So, Is He Over Me, Or Am I Wasting My Time Hanging On?

He is over you when you he isn’t initiating contact with you anymore, leaving you to do all of the initiating.

So, Is He Over Me, Or Am I Wasting My Time Hanging On?This is how he is indicating that he is moving on and doesn’t think about you much.

When you are the one who organizes or pushes for a meetup, he is over you.

He isn’t making any wholehearted attempts to go out with you on dates, or hang out with you, as though he has lost the excitement he once had around you.

He is thinking about you a lot less.

He is so disinterested and bored with you, that he prefers to have only the occasional phone call with you, or none.

Frankly, he doesn’t care as much as he used to.

It’s befuddling.

The confusion lies in why he is yet to tell you that the relationship is over.

Granted, you have cause to be befuddled.

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Notwithstanding, you have to use his actions as your guide.

Through his lackadaisical actions, he is demonstrating that he is over you.

He doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news in telling you to your face that it is over.

In lieu of this, he hopes that his lackadaisical behavior gets you to see what is going on without him having to say it.

The idea is to get you to pick up on the fact that he has lost interest, and give up trying.

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Sadly, this is a tact that is all too common.

This is someone who wants to end the relationship but would much rather his counterpart do it.

So, he acts aloof and becomes unavailable, banking on his counterpart to get frustrated and end the relationship on their own accord.

It is the coward’s way out of a relationship.

And lots of people use it.

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He is over you when he doesn’t share special moments with you about an occurrence that he witnessed or underwent.

For instance, he gets a promotion at work and you later find this out from secondary sources.

He never told you this good news.

You found out from a friend of his, a mutual acquaintance, or through social media.

Another instance of this is when there is a family emergency.

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A family member of his has a major emergency.

He doesn’t tell you that this major emergency occurred.

You find out from secondary sources.

When he doesn’t share major news like this with you, he doesn’t regard his relationship with you as all that relevant.

Close couples share dire news with each other so that they deal with it as a team.

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When a partner doesn’t share significant news, they don’t regard their counterpart as vital in their lives.

In your case, he doesn’t see you as a person worth sharing critical news with.

Meaning, your level of relevance to him is minuscule or non-existent.

He is over you when he has gone this far.

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