Did He Block Me? Why Did He Do This To Me Out Of Nowhere?

He has blocked you because he doesn’t want to keep talking to you at this time, and wants to create some space between you.

Did He Block Me? Why Did He Do This To Me Out Of Nowhere?It doesn’t have to do with anything to do with something you said or did per se.

He realized that blocking you would be the right thing to do at this time.

He is thinking things through, as he comes to terms with how he feels about you.

There is a confusion of emotions.

There is a part of him that wants to be with you and another that isn’t sure.

As he continues to figure out where he stands emotionally, he decides to block you.

Again, this has nothing to do with what you said or did.

There are moments when people need time to think.

They require time to come to terms with what they are feeling and how that impacts their lives.

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If they were to simply go on as though nothing were happening, they grow to detest the other person.

The other person is their source of confusion and disdain.

They figure that it is better to take a break from it all and create some distance.

This is what he is doing.

He has blocked you in order to create some distance for now.

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There is a part of him that hopes that in time he comes to miss you.

At this moment, he wonders about the prospect of reconnecting with you and unblocking you.

He is open to it.

The experience of knowing he misses you is what he is testing out.

He wants to give this some distance so that his emotions guide him on what to do next.

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Should he begin to miss you, this is the cue he craves that makes him take action.

It’s a cue that makes him realize that what he feels for you is real.

Consider the possibility that he blocked you to prove a point.

There was something you did or said that he didn’t agree with, and he is grappling with how to tell you what that was.

He doesn’t want to express himself in that manner, as he doesn’t know how to do it.

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He blocks you.

He is showing his disapproval about something that he couldn’t bring himself to say in words, believing that words would have no true effect.

In deciding to block you, he is hopeful that he makes you aware of his disapproval.

When a guy blocks you for this reason, it is usually temporary.

To reiterate, he is doing this to prove a point that he couldn’t do in words.

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He wants you to get the message that he is unhappy about what was said or done on your part.

He will unblock you when he feels that enough time has passed for you to get the message.

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