suddenly tells you that he needs to head out and do something.

You may just be getting into watching a movie together when he receives a phone call and has to rush out.

These are very important signs that you need to look for.

When the dates are less in frequency, he is showing less interest in you and more than likely doesn’t still like you.

When the dates are shorter, he is sending the same message.

You will need to be open-minded enough to read between the lines and get the hints that he is sending you.

Many people in this situation may try to ignore the signs and tell themselves that he is just going through a phase.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

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2 thoughts on “Does He Still Like Me?”

  1. Hi, 6 months ago, I came to you for advices and it helped! Indeed my best friend of 3 years came back to me after pulling away for 4 months. He seems different ever since he came back?

    I’m no longer texting him a lot or thinking much about him, instead I’ve been living my life. I’ve learnt to give space. However, he’s telling me that he does not have feelings for me and told me that it might still work out in the future. Currently he’s not looking for a relationship.

    Few days ago, we just went out to celebrate our birthdays, and somehow we made out in the cinema for the first time. It was a short and gentle kiss, seemingly passionate. He also hugs me tightly every time I initiate or asks for one.

    He mentioned that he finds it cute, and the kiss felt nice to him but he hopes that our friendship stays the same because he is afraid to be seen as a jerk if he does not have feelings for me at the end and goes into a relationship with me.

    He says he does not want to “play” me and that he treats everyone as friends because he doesn’t want a relationship. However he said that I’m a very comfortable friend to be with.

    He respects me and said that we were not going to go beyond kissing. I said I was okay with being casual, he seemed neutral about it.

    Then he found out that I expected something more previously (6 months ago), but ever since he came back 2 months ago, he realizes that I was no longer expecting much from him, so he told me to go with the flow (he prefers to take things naturally and go with the flow)

    Is there a good chance that he might come around again? Does that imply that I still have chance? But he doesn’t seem as emotionally attached to me as before he took a break from me. Or is he just leading me on because he probably needed someone to fill the gap?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

  2. Hi Jun,

    There isn’t a good chance that he might come around.

    What he has repeatedly implied is that he wants to be your friend and doesn’t want to pursue a romantic relationship.

    He is not as emotionally attached as before he took the break from you because that time apart from you caused a rift in his closeness to you.

    He may want someone to fill in the gap but it wouldn’t be for a serious relationship.

    He has told you that he isn’t going to go beyond kissing with you.

    Hence, he may not be leading you on but letting you know exactly where he stands.

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