So, Is He Over Me?

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So, Is He Over Me?He may be over you when you notice that he is not trying to initiate contact with you anymore.

If you are the one who typically initiates contact now, he may be indicating that he is moving on and doesn’t think about you much.

If you are also the person who tends to organize or push for a meet up, he may be over you.

When he isn’t making any real attempt to go out with you on dates or hang out with you, he may be showing that he just doesn’t get the kind of excitement he used to when he does those things.

You may be someone that he thinks about a lot less. He may be so disinterested and bored now that he just hopes that his interaction with you can be lessened or relegated to the occasional phone call.

He just doesn’t care as much as he used to.

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Indeed, he may not have necessarily told you that the relationship was over.

However, he is showing it through his actions.

He may not want to be the bearer of bad news as he may be the type who simply hopes that you get the picture.

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He figures that you will eventually pick up on his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to your relationship with him and you will give up trying.

Unfortunately, this is a tact that is all too common.

Instead of him being honest with you and letting you know that he wants to end the relationship, he acts very aloof and unavailable in the hopes that you will eventually get the point and end the relationship yourself.

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It is the coward’s way out of a relationship.

However, a number of people tend to use it.

Another way to know that he is over you is when he doesn’t share special moments with you about something that he may have witnessed or experienced.

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For instance, he may have just gotten a promotion at work and you later find this out from other secondary sources.

In other words, he never told you this good news.

You may have found out from a friend of his, a mutual acquaintance or through social media.

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Another instance may be with a family emergency.

He may have recently had a family member have some kind of major emergency. Again, he may never have told you that this major emergency occurred. You only find out from secondary sources.

When he doesn’t share major news like this with you, he doesn’t regard his relationship with you as all that important.

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When a couple are truly close, they will want to share important news with each other so that they can both deal with it as a team.

When a partner doesn’t share very significant news with the other, he is showing that he doesn’t care to.

He just doesn’t see you as a person worth sharing important news with.

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Hence, your level of importance to him is minuscule or non-existent.

He is typically over you when he has gone this far.

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