Did He Block Me? Why?

Did He Block Me? Why?

He has blocked you because he doesn’t want to continue interacting with you at this time.

It didn’t have anything to do with something you said or did.

He realized that blocking you would be the right thing to do at this time.

He is thinking things through, as he comes to terms with how he feels about you.

There is a confusion of emotions.

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There is a part of him that wants to be with you and another that isn’t sure.

As he continues to figure out where he stands emotionally, he decides to block you.

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Again, this has nothing to do with what you said or did.

There are moments when people need time to think.

They need time to come to terms with what they are feeling and how that can impact their lives.

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If they were to simply go on as though nothing were happening, they grow to detest the other person.

The other person is their source of confusion and disdain.

They figure that it would be better to take a break from it all and create some distance.

This is what he is doing.

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He has blocked you in order to create some distance for now.

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There is a part of him that hopes that in time he will come to miss you.

At this moment, he wonders about the prospect of reconnecting with you and unblocking you.

Perhaps he would.

The experience of knowing he misses you is what he could be testing out.

He wants to give this some distance so that he allows his emotions to guide him on what to do next.

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Should he begin to miss you, this could be the cue he needs to make him take action.

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It could be the cue he needs to make him realize that what he feels for you is real.

This is a possible reason why he has blocked you.

You should also consider the possibility that he blocked you because he is trying to prove a point.

There was something you did or said that he didn’t agree with, and he is grappling with how to tell you what that was.

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He doesn’t want to express himself in that manner, as he doesn’t know how to do it.

He blocks you.

He is showing his disapproval about something that he couldn’t bring himself to say in words.

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Perhaps he felt that words would have no true effect.

He believes that blocking you would be the best and only way to show you this disapproval.

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When a guy blocks you for this reason, it is usually temporary.

To reiterate, he is typically doing this to prove a point that he couldn’t do in words.

He wants you to get the message that he is unhappy about what was said or done on your part.

He will unblock you when he feels that enough time has passed for you to get the message.


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409 thoughts on “Did He Block Me? Why?”

  1. He told me that he thought he loved me last night. That I made him happy. Suddenly he has to get off the phone and says he will call me back. He doesn’t. The next morning I send him a text that reads: “Good morning handsome. Hope you have a good day. ”
    Suddenly and auto generated text pops up stating that message blocking is active. I don’t get it!?!? I’m just going to leave him alone. This just sucks!

  2. Hi Scarlet,

    He may be worried about the effect you may be having on him emotionally.

    Perhaps he has never been in love before.

    He may be trying to process all of this.

    As a result, he may have blocked your text messages in order to give himself some time to get a hold of his emotions and figure out where he wants all of this to lead.

    There is a chance that he will unblock your texts at some point.

    If he doesn’t, he has made his decision and you will have to accept that and move on.

  3. Sure. He’s been my best friend for a long time and I’ve been in love with him for a long time. He knows that and he says he loves me too but circumstances won’t let us be together which I understand. And like a month ago, I was working on my group project with the people in my group and I was on the phone with him trying to get his attention because he was talking to somebody else. And the guy from my group heard me and grabbed my phone and was like, “Yo what’s up bitch.” My guy best friend immediately hung up the phone and when I called back, he was like, “I can’t believe you let him do that.” And I kept trying to explain to him that it wasn’t my fault and that the other guy grabbed my phone but he hung up on me and wouldn’t answer the rest of my calls. I just thought I would let him get over it but the next day, my depression relapsed so bad that I tried to die all day. I was crying and bleeding and I kept blowing up his phone and he wouldn’t answer me. All day. I thought something had happened to him like he lost his phone or something. I kept calling because I truly needed him. I didn’t hear from him till the next day when he texted me and was like, “I can’t believe you let him do that. I thought u were my friend” and I was like “that’s the reason you didn’t answer the phone yesterday when I needed u?” And by then he had blocked my number and I haven’t heard from him in a month

  4. Hi Toya,

    By blocking you and not speaking to you for a month simply because the other guy grabbed your phone, he may be showing that he was never truly your best friend nor did he truly love you as much as he’d led you to believe.

    You may be better off without him, as difficult as that may be for you to accept.

  5. My best friend blocked me everywhere on any platforms with means of communication. We were doing great and fine before he said he needed space. He viewed my snapchat stories when we were on break. I wasn’t sure how long he planned on no contact and contacted him two weeks later. He replied once and never replied again. Few weeks later I went for badminton with my friends and he appeared. He seemed happy for me to approach him but after that he became distant again. I explained that I didn’t like the way he behaved, since then he started blocking off all communication platforms. However, I’m the first girl he’s ever started out no contact with. He’s not done it before with other girls and he seems serious about me. My friend hinted a question regarding us and he did not answer the question and replied something else. I saw him today with another girl visiting a beautiful site and we’re still on no contact. Is he planning to break contact with me? I did question on it before and again I got no replies, he’s seen the message. He also rejected an outing after some consideration where I’ll be involved and left the group chat. Do help with some advice? I’ll appreciate it.

  6. Hi Ham,

    Your best friend may be trying to find a way to deal with his feelings for you in this relationship.

    He may feel like you are getting too close and he doesn’t quite know how to define the relationship anymore.

    It is unlikely that he will maintain the no contact. He may just need this period to figure out how he truly feels about you or may just want to use it to slow things down.

    By rejecting that outing that he knew you would be involved in, he is clearly trying to avoid you at this time.

    You are better off giving him his space.

    If you keep making multiple attempts to re-establish contact, you may aggravate him and push him away even more.

    When he comes to terms with his feelings and the kind of relationship he has with you, he will most likely re-establish contact.

  7. A few months ago I met a guy at a party. We were instantly attracted to each other and kissed a few times. Then like a month later we met again at another party and the same ting happend again. In the meantime we had been talking alot on Facebook and he even told me a few times that he loved me and I said it back. But then yesterday we had like a date. We just drove around with his car and made out a lot and other stuff. Not that we had sex , but we were close to it. Then later that evening he texted me he had enjoyed it and he wanted to do it over some time. However this morning I noticed I couldn’t see his profile and I couldn’t message him anymore. He also blocked me on Snapchat. I have sent him a text asking why he blocked me on Facebook. I really don’t get it and I have no idea what went wrong.

  8. Hi Marie,

    You may not have done anything wrong.

    He may be having second thoughts about taking this thing any further.

    Stuff like this does happen quite often.

    Also, you really don’t know what his relationship status is.

    Someone he dated in his past may have suddenly come back into his life and he has now decided to make her the priority.

    He may be doing that right now.

    However, if things don’t work out with her, don’t be surprised to suddenly get a text from him out of nowhere at some point in the future.

  9. I’ve been talking to this guy that was friends with my sister in high school and he said that he really was using her to get closer to me and that he really liked me.we’ve been talking for a while just about every day, he even sent me a cute message last night after I’d fallen asleep because we stayed up on video chat pretty late. I woke up and decided to text him good morning and on Facebook Messenger it had the whole “you cannot reply to this message” pop up so i looked further into it and he blocked me. What’s going on? What should i do?

  10. Hi Ali,

    Don’t get carried away.

    He may have put a block on you by accident or he may be trying to deal with some personal issues at the moment.

    Give it a few days and send another text.

    If it still reads, “you cannot reply to this message,” let it be.

    The onus would be on him to contact you.

  11. I lost my virginity to him over the summer. Everything was good until he started giving me the cold shoulder. I called and messaged him literally everyday and he said we would hang out when the time was right. Fast forward to six months later and we still haven’t hung out. He found out that I created a fake account and sent messages to his friends and him and said his trust in me is gone. I called him and messaged him a lot after that begging for his forgiveness. He said he isn’t mad but that he needs space. I sent him a text right after and asked if this space means that it’s over and he wouldn’t answer so I keept calling him until he blocked me on his phone and on google hangouts. I gave him space for about a month and started messaging him on whatsapp but nothing changed he still keep giving me the cold shoulder and would only answer some of texts. I told I wouldn’t stop until he told me if it’s over. He didn’t answer. Fast forward to about a week later, Today he finally blocked me for good. Now there is no way I can tak to him. What should I do? Does this mean it’s really over?

  12. Hi Ash,

    Yes, it is over.

    It has been over for a while.

    His lack of communication was a very strong indicator of that.

    You should accept that it is over and let him be.

  13. I was dating this woman for sometime now n she always mentioned how she does know what she wants, whether she wants a relationship being w a male or female. I have been payient w her n just doin my best toget to know her. She sends me mix signals that she wants to move foward w me but then pulls back. Example: she questioned y i didnt invite her to my family’s Christmas party n i told her i didnt want to rush things but then weeks letter she tells me she thinks we r movin to fady nut uet im bading it off of her actions. As time goes by i felt the need n want to invite her to a family gathering. She accepts n i adk if she was sure bc i dnt want to pressure her if she is not ready. Dhe still accepts n we were good. Two days before the gathering we r txting ad normal but then suddenly that night my txts werent goin throughn the next morning im blocked from social media n on her cell phone. It blows my mind bc we were fine n nowthis w no explaination. I contacted her best friend to see if the woman im pursuing is ok. Her rrirnd stated she is ok n couldnt believe she blocked me n was going to have her call me. I have yet to recieve a call. Im to the point where im goin to let it go bc she stood up my family n i… Im jus confused to wha happened.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  14. Hi Falon,

    She probably got cold feet.

    She may have initially entertained the idea of hanging out with you and your family at the family gathering but once she realized that this may send a message about her relationship with you that she wasn’t ready to send, she balked.

    She may have felt that by going to your family gathering, she would be showing you and your family members that she is serious about you and this may have really made her anxious.

    She then blocks you because she knows that you will be trying to find out what happened and she is not quite ready to be entirely honest with you.

    She is most definitely conflicted about what she truly wants.

    You will have to let her decide that for herself. You can’t make this decision for her.

    When she comes to terms with what she truly wants, she may unblock you from her social media and cell phone.

    However, you should move on and not be waiting on her because there is no guarantee that she will reach this point any time soon.

  15. Hi I was getting to know someone we met on vacation. we really liked each other and made plans about seeing each other again and possibility of a relationship. He started having some family and financial problems and suddenly he started being distant with me. i was planning on going to see him and he started telling me how he is really depressed about his money situation and he may not be around when i come to see him and he is now back in another town where his mum lives. (i had already booked my flight by then) so i got angry and texted him saying ok whats the point if you dont even know if you will be around u told me to come back and now you are saying this when i am actually come back. you know what i am cancelling my flight. and he didnt respond. i sent him a video message the other day saying happy birthday saying no hard feelings etc and hope you are well and sorry if i came across as self absorbed and i understand you had probs you probably didnt want me to come back and didnt know how anyway hope you are ok and just wanted to wish you happy bday take care. and he just blocked me? why?

  16. Hi Parisa,

    He is clearly having some personal problems right now that he is trying to deal with.

    When you sent him the angry text telling him what’s the point of you coming if he doesn’t even know if he will be around, he may have gotten upset by that.

    He may have felt like he has his hands full with all his personal problems and he doesn’t want to have to deal with someone else being upset at him or causing him further stress.

    When he blocked you, he may have felt that it was the best thing for him to do at this time so that he can focus his attention on fixing his personal problems with family and finance.

    He may unblock you once he feels like he has regained some control over his life.

    However, it may take a while and you may be better off not waiting around for him.

  17. Hello,
    we were in LDR for about 5months,once he broke up with me telling it’s so hard for him that he can’t see me but two weeks after that he came back and we were together,but 3 weeks ago he disappeared for 5 days,I called and he didn’t pick up,I texted on telegram but he wasn’t online,then after 2days he was back,read all my msgs and didn’t answer,I called but I was on blacklist.4 days adter that he blocked me on whatsapp,I was so mad and sent him a breakup text,he didn’t answer.2 weeks after that he blocked me on telegram and recently on FB! we didn’t even have a fight! we just had our status on FB! I’m really confused what’s going on! he just told a friend of mine that he has nothing to say,he can’t even bare himself…it’s so awkward!

  18. Hi Apameh,

    More than likely, the long distance has caught up to him.

    At first, he may have been okay with it because he was so excited to get to know you and build some rapport.

    However, now that it has been more than 5 months, he may be becoming weary of the fact that he can’t have you there with him physically on a daily basis.

    Long distance relationships in general are very hard to maintain and once they have lasted as longs as yours has, they often begin to crack.

    He may be blocking you on his social media platforms because he is trying to deal with the long distance in his own way and he believes that by blocking you, he can release the emotional baggage and possibly move on to dating other people.

  19. Good day

    I recently joined an online dating site, I met a really nice guy and we hit it off. He would text me everyday and if I took to long to respond he would get impatient but I explained that I work during the day.

    On Friday he asked if we could meet, I said yes but then he said at 9 the night and I told him that was to late. he said it was his sisters birthday dinner and I said okay fine I will come and he said that I didn’t sound interested and I told him that I was very interested.

    When we met up everything seemed fine, we had good conversation, it was constantly flowing there was a time when it was silent but we quickly recovered. He made one or two comments that sounded like we would meet up again.

    I had brought a friend with and she was wondering around, she called me to find out if I was okay, I immediately switched the phone off because we were in the middle of a conversation. I told him my friend was somewhere in the building and that I brought her just in case. He made a joke and said is she always going to be there when he takes me out. I said no because this is the first time we meeting.

    When the night ended he gave me a hug and said I must text him when I get back home. I didn’t go home immediately because my friend still wanted to go out. 10 minutes after the date ended he messaged and said he was home already and that it was nice meeting me and I should still text him when i’m home because he was going to sleep.

    When I got home at 3 the morning I texted him and said that my contacts was burning my eyes, when he awoke he responded and said he didn’t know I wore contacts and then he blocked me.

    I heard nothing from him, he even unfriended me on the site we met on.

    I don’t understand, I thought everything was going well, why would he respond to my message and then block me on whatsapp with no reason.

    Should I send a normal text asking what happened??

    Thank you

  20. Hi Chan,

    He may have responded to your message and then blocked you because he may have wanted a quicker response from you. In fact, he may have seen your most recent message at 3 in the morning as the final straw.

    From day one, he was quite aggressive in communicating with you.

    When you would take a long time to respond to his messages on the dating site, he would get impatient. When he invited you to his sister’s birthday party at 9 pm and you said that it was too late, he got the vibe that you weren’t excited or interested.

    You were able to overcome that hump but then when he told you to text him when you got home after the date, he may have been thinking that you were headed straight home from the date and you would text him within the hour but that didn’t happen.

    He sent you a text message 10 minutes after the date and didn’t get a response from you until the next morning.

    All of this may have finally made him feel like you aren’t that motivated to do this even though you both seem to enjoy each other’s company.

    He may have simply run out of gas and just feels like you aren’t matching his energy level.

    Hence, he decided to block you on whatsapp and unfriend you on the site you met on.

    You shouldn’t send him a normal text asking what happened.

    He may not even quite know how he wants to handle all of this. Let him be for now. If he wants to pursue things further, he will let you know.

  21. We didn’t even date. For a period of time we were talking and I was not ready for a relationship. The last time we talked, he said something disrespectful toward me and I politely and unagressively stood up for myself. He got butt hurt. It has been six months since and we haven’t talked, but he continued to follow me via social media. He just recently got into a relationship and immediately blocked me. What does this mean?

  22. Hi Kiki,

    He may have blocked you because he wants to focus on the relationship he just recently got into. He may have been waiting on you and got tired of it.

    By blocking you, he may be trying to convey the message to you that he has moved on.

  23. I really liked this guy for over a good year. We would talk, but I wasn’t ready for a relationship so i pushed away. I saw him a little while after and we had a connection again, until he said something a bit disrespectful toward me. I politely and unagressively told him he could not speak to me that way. For some reason he got all but hurt over the situation. We stopped talking for a good six months. When we would run into each other he would pretend like i did not exist, yet he continued to follow me via social media. He recently got into a relationship and as soon as he posted something with her, he blocked me. I don’t understand what I did. Could it be because I pushed away long ago? Because I defended myself? Because he now has girlfriend? I mean I understand deleting me because we don’t even talk anymore but to go out of his way to block me?

  24. Hi Kiki,

    He may have gone out of his way to block you in order to prove a point and let you see that he has moved on. He may have never gotten over the fact that you pushed him away.

    He may not be used to not getting what he wants.

    By blocking you, he is performing a power play. He is trying to show you that he is in control and he doesn’t have to wait on you anymore.

  25. Hey

    Thank you so much for responding to my message, he eventually responded to me on Monday saying that he didn’t block me and I told him I was trying to get in contact with him, he then said that his ex called him and she wants to get back together and he didn’t know how to handle it because he liked me and he needed time to think about it.

    I told him exactly how I feel, in the most simplest way, that I liked him a lot.

    I told him to take his time but now he hasn’t spoken to me in 2 days and I haven’t messaged him either.

    I don’t know what to do

    Thank you Chan

  26. There is this guy at my church he is 18 and I am 20. For a year I realised he would constantly stare at me. I even caught him staring at me through the corner of his eyes. Last year December on Christmas at my church Christmas service I decided I would introduce myself. I spoke to him I got his name and asked if he knew my name which he already did I guess his mom told him seeing his mom and I have a good relationship. I realised while talking to him he would not look at me. He just stares at the ground. And when I asked him questions he answers very fast. I contemplated asking him for his number but I got nervous and told him never mind to which he responded in a sweet voice “are you sure” so I asked and he gave me. We began texting the same day for a few hours then it died down. So later in the night I messaged him about it and he claimed it being Christmas he was busy and I kinda understand but it showed him online consistently. I told him the reason why I asked for his number and told him I realised he stared at me from time to time. He got so defensive and upset and we didn’t talk for 3 days after that. I always initiate contact and some days the conversation is good some days he is distant standoffish and disinterested. His mom told my mom a couple weeks after she saw me talking to him that she was pleased that I spoke to her son and how he is extremely shy, reserved and quiet and he doesn’t go out much but she tries with him. I decided to be more patient with him. I realised when I will tell him I will not message him again when I realise he will be distant with me, he will apologise and will tell me that I shouldn’t say that. So clearly I am getting mixed signals. I sent him a message a week ago cause we were having a conversation on whether he is find with me texting cause I feel I am annoying him. I realised on that day, that he blocked and deleted me. So I called him and asked if he deleted me he denied it and then hung up the phone on me. About two hours later he added me back and we haven’t spoken since. He still has me in his phone and I don’t know if I should leave him alone, block and delete him, or message him.

  27. Hi Bianca,

    Leave him alone for now.

    You have already made multiple attempts to communicate with him. At some point, he has to overcome his shyness and contact you.

    If you keep doing all the work, it is not guaranteed that he will eventually come around and you would have wasted your precious time.

    You don’t need to block or delete him. Leave him be for now and see how he acts in the coming weeks.

    If he contacts you, he may be ready to finally start making a real effort.

  28. Hey,I was dating a guy for about a year and the relationship was long distance. We were both cool with the fact that it was long distance, but then the last couple of months he started to change. He blocked me and after attempts to get him back, he unblocked me. He was emotionally distraught and apologised saying he wouldn’t do it again and I forgave him. He said that he had to break up with me because he couldn’t deal with being away for so long. After a month he blocked me again and haven’t heard from him in 3 months but he’s active on social media.. Why couldn’t he be honest with me?

  29. Hi Gina,

    He may not have been honest with you because there was a part of him that really hoped that things would work out.

    When he blocked you the first time, he may have believed that this act would be definitive and he was done with you.

    However, he unblocked you after your attempts to get him back.

    He may have done that because he missed you and he was scared of losing you for good.

    However, he blocked you once again after a month, more than likely because the reality of being in a long distance relationship came back.

    He is not happy with it and would most likely prefer having someone who is there with him physically.

    A year into a long distance relationship is quite a long time and he may have finally accepted the fact that he needs more physical proximity with his partner in order to be happy.

  30. hi
    My situation is this. i met a guy on tinder and we went on a first date in December and continued communicating nonstop through texts till early hours of the morning. however i messaged him telling him that i liked him and he told me because of distance(he lives about 4hours away) and our different views of the future it would not work. i was devastated but stayed friends and would sometimes suggest we try to make it work. I did go visit him and spent a weekend,we fooled around but no sex happened. we agreed that if we are to be friends then sex would be off the table. After that weekend,he would not text me first and so i asked if we were okay and he said we would not see each other again and that he was busy and so wont communicate a lot. fast forward two weeks later,i have been blocked everywhere and been accused of texting too much and having feelings that make him have anxiety. what do i do now? been blocked for 4days now

  31. Hi Lynn,

    He is worried that your feelings for him are growing very rapidly. He may be worried that the longer this long distance relationship persists, the deeper your feelings for him will become.

    He doesn’t want to deal with that kind of responsibility especially being that he most likely doesn’t have the same kind of feelings toward you.

    He had already told you previously that due to the 4 hour long distance and your different views of the future, a relationship with him would not work. This was already a big sign of where his mindset was.

    Now, he has blocked you everywhere because he knows that the longer he allows this to go on, the harder it will be to end it.

    What you do now is stop with the texting.

    If and when he is ready to unblock you, he will.

  32. I have been interested in a guy for a few months now. We hang out weekly and generally text daily. Recently we got into a fight over text, he started to text less. Then we got in a fight in person. He blocked my number so I contacted him via someone else’s phone. He said I was irritating, he doesn’t want to talk anymore, and then stated he won’t reply anymore. This happened a few days ago and he still hasn’t tried to contact me. Should I give it more time or just move on? 🙁

  33. Hi Taylor,

    He may still be upset over the fight you had with him over text.

    You should give it more time.

    In this time, avoid trying to contact him like you have been doing. You will just keep upsetting him if you do.

    Let him come to you.

  34. Basically, for a while I would get cheeky with this guy, this was going on for fairly a long time. Until he was like you’re too much of a temptation for me I need to stop talking to you (this was on snapchat)then he unfriended me. Later I messaged him on Instagram DM, I send him a message asking about it and he claims that his friend liked me , and was getting jealous so he couldn’t speak to me since he made a promise, but he won’t tell me who it is. I don’t know if it’s me being insecure or whatever but it seems sketchy to me and i’m scared that he is lying to me to make me seem stupid. I can’t imagine anyone liking me. I asked him a few times if he was lying and he promised that he wasn’t. Now he has blocked me, my friends would say stuff like “it’s not a big deal” however as much as I hate to admit it, I still care even though I shouldn’t. I don’t know what to do any advice?

  35. I was involved in a LDR with this guy. We decided to just be friends after a few months ( his idea). We still texted each other daily (he always initiated conversations). One day we had an argument and we stopped talking for about a month. I blocked him on social media and I deactivated my fb page. When I finally reactivated it, he messaged me asking if I was still not talking to him. I started back texting each other and even made plans to meet each other. He asked me for two days straight if I would video chat with him later that night , I agreed to but never did bc I was to exhausted. The third night he asked, I agreed and as I was trying to log on, he was messaging me wondering what was taking so long. I didn’t respond bc I was trying to log on to video chat. His last message before blocking me on EVERYTHING was: “So, I guess I’m not going to see you tonight. You’re playing. There was no need for you to lie.” I don’t believe that reason enough to block someone out of your life. I believe he had something/someone else he wanted to do.

  36. This guy and I met online in December. We were talking for about a month and met up three times. He was always busy working but would text me daily. There was twice where he asked for space because of family stuff but he would still respond at least every day or so. In January he said he no longer wanted to talk to me. Didn’t give me much of a reason. He came back three weeks later saying he missed me. We talked it over he said he left because he was falling in love with me and didn’t think I felt the same. I told him I liked him a lot and everything. We met up and had a wonderful time. He even said he’d try to get Valentine’s day off for me and how he wanted to be serious. The next day he told me he would charge his phone for a little bit. He blocked me at that moment. I kept texting nothing went through and even tried calling. Had my friend add him on whatsapp to see he was online so he truly had blocked me. I don’t understand why… It’s been a week and I’m still blocked. I don’t know what to do :-/

  37. Thank you so much for responding to my message. i am so heartbroken and i just keep staring at my phone hoping for a message or anything. i had even pleaded that we start over as friends and that i didn’t have feelings for him like i had said and that it was just attraction but he said no because i have feelings that overwhelm me and that i message too much. i apologised for everything even when i knew i was not wrong eg the texting,he used to text me a lot all the time in the beginning so i couldnt have know it was annoying. now i feel like by apologising i have made myself to look like the bad person and him the saint yet now i feel like he is making excuses and just wants to ditch me and forget me by blocking me everywhere 🙁

  38. Hi Lynn,

    I know that it can be difficult to have this kind of experience.

    However, now that you know how he has been interpreting your behavior, you can gain a better perspective on yourself and perhaps start making adjustments so that you don’t come off as too needy in future encounters with guys.

    If you allow the fact that he has blocked you and isn’t texting you to continue consuming your thoughts, it will be very difficult for you to move forward.

    Let him be for now and find some new excitement in your life that you can focus on.

  39. Hi Confused girl,

    There is a good chance that he may have blocked you because he is still feeling unsure about his relationship with you and where it may be leading.

    He did tell you that he had stopped talking to you back in January for three weeks because he was falling in love with you and didn’t think you felt the same.

    Perhaps this is the first time he has felt this strongly for a girl and he is worried about the effect it is having on him.

    You will have to allow him to make the next move in this instance.

    He will have to really come to terms with whether he wants to pursue this relationship any further before he will have the fortitude to unblock you.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    After the argument you had with him, instead of working it out, you decided to block him on your social media and deactivated your fb page without letting him know what you were about to do.

    When you reactivated your fb page, he was the first one to send you a message inquiring about whether you were still not talking to him.

    The fact that he asked this shows that he had been trying all that time that you had him blocked to get a hold of you or to see if you had returned to social media.

    Hence, he was waiting on you eagerly.

    Then he asked you for two days to video chat. You agreed but ultimately didn’t because you were exhausted.

    He asked again the third night, you agree but take too long to log on and ignore his message about what was taking you so long.

    He finally sent you that last message and blocked you on everything.

    You have consistently acted as though you really don’t care about this relationship at all.

    Whether it be by text or social media, he has initiated just about every time to try to get you to interact with him.

    He didn’t send you that final message because he had something/someone else he wanted to do.

    He sent you that final message and blocked you on everything because he got fed up with your behavior.

  41. Hi Erin,

    You do seem to have some insecurity about yourself as you did mention that you can’t imagine anyone liking you.

    Perhaps some of this insecurity was evident when he interacted with you on snapchat and this ultimately turned him off.

    You will have to give it time before you can make a true judgment on whether he was lying to you about his friend liking you. If you two have mutual friends, you may want to start doing some investigation of your own on who this friend could be.

    If not, let him figure out what he wants and try not to keep pestering him with messages on social media.

    Doing this will only annoy him and push him further away from you.

  42. thanks again. i just wish i could get another chance just to be a friend and not be needy. i am not ususally needy and i think i got carried away. and now i am hurt because i doubt he will ever speak to me again as he said goodbye. I just wish i could get another chance just to be friends and to show him i am not creepy and that i can actually be a good friend. he said no

  43. Hi Lynn,

    We learn from our mistakes.

    You can’t make him want to be friends with you if he is not willing.

    You wouldn’t want that anyway.

    You would want someone who truly wanted to be friends with you and not someone faking it simply because he knows how badly you want it.

    It’s not the end of the world for you nor is it the end of your relationships.

    Simply learn from this experience and move forward.

  44. My best friend unblocked me but he hasn’t started speaking to me, is he waiting for me to text him first? He has blocked me for a month

  45. I met this guy we got on so well, text everyday phone calls of a night.it was strange ive never felt like I did and he said the same we couldnt see each much because of work commitments and me having daughters so I weren’t always free. Then he said he couldn’t do it because he missed me to much that he couldn’t see me at the end of everyday was to much so it wouldn’t work. We carried on talking decided we still wanted to meet up and see each other. but he stop relying sometimesanf then I messaged him asking if he was okay only to find myself blocked. Did he just make me fall and then run away ? I’m so confused and feeling hurt

  46. Hi Elle,

    It is likely that he was afraid that he was falling for you and he couldn’t get the kind of time from you that he wanted.

    If he doesn’t have kids himself and thereby has a lot more time to commit to that special someone, it will be hard for him to relate to the fact that you have daughters and thereby he can’t spend as much time with you as he would want.

    This is most likely what pushed him to block you.

    It’s unlikely that he set out to make you fall for him and then run away.

    He may be just seriously worried that he can’t get the kind of time he wants from you and in order to prevent heartbreak, he blocked you.

  47. Hi, is it normal if my best friend isn’t as responsive to my texts as before? I mean he does reply, but lately he takes rly long hours to reply such that it could go onto the next day.

    I asked if we could talk ytd at 10pm about whether I’m bothering him too much that he got tired and till now I haven’t received anything from him. I wanted to discuss about what the issue may be so that we could solve it from there.

    He thought I unfollowed him on Instagram and I commented on his Instagram post jokingly, ending it with an “I miss u” so that he knows I’m still on his page. He then removed that comment, he was active on Instagram late last night as well as today morning.

    If he was active on Instagram, there is a chance that he could have received notifications about me sending him texts right? But he did not open up the chat at all.

    However, one point to note tho, I texted him on telegram and he only replied the next day after I notified him via Instagram that I sent him a text on telegram. Only then did he checked it and we made a few exchanges. But it took him hours to reply to my messages, and it wasn’t as detailed as before.

    I feel that there’s a different vibe he gives off, from the way he is now as compared to before. Could he be avoiding me, by taking such a long time to respond? I mean there’s a reason he would unblock me right? Or is it possible that he is just busy?

  48. Hi Ham,

    It is indeed possible that your best friend isn’t as responsive to your texts as he was before. It’s taking him hours or even a day to reply because he may feel like you send too many messages.

    He may also not want to keep going back and forth so much.

    Yes, he may have received notifications that you sent him texts but not opened the chat because he may not have wanted to get caught up in messaging you back and forth for a sustained period of time.

    Yes, there is a part of him that is knowingly avoiding you.

    However, there is another part that wants to stay friends. This is most likely why he unblocked you.

    He just doesn’t want to have to do all the constant corresponding.

    It may take him a while to get used to the fact that you are back in his life. Hence, he may not be as responsive to your messages as you would like.

    He unblocked you because he wanted you back into his life.

    However, it is unlikely that his lackluster response is due to being busy. Most likely, he just isn’t in the mood to keep communicating on a constant basis.

    He may even feel like your messages don’t really give him a reason to respond because they don’t really foster substantive and interesting conversations.

  49. So do I give him time? It is really frustrating for me because I want to tell him that we do not need to be in constant contact.

    I understand his need for space and I understand how suffocating it is to receive so many texts from me at a go.

    I keep emphasizing that I have something to say, a legitimate reason that he has to hear me out. If we can’t get to an equilibrium, it’s really hard for us to talk and solve the issue.

    My friend was helpful and upfront about it asking him if he was trying not to associate much with me. He ignored those texts as well.

    Basically, what I wanted to get across was, we don’t have to be texting all the time. There are some days where I need my own time too. I’ve experienced it during that one month break when a guy kept texting me.

    I got how he feels. I just need him to know that and then speak to me. So that we can agree on something. Do I give him some space to respond again this time? Because I let him know, to call me when he’s free.

    And I told him, I know what he wants and what he doesnt want. It is very frustrating for me because I know what we both want. I just want to hit my point and get off from it. Change the way we communicate into something more healthy. But I need him to agree.

    How do I get my message across? Do I just go straight to the point? Or do I wait out / let him know a time frame for about 3 days until he responds? I want to relieve him of his stress so that he can stop trying to avoid me.

    I feel that I’ve validated myself enough by a text message, that was enough to let him know, it is not an emotional topic I’m going to speak of.

    However, he doesn’t know what I’m going to say. So do I give him a brief summary of my topic through texts? Or do I call him using an unknown number?

  50. Hi Ham,

    Just leave him be.

    You have already told him to call you when he is free.

    If you keep trying to get your message across, he may just keep avoiding your texts.

    Let him come to you.

    Don’t call him using an unknown number.

    This will only make him more frustrated and upset with you.

    Get busy with your life and let him be.

    When he is ready, he will contact you.

  51. Hey, the advice you’re giving is solid and I’m a perfect example of the guy you’ve described, so I want to ask you a question.

    I barely know this girl and for some peculiar and foolish reason I’ve quickly let myself fancy her far more than I should. However feelings are not mutual (I haven’t asked but I can tell), and considering we haven’t talked a great deal it would be verging creepy to ask her if she likes me.

    I keep thinking about her. I don’t want to think of her or like her to the extent I do when feelings aren’t mutual. Do you think it would be appropriate to block or unfriend her? I’m not sure if I should keep talking to her and see what happens..

    Haha I know this question is different to others but advice would be great thanks.

  52. Hi Thomas,

    It wouldn’t be appropriate to block or unfriend her.

    You should build some rapport with her by getting her to learn more about you while you learn more about her.

    Then try flirting with her and observe how she responds to this.

    If she flirts back, there may be a chance that she likes you.

    Blocking or unfriending her will just make you think about her more. It doesn’t solve anything.

    Talk to her, build rapport, flirt.

  53. Hi I was dating a guy a while back we starting falling for eachother but he told me he didn’t wanna relationship coz he had just came out of a 5 year one, long story stort when things got more serious he started ignoring me after awhile I left him to it then he came back after 3 weeks and we stayed friends talking very little then he messaged me one day and I read it but didn’t reply as was busy and he blocked me and hasn’t unblocked me for weeks, I messaged via text and he told its coz I ignored him but when I explained he never replied I’m really confuse d

  54. Sorry I mean when I text him he told me its coz I ignored him and I explained why and said you ignored me for weeks but I never blocked you I was just busy, he never replied and still hasn’t unblocked me on whatsapp but the thing is he hardly ever blocks people and I said that to him but no answer

  55. Hi Henna,

    He is reacting emotionally based on his feelings for you.

    Other people may not have the emotional resonance that he feels with you, thereby he hardly feels the need to block them.

    You two already have some history as you did fall for each other before he started ignoring your for those 3 weeks. Then he came back. Most likely because he missed you.

    There is a chance that he feels for you and may not quite know how to go about expressing it or even how to handle it.

    This may have something to do with his previous 5 year relationship and the fact that it may have left him emotionally conflicted.

    There is a good chance that he will eventually unblock you on whatsapp and come back just like he came back the last time.

    However, you should let him be the one to do that and try to avoid constantly barraging him with texts about why he is ignoring you or whatnot.

    A guy in this kind of emotional turmoil needs time without constant interruption to come to terms with how he will deal with his feelings.

  56. Hi
    iv been a guy for and a half years iv been staying with him for just over a year wich didn’t work out for me , however last October he proposed and I said yes we started planning a wedding but I felt the more im staying under one roof made it feel so wierd he would jist get home late we didn’t communicate much and I spoke to him about moving back to my mom until the wedding wich I didn’t do . 2 weeks ago we had an argument so I packed up and went home thinking we just upset but we still a couple the next morning I woke up realising I was blocked from every social network until this very hour . Do u you think there is any hope for this or do I remove myself from all this.

  57. Hi angel,

    It was an argument.

    There is a good chance that he reacted emotionally.

    He most likely blocked you from every social network because he was reacting to what he was feeling.

    Once his feelings calm and abate, he will most likely unblock you.

    Just try not to be all over him right now.

    If you barrage him with texts, phone calls or other ways of contacting him, you will only prolong his angst.

    Let him be for now and most likely he will come around.

  58. So there is this guy who I have been talking to for quite awhile and I’ve had classes with him before and we sorta talked and I always thought that maybe he liked me but then he got into a relationship that lasted 9 months and so then now after like 2 months of them breaking up he started to talk to me on snap chat and we have been messaging constantly and we hung out twice and I thought everything was going good. One of my guy best friends is also friends with him and they would always talk about me to each other and I found out that he really did like me but then a couple days before valentines day my guy best friend told me that he was talking to him and he was saying he might surprise me after on Sunday because it’s his only day off. So then I was really excited and Sunday came around and he didn’t show up at all and I tried messaging him on snap chat and the message wouldn’t go through because I got blocked so I was really confused and also I knew that on Monday we planned to hangout and so then I texted him and I asked if he still wants to hang out Monday and I got no reply then on Tuesday I go back to school and I see him and he was telling me how he got grounded and that his dad took his phone and went through all of his messages and then my guy best friend asked him later on why he blocked me on snap chat and he said his dad blocked me and so then the next day he wasn’t at school and I texted him hey and no response at all then I go on snap chat and see that I’m still blocked even though he said he unblocked me . The next day I go to school he’s in class but he doesn’t even try to talk to me or anything and he was on his phone the whole time but can’t even message me back. I’m just really confused and I wanna know what I did? Because he seemed like a great guy and I really thought we had something.

  59. Hi Emma,

    Prior to reconnecting with you, he was in a relationship for 9 months.

    That’s quite a bit of time.

    He may have never recovered from that break-up and there may still be a part of him that is still affected by it.

    He may have started talking to you on snap chat because he was lonely and needed someone to help him forget about the break-up.

    Granted, it had been about 2 months since the break-up but the relationship with his ex may still be quite fresh in his mind.

    Hence, he may have ultimately blocked you from snap chat and ignored your text to him because he may not want to get into anything serious at the moment.

  60. I know this guy throw badoo.com a dating, chatting and to make friends site . it was a month and half we met on there. He was very flirty at first started to lessen when i said i want to be friends. but I was on that site since I didn’t have anything to do and wanted to chat and make friends. In the start we talked a lot on Facebook and then we met one day just for half and hour cuz I needed to go somewhere else after that. From the get go he started saying he wants to marry me on messenger (mind it was when we didn’t even meet) he likes me but I was standoffish I want to be single and said he was only like a friend. ( deep inside I liked the attention he gave me but he was taking it too quick ) I just wanted to be friend and if I felt something else for him it would be way in the future. My problem is I like him but not that much to be with him. Now he deactivated his fb and blocked me on whatsapp. What should I do? Give it time and forget about him? Its like when he is giving me attention I run away from it and when he is not I get all “why isn’t he calling me!!”

  61. So here goes my story I met this guy 6 months ago we started dating officially after 2 months all this period he didn’t tell me he had kids or was ever married all I knew was he was with a woman for 8 years ! Well he seemed to be busy and sometimes we make plans but he seemed to always be busy and we’ll we have to reschedule and then we get to see. At a point I tot to myself yes I know he loves his job but it shouldn’t be this bad! We see like every 2weeks. Eventually he opened up to me and told me he had kids and he wanted to tell me from the beginning but since I mentioned I can’t date a man with kids he left it out cause he didn’t want to lose me he wanted me to like him first before telling me !well I was hurt and still I liked him and didn’t breakup with him. And he opened up to me about his ex and they broke up two years ago well according to him she was cheating and he said he would have stayed for the sake of their kids but she didn’t. So back to us, well we spoke daily and try to work things out. He has his kids almost every other day so balancing work and kids was a lot but I tried to understand
    .well the issue was it was becoming to much and it was interfering with us meeting, and I was complaining and he once mentioned he doesn’t think his enough for me and cause of his baggage he might not give me the commitment I wanted. Well we talked through it and decided to just make it work. On my birthday he didn’t make it cause of an emergency at work and I was upset and angry. I told him . A day after my birthday he sent me a message saying he doesn’t deserve me as a gf and I am better than him! Boom he blocked me on WhatsApp! Viber!even calls!!! And that was it! I don’t know what to do.I am heartbroken. Before now he mentioned I was stressing him and making him feel like a bad person.and it is pulling him down

  62. Hi Sheila,

    He mentioned that you were stressing him out and making him feel like a bad person. This was a big part of his reasoning behind blocking you on WhatsApp.

    You will have to decide whether you can handle the fact that he has to spend time with his kids and how this interferes with his time with you, including the fact that his job also takes him away from hanging out with you more often.

    If you feel that you can handle spending less time with him, you can send him a text letting him know your decision and leave it at that. Let him get back with you. Don’t get tempted to send him multiple texts in order to get a response from him.

    However, if you truly have thought this through and you realize that you can’t handle the fact that he never has much time for you, you may be better off letting this relationship go.

  63. Hi Mah,

    That’s how it typically works in dating and relationships.

    When someone is giving you all the attention in the world, you act standoffish, but once that person stops, you suddenly start wondering where they are and miss the attention.

    He blocked you on whatsapp and likely dactivated his fb because you were treating him like a friend and he wanted more.

    The best thing you can do in this situation is own up to the fact that you do like him and convey that message to him.

    No more games.

    If you have his number, send him a text and let him know the truth. If you have mutual friends or acquaintances, find out from them how you can get in contact with him other than fb and whatapp.

    He may have another social media account that he uses primarily for example or there may be a place he tends to hang out.

    The sooner you can locate him and convey the message that you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, the better off you’ll be.

    However, you have to decide what you truly want first. No point going through all of the trouble to reconnect with him only to start playing games again.

  64. Hi, a month ago i met a guy online and we really hit it off. I live in Europe and he lives in the US but because I travel a lot this wasn’t an issue. We talked everyday on whatsapp and called about twice a week. We’d send pictures and videos all the time. He followed me on Instagram and friended me on facebook. He is dealing with personal stuff (2years clean and sober) but we could talk about everything we didn’t keep secrets. He told me he was falling for me and wants to meet me and I feel the same way. Yesterday we were getting close to setting a date but out of nowhere my last text on whatsapp didn’t come through. After a couple of hours i started getting a weird feeling so checked his FB. Turns out he blocked me on FB, instagram, Whatsapp and my phonenumber. I don’t get it and feel really sad about it. Why would he do his? Will i hear from him again?

  65. Thanks for the reply! To be honest even my own job does not give me so much time to hangout! I have really been thinking this through ! I believed we could have worked things out!!

  66. Hi, my friend actually found out the reason why he took longer than before to reply me. Initially he replied quite fast only after I wrote the comment (jokingly) on his Insta, including the words “I miss u” that he started to take longer to reply and eventually did not open my messages. You said that yes he might be avoiding me. Truly, he was.

    But the reason he gave to my friend was that, because, he says the words I wrote, “I miss u” felt too close and made him uncomfortable. He told my friend that he just wants to be friends.

    It feels weird to me because originally, we were really close friends. And I’ve stated many times I want nothing more but just friends as well. I have no idea why he’s reacting this way.

    Indeed I took your advice and gave him space for a week before being truthful that I too want to be friends with him for now. I just need him to be a friend. I said that he should understand my pov too about the fact that it’s been a month he blocked me and its natural that I would miss him.

    We had a history of mentioning that among our friends, high likely we would date each other but not now. Probably few years down.

    However, he’s still ignoring me. I can’t comprehend what is it that he wants. It’s neither this nor that. I’m clueless and so I blocked him off.

    I did ask him if he still wants me to keep him blocked or continue his ways, he ignored me as well although he read the message on Insta. I have no idea what to do with him. If he still wants to be friends, then why is he behaving like that?

  67. A small thing to note though, my friend, when she asked him whether his ignorance was to not associate with me much or was it that he no longer has good feelings for me. He did not reply to any of those questions.

    He just said “I want to be friends, but when she said ‘I miss you’, it felt too close and made me uncomfortable, so I stopped replying”

    But still, I corrected him and made it clear only today. If it clears him of his doubt and discomfort by me being truthful, why would he still stay this way?

  68. In a way, he isn’t exactly avoiding me because he still likes my pictures on Instagram. I do not know what’s up with him.

  69. Hi Ham,

    He may be acting this way because he is getting the feeling that you want more than he is willing to give. In other words, he may not be convinced that all you really want is friendship.

  70. Hi Sheila,

    In hindsight, it is easier to believe that you could have worked things out with him.

    However, in reality, he may have simply felt too much pressure coming from all sides.

    Pressure from the mother of his kids, pressure from his kids, pressure from his job and finally, pressure from you.

    This can be a lot to handle for one person who is trying to figure out how to divide his time among the people and the career he cares about.

  71. Hi daisy,

    He may have blocked you on FB, instagram, Whatsapp as well as your phone number because he may be worried that he will not be able to handle taking your relationship with him to the next level.

    Meeting you live is taking things to a whole new level of realness and the fact that he is falling for you may actually be scaring him as well.

    A part of him may believe that he will regress to how he used to be due to the pressure.

    He has been clean and sober for only 2 years.

    Hence, he may have anxiously and instinctively blocked you in order to gather his thoughts and try to figure out if he is truly ready to get serious with someone again.

    The way he blocked you on all those platforms so quickly and simultaneously would typically indicate that this was a reactionary move born of fear and anxiety.

    Once this fear and anxiety abates, he will most likely reconnect with you in some way.

  72. Hi Sheila,

    If you both have mutual friends or acquaintances, you could try to convey a message to him through them.

    Otherwise, you may have to be patient and let him come to you.

  73. Hi Ham,

    It is likely that he already knows that you like him more than a friend.

    If you want to convince him that you truly just want to be friends, you will have to act that way.

    This means that you will have to stop with the constant texts and just start living a busier life.

    Check up on him every so often and briefly let him know about something fun you did that day and then proceed to ask him how his day went.

    Whether he responds or not, just leave it at that.

    When you show this kind of restraint over time, he will eventually feel comfortable communicating with you more because through your actions and the new sense of independence he is sensing in you, you would have shown him that you truly want to be friends and nothing more.

  74. Hi, thanks for your reply! I have been blocked for 24hrs now and it is getting really hard. I wonder what he is thinking and if I will ever hear from him again. How long should I wait before acknowlodging that i may never hear from him again and move on?

  75. Hi Daisy,

    Being blocked for 24 hrs isn’t that long. Don’t get too worried yet.

    He may still be dealing with the prospect of being in a serious relationship with someone. That may be what he is thinking about. Also, the prospect of making this interaction real and meeting you in person may have scared him.

    However, yes, you may never hear from him again.

    You are better off not waiting around on him. You will just make yourself anxious and constantly worried. It may take him a while to come around, if at all.

    So, do try to keep yourself active during this time.

    If you don’t hear from him for a week, you should acknowledge that you may never hear from him again and move on.

  76. So if I don’t hear from him should I try to contact him myself or is that going to make things worse?

  77. Hmm I guess that’s the only way out. I hope he opens up himself soon. Because he is enlisting for army in like 1 and a half months’ time. 2 months back, he did ask to spend a day together with me before he enlists. So I don’t know what will be coming out of it then. I guess yeah, I’ll leave him be and take your advice.

  78. Hi Daisy,

    Yes, that would make things worse if you were to try to contact him after not having heard from him.

    He may have been making progress and about to come to terms with possibly reconnecting with you and then you try to contact him and suddenly make him doubt himself again.

    You are better off letting him come to you if you hope to reconnect with him in a manner that lasts.

  79. Hi Ham,

    He may open up sooner or later.

    However, by leaving him be, your chances that he will open himself up to you may happen sooner rather than later.

    Hopefully, he does this before he enlists into the army.

  80. Okay thanks for your advice. I will not contact him. I’m still obsessing over what went wrong so suddenly but maybe I will never know and just have to come to terms with it.

  81. You are welcome daisy.

    Obsessing over what went wrong doesn’t change what happened nor will it influence what may or may not happen in the future.

    Coming to terms with it allows you to heal and ultimately move on.

  82. So I’ve been glancing at this guy and we’ve been flirting this way at work for about 4 months, I added him on Facebook in Oct, took him 8 days to accept and I would say hi to him occasionally and be casual. He is not big into social media and hardly ever posts on facebook it’s usually other friends that post, anyway I would like some of those posts and recently his mom posted some pictures of him and his family and I clicked ‘like” and about an hour later he blocked me. I was crushed.

    Here’s a bit of a backstory, The day before he blocked me I wasn’t paying much attention to him at work, so I wasn’t looking over at him like I used to cause I was starting to feel embarrassed with other people in his department noticing and talking about me so I decided to pull back on certain days to not seem so eager and desperate, and that day I pulled back.Then later that day I was on break and some other guy decided to sit with me on break, and I know he saw me talking to this other guy. So I don’t know if this factored into his decision. Most of the time he seemed to enjoy my attention and I would catch him looking at me too. He would even seem annoyed and upset when other guys talk to me.

    I’ve stopped paying any attention to him at work, since I am feeling hurt and rejected and embarrassed and I don’t want to come across as crazy and like the girl who can’t take a hint, so i’m leaving him alone completely.

    Is this the right thing to do?

  83. Hi Kay,

    He may be a relatively insecure guy who needs constant validation in order to believe that a girl likes him.

    When you didn’t pay him any attention at work and then he consequently saw you talking to that other guy on your break, he may have taken that as a sign that you aren’t interested in him.

    This may be why he blocked you on FB.

    It is not the right thing to do to keep paying him no attention.

    He is most likely the kind of guy who needs constant reassurance of interest from a girl before he decides to make a move.

    In other words, he doesn’t like risk and prefers more of a sure bet.

    If you are interested in him, you should continue showing him that you are.

    You don’t have to act hurt or rejected.

    Just be yourself and be open to flirting with him when the opportunity presents itself.

    The more he feels like you are responding to him in a positive and romantic way, the more likely he will unblock and pursue you.

  84. Around a year ago, I met a guy. He is obviously interested in me but never have the gut to start a conversation
    He would stare at me continuously when he expect to see me at a certain place. However, if I appear out of nowhere near him, he would get real nervous and literally freeze up. Shortly there after he left. I have looking for him since then and not much people get to know him because he’s an intern.
    Recently, I got his number and texted him asking if he still remembers me. He said no sorry. I found it weird and thought I got the wrong guy so I said to him: “oh sorry!! I might be texting the wrong person again. I use to stare at the guy though goodnight”. A few days later he blocked me on what’s app. So I tried to text him via SMS “Good morning!” he did not reply. Why did he says that he don’t remember me but blocked me on what’s app? Should I even continue trying? why is he going out his way to ignore me?
    kindly help me! thank you!

  85. Hi dawn,

    You shouldn’t continue trying.

    He blocked you on whatsapp and then he did not reply to your SMS “Good morning!” text. This means that he has no interest in interacting with you at this time.

    He may have said that he didn’t remember you but blocked you on whatsapp because he was uncomfortable with the initial text that you sent him.

    He received it out of nowhere and he had never given you his phone number in the first place. That may have really made him uneasy.

    Not to mention, the text that you sent, “I used to stare at the guy though goodnight,” may have also made him feel uneasy about you and anxious about why someone he barely knows or remembers would send him such a text.

    This may be why he is going out of his way to ignore you.

  86. Hi again,
    today it has been 5 days since I last heard from him. I am still blocked on all platforms but I know he hasn’t been posting anything, just been liking some pictures of his friends on Instagram.
    I keep having the feeling he will come back but maybe that’s just because I really hope he will.
    But just in case, if he does unblock me, how should I react? Should I let him know I am mad/upset or try to be understanding?
    He told me since he has been clean he hasn’t felt love for anyone but because of me he started to feel butterflies again for the first time in years. Also he has trust issues and probably all other kinds of issues as well since he has been clean for only 2 years.
    If I don’t hear from him in a couple of days, should I try to contact him or just forget about it?

  87. Hi Daisy,

    If he unblocks you, you should react by being natural and just have normal conversation. You should try to be understanding instead of being mad or upset.

    Being mad or upset will just push him away and make him question why he unblocked you in the first place, which isn’t what you want.

    If you don’t hear from him in a couple of days, you shouldn’t try to contact him.

  88. Hi. So I hope you remember my issue. Now I have decided to let him know that I can handle the less time together but I have no idea how to text that. Oh I noticed he unblocked my number well only from calls tho!

  89. Here it goes-

    I’ve known this guy technically since middle school even though back then we didn’t talk much- we got back in touch a year ago. Casually would hang out very spordically. I would usually be the one reaching out to him. (The back story is that he recently got out of jail after a year and had also had a break up with a woman he was madly in love with and seeing for 5 years- after he got out of jail however, she was acting different, cold, etc. So he explained how she broke his heart and that he finds it hard to trust anyone….

    Fast forward about 4-5 months…… We finally started to hang out more. Prior to this, when we would hang out very randomly, we’d hang out and then many times he’d go MIA- (found out he would block my number randomly even after having a good time with me and not giving me any warning he was going to block me I had to find out by calling/texting after a few weeks and testing out the blocking features with a friend of mine on our phones.) I confront him about it and he explained that “occasionally he does that if he needs to focus on himself or if he is developing feelings for someone.”
    I found that odd but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt…

    When he came back from blocking me about 3 months ago, things seemed to be moving forward with us. He would be the one now initiating most of the calls texts and hangouts. Even after he moved an hour away from me, we continued to hang out and keep contact open. I was shocked to realize 3 months had passed with him not blocking me and actually being consistent with contact. Well jinx! A week ago, after everything had been going great for months and we hung out once or twice a week with phone calls in between, he text me just saying “I’m going ghost.” My heart sank- thinking to myself why is he doing this after getting so close to me- well the next night he called me…. Said “I’m going to be going MIA for awhile but ill be back around. Then hours later calls me again to ask how my night was going and asked me to come over the next night and stay the night with him. (Figuring after he called me that he changed his mind about going MIA, I was happy and moved forward). After we hung out just a week ago, he text me the next day. Then 4 days past and I decided to text him today to find out my message did not “deliver” which means I’m pretty sure I’m indeed blocked. (Side note: we never made anything official at least yet- we had an amazing connection. He said he liked me a lot and cares for me. I told him just a month ago that in was in love with him.) I thought he may run for the hills after that, but didn’t …. At least until the other day when he decided to block me again. I’m left heart broken and confused…. I’m sure he will come back around but I’m not sure how to handle it. I feel it’s not right to just go and come as he pleases when he knows how much I care for him. Any advice or reasons as to why he’s doing this would be a HUGE help. I’m laying here in bed so upset over this. Thank you

  90. Something to add- the last 3 months that we were hanging out more getting to know one another, he started calling me babe often. He also a year ago always told me he hated PDA but just a few weeks ago held my hand in public for the first time. He took me out to dinner and a movie. It felt like we were a couple. He didn’t take his hand off mine for the entire movie and would kiss me occasionally in front of everyone. Once again this is just all so confusing. Hope you can help.

  91. Hi Jessica,

    He may still be dealing with emotional issues stemming from his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He was with her for 5 years and he told you that she broke his heart.

    There may be a part of him that is afraid to open himself up to someone again.

    So, he chooses to go MIA when things are getting serious and he is getting really close to you because he realizes that he may fall for you and possibly have his heart broken again.

  92. Thank you so much for responding –

    So if that’s the case then should I try reaching out or going to his place to try and have a conversation? Or is this completely out of line? Once he comes back how do I handle this? With men does absense make the heart grow fonder or will this space of blocking me make him “get over me or past his feelings” for me?

    I don’t want to be rude to him when he comes back. But I also don’t want to have this keep happening. I’m willing to be patient – but do men like this ever change their mind on wanting to commit when they act like this?

    Thank you times a million.

  93. Hi Jessica,

    You shouldn’t try reaching out or going to his place to try and have a conversation.

    He is in his zone right now and any interruptions from you could make him feel even more determined to remain MIA.

    Once he comes back, you will need to tell him that you are unwilling to keep doing this. This is essentially putting your life and feelings on hold. Tell him that you want him to be straight with you and either be with you or end it.

    With men, it’s a little different.

    To a small degree, absence does make the heart grow fonder. However, to a larger degree, a man would typically come back out of loneliness.

    Especially when there aren’t any other options for him.

    Men like this rarely change their mind on wanting to commit when they act like this as long as the other person keeps facilitating their behavior and taking them back.

    As long as they know that they can get away with it and come back whenever they choose without repercussions, they typically continue to do it.

  94. Thank you for your response-

    I am beyond grateful I stumbled upon this website. May I ask who you are?

  95. Thank you.

    Not sure if this changes anything but for the first time he told me just a week ago he was “going ghost” for awhile. He’s done this two other times over the past 9 months but never warned me, this time he did. Then called me the next day saying “he will be back.”
    The last time he went MIA I asked him politely if he could at least tell me when he’s going to do so- he said that he does this to even some of his close friends sometimes and apparently never gives them warning. So it made me feel semi-relieved when he told me it was about to happen…… Does this change anything?

  96. Hi Jessica,

    It doesn’t really change anything.

    He may have given you warning this time because he just wanted to ensure that you would be around when he comes back.

    Perhaps there was a part of him that was worried that you wouldn’t.

    Thereby, he tried to reassure you by giving you that warning and then calling you the next day and telling you that “he will be back.”

  97. Hi
    I met this guy at work nearly 2 months ago. I liked him even before he sees me. Then he started seeing me and after few weeks he gave me his number. We started talking and went out for a date one week after he gave me his number. I found him abit wierd all the time with texting. He used to txt every other day or maybe evey 2 or 3 days. But then he used to come and say hi at work in the begining.
    I went on holiday for a week and because i found him abit wierd i didnt really show him interest until we didnt talk for couple of days then he came to say hi to me and he said why im being like this and i told him you act really arrogant and wierd and he said the same thing about me, so we decided to talk about it the day after.
    When i told him why i find him wierd he accepted everything and he said he didnt realise and he wasnt doing it on purpose and he said he really likes me and really interested to ge to know me. So things became ok again but he was still not texting everyday. But everytime we were talking face to face he was just a perfect guy. Also
    Im a girl whos very careful and i showed him im intrested but never went too far with him. So then we planned 2 days to go out together. Which was last night after work we went out for a drink and it was the first time we kissed and everything was perfect. He was planning to go for so
    Many exciting things together. We were having so much fun also he texted me at night saying he really enjoyed his time being with me and i said so. We ment to go out all day today when he said he is feeling very ill and he was talking to me like usual. After 2 hours not being sure if we are meeting i msgd him saying are we still meeting up today or not and he said he cant then i said its ok just so i can make other plans and hope you feel better soon and he replied thanks love. After 6 hours i saw he had blocked me on whatsapp and i have no idea why he is done that and i send him a txt msg saying tell me if theres any reason behind it cuz i find it very rude and he didnt get back to me. I know im going to see him again everyday at work so why would he do that ??

  98. Also he was tellig me last night what why he found me and saw me because he is feeling something is gonna happen to his heart.
    The only thing i can think of is him having a girl friend and probz she has found out and blocked me.
    Cuz i knw he was acting abit wierd but he said to me his comiunication is very bad but he will try his best to make me happy. But as im saying everytime we talked face to face he was just so amazing and a real gentleman.
    Also i never txt him first.
    Everytime he talked about future he involved me in it too.
    But i think he was just pretending and acting probz he was playing otherwise why would he block me all of the sudden!

  99. So I reconnected with a former classmate who I liked and used to talk to pretty often back in high school. I searched him up on Skype and added him, and he added me back. We began talking, then days later we started flirting and things escalated pretty quick. Because he and I ended up discussing the idea of hooking up, but without having sex, because he didn’t want to lose his virginity and I didn’t want to either. I came over to his house and we hooked up. Almost a week later I didn’t hear from him, so I sent him a hello message and he responded and we continue talking and into the conversation he tells me he enjoyed our hook up and thanked me for coming over. He also told me the reason why he didn’t speak to me after I came over. He wasn’t sure how we wanted our relationship to be like and didn’t want to use me. He told me he wanted to get to know me and be close friends, who also do sexual stuff. After that, things went on well. We would talk a couple times a week and talk for hours on Skype. Until weeks later, I didn’t hear from him and I sent him a message, which he ignored and I sent another one the next day, and he still did not reply so I decided maybe he did not feel like talking so I waited for him to contact me. He would often be online and I started to get upset. A week went by and I told him I’m going to assume you’re not interested because you don’t want to message me and don’t respond to my messages. I also asked him what’s going on and he still didn’t respond to me. I thought maybe he began ignoring me to show that he is not interested and I thought that maybe he found some other girl to talk to. Another week of no response from him I finally sent him a message, which I truly regret to have sent him. I told him that he clearly doesn’t care and that there’s no point in having him on my list if he’s going to ignore me. A few minutes later he blocked me on Skype. I’m not sure if he blocked me because he had enough of me or is upset at me and wants a break from me?
    Did he block me because he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore?
    I’m confused as to why he wouldn’t tell me what was going on.

  100. Hi Nasim,

    He may have blocked you on whatsapp because he is not sure if he wants to take this any further.

    He shared a kiss and a great date with you when you both went out for drinks.

    However, there may have been something that happened during that date that made him rethink his interaction with him.

  101. Hi Nasim,

    He has put out quite a bit of effort in trying to talk to you. He even texts you first all the time.

    Hence, with this kind of effort, I doubt that he blocked you because he has a girlfriend.

    As I stated in the last comment, something may have happened on that date that gave him pause.

  102. Hi,
    I am wondering about sth too.
    I met this guy through an app, and have been ‘interacting’ through comments on posts related to the app since about 3 months. This is a fun purposes app, not dating one. I added him first, we started to become friends and had lots of fun to the features of this. Even then he didnt add me back. At the first time I told him in a friendly indirect message he didnt add me, then he apologized and added. But his flirtatious behaviour towards other women bothered me. He was also with me when he had the chance. Afterwards I seen he added another girl immediately after the first contact. After that I seen on instagram(that I followed him but he didnt to me) he added a girl there from the app he barely knew. I got angry and said on the first app that he’d better be with the ones he preferred, we had a little argument on this, and he added me back on that too. Then I apologised cause I acknowledged to myself and him I was being silly. After that he was distant and after sometime I asked why he was that way he responded he nearly blocked me but he wasnt ignoring me and he didnt want that to happen again so the only way is not letting me that close again. He’s been acting this distant since that and I also said some truths later when the app allowed private messages which werent necessary, like telling we were in touch just because I was getting in touch, which I regretted later for having said it. But then he was friendly with me participating on his collaborations though he still seemed quite distant. Afterwards I discovered he is married, but it’s not clear he’s in both apps, he doesnt know I know that. His wife has a page on facebook. I decided to myself just being friends with him from then on. Last week, I just asked some personal questions, like what was his job, that he had already told me before, but that time in more details, I asked why he had to live far during the week, just being friendly, I swear. He didnt anwer me, then I discovered casually on linked in, liked that on facebook and out of a sudden he idk why got mad for me having known his occupation in details, messaged me like, if I didnt tell you is cause I didnt want you to know, why are you so interested in me or what I do?? And then suddenly blocked me in both apps, dont know if he got the message later that I was just curious and asked this to potential friends. And also had no problem if one dont wanna be my friend, that by the way he put things dont leave me another option unless wish him the best. Now, I’m asking myself why he’s acting this way to me, I know I was tough and pushy at times, but why? Now idk if I should be friendly if he unblock me or be cold. For doing that he already showed he’s quite a self assured and proud person cause he never says he’s slightly wrong or apologize. When it was my birthday I joked and said Id congratulate him on his if we were still playing with the app, he told he wouldn leave the app. His birthday is near, but now I really don’t know if I should try talking to him through another saying I promised i would say despite his block or leave it alone and move on to more considerate friendships.

  103. Hi Jen,

    He may have blocked you on Skype because he realized that you wouldn’t stop sending him messages if he didn’t.

    After he hooked up with you, he may have realized that he didn’t want to take things with you any further.

    The fact that you are always the one who initiates contact with him also shows that he isn’t trying to put in much effort.

    This would typically indicate a lack of interest.

    So, yes, he most likely doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

    He wouldn’t tell you what was going on because he didn’t want to put himself out there. He may not want to look like the bad guy.

    By ignoring you, he may have been hoping that you would get the picture and stop sending him messages.

  104. He would initiate the conversations most of the time. Until I noticed I hadn’t heard from him in almost a week. So then I began trying to figure out what had gone wrong.
    I don’t get why he wouldn’t have blocked me earlier on if he didn’t want me to send him anymore messages. I also noticed that he did not remove me as a contact on Skype, he just blocked me instead. And he blocked me almost as soon as I told him there would be no point in having him on my contact list if he would not talk to me.

  105. Hi Jen,

    He may not have blocked you earlier on because he wasn’t quite sure about how he felt about you.

    Clearly, he was initially attracted to you.

    However, he may have felt that he didn’t want things to go any further after that hook up.

    He may not have removed you as a contact on Skype and just blocked you instead because he may not be willing to completely delete you from his life.

    However, for the moment, in order to stop what he may consider to be incessant messages from you, he blocked you.

  106. Hi Lumi,

    He may have been acting that way towards you because he may have felt that you were impeding on his personal life. He may have felt like you were trying to know too much.

    Being that he is also married, he may also be worried that even more personal questions from you could lead to his wife becoming suspicious of him.

    Being that he has now blocked you on both apps, you may be better off leaving him be until he decides to come around.

    Even though his birthday is coming up, just leave him be and avoid contacting him.

    The more you try to contact or interact with him, the more you may push him away.

  107. Thanks a tons,
    I also noticed that he unblocked me for a few minutes and then blocked me again?
    Why would he do that?

  108. Hi Jen,

    You are welcome.

    He may have had a change of heart for those few minutes that he unblocked you.

    However, he may have recalled the experience he has had so far with you and decided to block you again.

    The fact that he unblocked you for a few minutes may be a sign that he is wavering and may ultimately unblock you for good.

    Only time will tell.

  109. Hi. So I matched with this guy on Tinder and we texted a lot for about 2 weeks after he asked for my number. We live miles and miles apart but he mentioned that he had already made plans of coming to my country for a visit with a couple of friends. He was really nice and fun and we got along really well. I didn’t think of it as anything serious at all at first but we kept on texting everyday for the first week. He even told me he thought it was so weird to have clicked like that with someone from the other side of the world. Basically, he and I both admitted we liked each other that early on. I also need to mention that after getting quite comfortable with each other, we started sexting a lot in our conversations and talked about other stuff too. He thought I was funny, fun and sweet and he had a strong sexual attraction to me. We agreed to meet each other when he arrives and he said he wanted to spend a lot of time with me during his stay (we’ve talked about having a lot of sex as well). Fast forward to the day before his scheduled flight to my country, I sent him a message and I still got a response from him. On the evening that he was supposed to arrive, I didn’t get any message from him. The day after, I decided to send him a message but then I noticed that he had already blocked me ( I have confirmed that he did) and he also unmatched me on Tinder.

    Why? I’m so confused. He kept saying he wanted to see me and spend time with me but he suddenly went incognito. Did the sexting turn him off? He initiated it. What gives? Did he find another girl he much preferred? If he was just playing around, then he got me really good. I was so convinced that he really liked me too.

  110. Hi Liz,

    He may have blocked you because he wasn’t truly serious about coming to your country to see you.

    He may have enjoyed the online interaction and all of the texting/sexting. However, that was as far as he was willing to take it.

    It’s unlikely the sexting turned him off. As you stated, he was the one who initiated it.

    Being that you met him on Tinder, there is a good chance that he was talking to other girls from the app at the same time that he was talking to you.

    Thereby, yes, it is possible that he found another girl that he preferred.

    Also, if she lives closer to where he lives, he may have found that a lot more convenient than having to go through all of the trouble to travel to your country to see you.

  111. Thank you for answering. That makes it clearer to me the whole situation. But I really wonder why he didnt add me on instagram and added a lady from the app who has always been much more flirtatious to him and also some other hotter types ones. He also frequently likes half naked pics of hot ladies. I had the impression he wanted to hide me or something like that. When he said he didnt want me as close and added me on instagram he also told me I gave him stress. But it was just from the argument, before that we were really good friends on the app. I know he likes the physical type and cultural background I got so I’m assuming he maybe wanted to hide me not to show his wife he was interacting with me? Despite all this we surely have some chemistry together. I thought maybe he’s acting this way because he feels we have sth more than friendship and he’s not allowed. Maybe he also felt umcorfortable because that kinda of question is considered nosy in his culture and it’s just casual in mine . I didnt wanna lose him as a friend, as I like being around him, but I know he didnt block me on linked in and another chat app we never added each other or used but it’s available. He may come around, but when? How should I act if and when he does? It’s surely not going to be the same. It’s always me the one to apologize, break the ice and pride. I miss him but I’m becoming tired of being the friendly one, maybe it’s not worth it and I should let go?

  112. Hi Lumi,

    Indeed, you may be right in that he was trying to hide the fact that he was interacting with you from his wife.

    As far as when he will come around, it may be never.

    If it does happen, it may still be unstable because it is unlikely that he would have freed his life up for you.

    He would most likely still have his wife and other ladies he may be talking to on Instagram in the mix.

    Hence, there may be no relationship stability for you.

    In terms of how you should act if and when he does come around, you should figure out what would be the best course of action for you.

    If you don’t believe that there is a true future with this guy, you may be better off severing ties and not reconnecting.

  113. Probably.

    He didn’t decide to come to my country for me though. The tickets were already booked way before we started talking on Tinder. As he mentioned, it was for a month-long vacation.

    What I don’t quite get is why he had to block me on the day that he was supposed to arrive in my city. If he didn’t really want to see me, he could have just did so days prior to his arrival. Did he suddenly just get cold feet or what? Or did he just changed his mind about seeing me for certain reasons? You might also be right about him texting other girls at the same time he was texting me. Since we’re in different time zones, we could only text during his working hours and I swear he would text back so quick I couldn’t imagine him texting other girls at the same time. But I may probably just be making excuses for him right now.

    I’m just glad I haven’t developed strong feelings for him. Easier to pick myself up and move on. But it’s such a shame though. We clicked in such a short period of time and would talk about the most random and silliest things even when he was a bit busy at work.

  114. I know you aren’t a mind reader, however in my situation, do you think it’ll be longer than a month that he’s gone MIA? I have started NC myself since he blocked me a few days ago- and plan to do this for 30 days. But if I don’t hear anything from him then, I was hoping that would be enough time to reach out to him casually at first of course…. Not to act mad he disappeared but to see what he has to say first. This has felt like the longest 4 or 5 days ever. Especially since him and I talked multiple times a week and hung out weekly.

    I’m holding onto hope because my heart tells me he’s just not ready- but will be in time. I don’t plan on waiting forever – I’ll know when I can’t do it anymore- however, something tells me to not give up on him. He’s clearly been thru major pain and heartbreak and needs to figure out for himself how to move past that.

    Please help
    Thank you!

  115. Hi Jessica,

    He may be gone for months or may never even return.

    It just depends on whether he is putting real work into dealing with his emotional issues during this time. If he is just sitting around and not trying, the wait will most likely be longer.

    It wouldn’t be a good idea to reach out to him after 30 days.

    It means that you would be spending the entire month waiting on him.

    That would be putting your life on hold.

  116. Hi Liz,

    He may have blocked you on the day that he was supposed to arrive in your city because he was still wrestling with whether he should do it or not.

    The closer he got to that date, the more pressure he may have felt.

    By the time he got to the day he was supposed to arrive in your city, he had made his decision.

    Yes, there is a good chance that he got cold feet.

  117. Hi, thanks for the answer. That makes the situation a lot more clear to me. Idk if I myself erased or the second reply didnt get here, but anyway,
    I still wonder how should i act if he ever make contact again. Should I be distant or friendly? In my country is not necessarily wrong asking the job, maybe it’s a conversation to common ground and almost the same as asking about the weather to be friendly. Do you think he’s that hurt he’s not going to come around? Is that a definite decision of his? Not talking to me ever again? I know I’m not 100% wrong since he was the one who started ignoring me on first place adding some other girls who barely interacted with him. I really don’t know why he would not add me while adding these other girls. Why Couldnt I show up on his instagram while these other ones who were much more flirtatious towards him could? Of course we had a strong chemistry while interacting to each other, but that ended to me when I discovered he was committed. I miss him as a friend, and very much wish he return speaking to me. I’d be very glad if he mentioned his wife as I’d be happy talking to her, become friends with her too and wish the best to them. I’m really holding my temptation not to try contacting since I miss him and the good times we had while having fun at the app.

  118. Oh, now I’ve seen you did reply me, thank you!
    I don’t mind being just friends with him, if he’s proud, I don’t care following my heart and try to reinitiate contact. I guess I would be less close, more distant, leave it clear his attitude have hurt me, but still be nice. Maybe I can send that birthday message some weeks from now. I seen you are a guy, so tell me why do men act the way this friend of mine is acting? If he has a wife why doesnt say it out loud? I’d respect that right away and even tell sth good to their relationship. You can say that’s to flirt around, but why he doesnt care liking half naked women pics while having a wife and accepting these other girls while leaving me in the shadow?

  119. Hi
    So I sent the short message to him.haventhe gotten any reply In 2days tho…so I will leave it at that if he replies fine if not I guess silence speaks louder than words at least I tried.

  120. He’s not that flirty with people anymore and it’s a lot more serious on his appearances, looking kinda sad after he did that to me, btw… I think he also has a heartache for doing that, he’s not as playful as he used to be. Thank you very much for answering as I’m in the hopes to find the best solution to try to fix this and and overcome this the best way possible making this stay in the past, and get back to the good times.

  121. Hi Lumi,

    If he contacts you again, be friendly. Being distant would only make you question yourself later and possibly regret it.

    Yes, he may never come around.

    You may place more value in talking to him than he does in talking to you. Hence, it would be easier for him to never talk to you again.

    You probably couldn’t show up on his Instagram because he didn’t want you to get the idea that he was interested in you. Perhaps he was trying to keep his guard up.

  122. Hi Lumi,

    He may be acting this way because he is worried that if it were to go any further with you, he may jeopardize his relationship with his wife.

    He may not say that he has a wife out loud because he may not be entirely happy in his marriage.

    He may be looking for a distraction.

    Hence, he starts liking all those half naked women pics and flirting with you.

    However, he may only be willing to take the distraction so far before he pulls back.

    With you, he can leave you in the shadow and still like the pics of the other women because he may not believe that there is a potential for feelings to develop with those women.

    He may be admiring their exterior and nothing more.

    However, with you, there may be a chance that he could develop deeper feelings. Hence, he leaves you in the shadows.

  123. I am head over heels for this guy I met through words with friends. He lives 3 hours away, and we’ve only met in person once, and it was completely G rated. After we met we continued to text day and night and we would talk about absolutely everything. I know he has some social anxiety issues and it really took alot on his part to meet someone from online. Late one night we were texting and he was telling me about some personal issues he was having, we finished talking, and said good night. The next morning I discovered he blocked me from Facebook, Snapchat, his phone, and words. I just can’t figure out what happened. The last week of talking we were closer than ever before and shared alot of personal stuff with each other. Now I am just so sad and confused. It’s been 3 days and I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from him again. He would make comments sometimes about how he likes to do what he wants, when he wants, and how he doesn’t need anything from anyone. I’m thinking maybe we got too close and it freaked him out. IDK Help!?!?

  124. Hi Mandy,

    Yes, he just may have gotten freaked out by how close he was getting to you.

    He may have also had some regrets about sharing all that personal stuff he did with you the last time you talked.

    Perhaps he felt like he had let his guard down and thereby, he may have felt weak and exposed.

    As you stated, he has said that he likes to do what he wants when he wants and he doesn’t need anything from anyone.

    This may be a way by which he tries to safeguard his heart from letting anyone in.

    By blocking you so unequivocally and swiftly on Facebook, Snapchat, his phone and words, he was being orchestrated in what he was doing.

    This means that he really thought this out and his actions weren’t done on the spur of the moment.

    When a guy is this orchestrated in blocking you, it may signify that the chances of you hearing from him again are very slim.

  125. I agree with you… But then I don’t understand why he done that after I told him I was happy for having gotten a job related to the language he speaks and thanked him for that, he gave me all the credit, said well done and I thanked again saying that he did help me practicing it indirectly. For the first time I used his name saying he was being kind, and that I had asked from the very beginning which he answered me on private on instagram when the app didnt have the private option. Less than a week after that, I just seen his profile on linked in and he did what he did just saying and cutting the contact in a few bashing words. It seems when we are happy for getting a job or having a kind of success men like leaving us wondering what we done wrong for us not to concentrate on whatever but them.

  126. Hi Lumi,

    It’s unlikely that he left you because you had encountered success thanks to your new job.

    He may be running away from the fear of feeling something more for you than he wants to allow.

    That may be his motivation.

  127. We were in constant contact for 2 months. He was really supportive and helped through a rough patch. I can’t get over this feeling of sadness. I considered him a close friend and really wanted more. I just keep wondering how he can just shut me out, I really thought his feelings were mutual. I could never shut out someone I care about. I’m just do sad and confused 🙁

  128. Hi Mandy,

    If he felt like he had given away too much, he could have found a way to tell himself that shutting you out would be justified.

    As a result, shutting you out became something he could live with.

  129. Hi, may I ask? I’m just a bit curious to know why my best friend would behave the way he did.

    Well I did leave him be, indeed after clarifying everything in a soothing and calm manner. He did open up my message days later. However he’s still not talking yet.

    I’m still puzzled as to why he reacts this way. Basically, it started back to our previous arguments that he often thought I wanted something more than friends. We argued a few times on this.

    After our last argument, it was the first time I went silent on him and he was upset. He thought I planned to leave. Then we reconciled after a week, and weeks after that we went out.

    He surprised me, because it was the first time he acted as if he wanted more. I thought he wanted us to be friends. We spoke on the phone for hours before he met me. He dressed presentably well, styled his hair and was really sweet to me.

    That day he was quite reluctant for me to go home when I wanted to leave early. He then took me to a beautiful place where there were lights and had a simple dinner.

    We then lay on the bridge together in silence and enjoyed the breeze. For the first time, he sent me home. We’ve been friends for two years and he never did that. We hugged and departed.

    He then texted me straight away that it was a fine night, thanking me for the day. However, I suggested going other places to have fun right after that like visiting the national gallery. He loved museums but I had no idea why he kept refusing to go with me.

    But he said that if we were to go together with a group of friends (my friends and they are all guys) then he’ll agree. Why is that?

    Also, around that period, he wanted to spend a day together with me before he enlists for army. Once, he cancelled plans with his friend to go out on Saturday because I asked him if he wanted to join me for my class party.

    However, upon knowing that a girl he once dated was going, he rejected because he felt it was awkward for him. But we agreed to meet in the day, before I go for the party.

    Then he stood me up that day, because he was out with his sister together with his childhood friends because he needed a favour from them.

    I had no idea, I was mad at him and ranted. He apologized but I ignored him for the day. However, I called him in the night and we both apologised for our bad attitude. That’s how we explained ourselves.

    Things started to go downhill from there as he gradually grew cold, replying lesser. Eventually, he asked for a break.

    During the silent break, I made a mistake by bugging him on and off within weeks, which went on for a month until he decided to block me off. Because I was unsure, how things could be going good and then suddenly he grows cold.

    My friend did ask him why he blocked me, and he said he was lazy to reply. I know I smothered him too much by then. Now that he’s back, when I say I missed him. He grows cold again and instead tells my friend, he feels it’s too close and uncomfortable.

    It has been on my mind for quite some time, but I dare not ask him because I fear he may think I want something more than just being friends.

    Honestly I have no idea, what is going on with his actions. It goes back and forth. How may I understand why is he acting this way?

  130. Hi Ham,

    He may be acting this way because he is wrestling with his emotions.

    On the one hand, he may believe that he just wants to be friends.

    However, on the other hand, he may think that there could be something more.

    He may not quite know where to take this relationship.

  131. Thank you so much for answering us in the most enlightening way.
    Strange enough, he is singing some songs that seems very related to what happened, like how hard it’s to be apart, but have to be strong, and live life… yes it’s a music application, and he’s online despite not talking to me by the same time I am, doing similar things and songs. I told him before his comfort zone is doing heavy stuff and mine are romantic. Since he blocked me he just sings the kinds Id join him. He’s just sweet now to the ones he already known before, the new collaborations he’s very very casual.
    But then again, you may say I might be silly and don’t love myself, but if I try to send him a birthday message trying to rescue our friendship, what should I say? I thought about writing in the most polite and formal distant way, that I was sorry he misunderstood my actions, that it was sth as common being curious about people and despite he blocked me for no relevant reason wish him the best though we are not in touch anymore. Or should I be the proud one now and wait till he decides to break the ice, follow me again and compliment my collaborations the same way he did with other girls? Idk, he may have his feelings hurt but he also did it with me. Maybe I myself have to keep my guard up now. He maybe thinking he’s too powerful since he never followed me on first place, and thought I was being jealous when we argued that first time, which I admit I was cause I did have a crush on him. But I guess we just fight with people we like, why would we do it to acquaintances we don’t care? Id also like to make it clear I woudnt be more than a friend and wouldnt bother him anymore.

  132. Hi Lumi,

    You would be better off not sending a birthday message.

    However, if you are choosing to do so, just keep it simple.

    You could also crack a joke in reference to his age after you wish him a happy birthday.

    It may loosen him up and make him smile.

    From here, perhaps he reconnects.

  133. Oh I see, but is there a way for him to be consistent? Or is there anything I could do? Because all I wanted was just to go out and have fun, keeping things simple. I prefer for things to progress slowly but it gets tiring whenever he jumps back and forth.

  134. Dating since 3 months.. after small arguement he blocked me for friction of seconds n unblocked me again. After a week or so… he was not replying to msges and all of a sudden he blocked me again. After dat i blocked him on all social media. Whats probability of him reverting back n effect of my blocking him ?

  135. Hi bha,

    There is a decent probability that he will revert back.

    The effect of what you did may make him realize that he shouldn’t have blocked you that first time.

  136. I was wondering if he hates me by doing this. And also wondering if he doesnt like or miss me just a little. I feel such a sadness for what’s happening, don’t know if he doesnt give a damn about me. Can’t get rid of this sadness feeling, mourning and thinking what id done wrong and how could I work things out. And me suffering for someome who simply looks like dont care. Maybe this is a way of punishing me?
    What kinds of jokes would you say? At the way things are I really don’t know how I’d approach or do to make it sound friendly rather than desperate or needy and the one in control and more mature and playful despite this attitude of his.

  137. Hi there Luke, a guy I went to primary school with blocked me on twitter. I think he was 2 or 3 grades above me and we were travelling to school on the same schoolbus in primary. We were never really friends because I did not like guys in primary. A couple years ago, he saw me at a religious convention and introduced himself and I had know idea who he was, I was just shocked that someone from primary who I wasn’t on the same grade with remembered me. Our conventions happen quarterly and I have seen him ever since but I am scared of initiating a conversation with him. I once saw him on my mutual friends list and I checked his Facebook page but it was private. I checked him out on Twitter several times to see his character and I was able to see everything. Recently I checked him out on twitter and he blocked me, and I really don’t know why. I have no idea what I did to him, I barely can’t start a conversation with him but he blocked me. I haven’t checked if he blocked me on Facebook but I suspect he did (female intuition). Help me Luke, why did he block me?

  138. Hi Gloria,

    The fact that you can barely start a conversation with him could be the reason why he blocked you.

    When he introduced himself to you at the religious convention, he may not have gotten the kind of response he had hoped for.

    Perhaps he felt that you were somewhat closed off and even hard to read.

    In a defensive move so as to show that he isn’t trying to act like he is all about wanting to be with you, he decides to block you on twitter.

  139. Hi, I actually got my best friend a gift months back (can’t be kept for long) and I really want to pass it to him. Would it be advisable for me to pass him in person if I might be seeing him tmr or should I get my friend to do it instead? We haven’t spoken though.

  140. Hi. So there’s a guy I met in October 2015. We really hit it off from day one in terms of conversation. We then had a sexual relationship and I just kept it casual. He started telling me he likes me and has feelings for me and felt that I was just using him. I honestly wasn’t I was just trying to protect myself by not showing emotions but he started showing me that he really likes me and would get upset if I don’t talk to him daily. Eventually out of habit I started falling for him. He was a nice guy. I havent seen him since November as he is working in a different state. Come Feb 14th, he called me and we had a nice chat but then during the chat he told me he had to leave coz he was getting a call from work. From that day he started acting weird. Like not texting or answering my calls and basically ignoring me when I text. I left him alone for a week because he told me he is stressed out by work and that’s the reason he wasn’t interacting much with me. I checked on Facebook and whatsapp and he was online almost all the time just not talking to me. He was also always the top 3 first people to check my snapchat story. Where is he getting the time? Meaning he lied. I also noticed that he ‘loved’ his supposed crazy ex girlfriend photos and they were interacting. I asked him if I could go visit him but he said he might not be around, lies-based on his snapchat story. I sent him a text to check up on him on the 29th. He replied and told me that I’ve been too quiet on him. We chatted for like 1 min and he told me he is actually on leave-therefore free. I asked him if he’d like to meet up and he said he’s very busy with other plans so he’s not sure he can manage to meet up. That obviously means he’s not interested in meeting up. He’s not from the same country therefore he’s going back to his country after his leave. I asked him when he was leaving and he ignored that question so I had to bid him goodnight which I did. He replied to the goodnight message saying “Thanks, have an awesome one.” The next morning I checked his whatsapp and found out he had blocked me. (I confirmed this) he also blocked me on messenger. I was so mad that i blocked him on snapchat, instagram and my phone except facebook. Same day he blocks me-he likes my status on facebook and the next day he comments on one of my photos. What’s up with that? Also just a recap in Jan I had sent him a drunk text telling him I don’t like that we are playing games and all of which he was hostile and told me to get over it that that’s who he is. Next morning he told me he has feelings for me and that I’m not just another girl thus the reason I continued talking to him otherwise I had decided I was done. Anyway what’s your take?

  141. Hi Natalie,

    He may be playing games with you.

    It is unlikely that he is serious about getting into a relationship.

    When he told you that he had feelings for you, he may have done that in order to get you hooked to him. Once you started showing those feelings back, he suddenly became distant and stopped responding to your messages the way he used to.

    He likes the attention he gets from you and when he feels like he is about to lose it, i.e. when you blocked him on snapchat, instagram and your phone, he decides to like your status on Facebook and comment on one of your photos.

    He is not interested in being in a serious relationship with you.

  142. I just don’t understand, it’s really messed up IMO. He had 4 months of opportunities to talk to me and ask me out, I gave him so many signals. I will not boost his ego any more it’s his move if he wants to fix this cause I can’t go through this anymore.

  143. Kay,

    If you have given him the signs consistently for 4 months and you don’t want to be the one to ask him out, it will be up to him then.

  144. Today he decided to remove me as a contact on Skype now.
    Is he really done with me now?

  145. Hi, I’ve passed him the gift today. And we spoke for awhile, he still seem a little evasive and I said he was weird but he feels that he’s not weird.

    My friend says that by avoiding my text messages, it just means that he doesn’t want to talk to me. Hoping I would get the message.

    My friend told me that he told her I text chunk messages and he doesn’t like reading it. He’s afraid if he’ll reply, I would continue doing the same thing. But it’s not the case. How can I resolve this?

    Before I left, I asked him if he got birthday present for his sister. He said not yet, and I offered to accompany him like I did last year. This time he tried rejecting my offer and said jokingly “don’t buy it then”.

    As if wanting to shrug me off and not accompany him. Why is he doing this? Has he lost interest in me when initially he said I was a potential. How can I show him that I can type lesser and not chunk messages, reversing that damage?

  146. Before I left, I asked if we were still friends, and he said yes…but he seemed really eager to shrug me off although he looked at me from a distance initially. At first he refused to acknowledge my presence and gradually began to reciprocate my responses.

    I wrote a note to him. He hasn’t texted me since and I saw that he’s been active on snapchat earlier on. However, he hasn’t unblocked me on snapchat or Facebook although he unblocked communication platforms like whatsapp and telegram.

    If he’s still refusing to talk to me, then why did he unblock me? Why doesn’t he tell me that, he doesn’t want to talk to me but still wants to be friends.

    I have no idea what it meant, and when I told him I missed him, he told my friend that it felt too sweet, hence too close and therefore it was uncomfortable.

    Should I not initiate contact at this period given the way he was reaction earlier on? What does his reaction in this case mean? Have I lost his attraction to want to hang out with me? My friend told me he didn’t read any of those messages I sent him..

  147. Should I take comfort in the fact that, I said to him gently “by logic, you’ve ignored me for 2 months, why wouldn’t I miss you. Is it logical, you tell me” that’s when he agreed and said ya it’s logical. Because he didn’t read any of my explanation-chunk messages I sent him.

    How do I show that I don’t text chunk messages?

    I did make him laugh in a bit and I could tell that he still cares for me. From a distance, as I was walking backwards and asking if we were still friends, he was concerned about me bumping into someone behind me and signaled me to move aside.

    Then he replied across ‘yaaaa?’ That’s when I turned and left after his reply. He got his major exam results today, but his grades were horribly done. My friend told me that since we interacted in person today, I should leave him be for now and talk about other issues some other day.

    He seemed wanting to go off with his friend, although he kept hanging around. Initially when I was there, he asked his friend “why are you still not leaving?” But as I was speaking, he was also replying to other snapchatters at the same time.

    I asked if he needed my company to buy gift with him for his sister again this year and he thought for awhile before brushing that aside. Giving excuses “don’t buy then, don’t buy” and laughed it off before walking off with his friend.

    My friend told me that, that’s usually how he rejects things in this manner, laughing it off and advised that I shouldn’t ask further.

    I took my friend’s advice because I feel she’s right. We’ve spoken for today and I shouldn’t text him until he does. But if he’s afraid of me replying chunk messages, why would he initiate texting me? How do I go about it?

  148. (Ps the note was attached to the gift and it was written in a light-hearted way!!)

    I’ve also given advices to him on how he could go about his results for his future education and he can talk to his sister about it.

    I wish to be there for him when he needs my help in thinking on what he plans to do with his results just like before. But I’m not sure if I’m the right choice for him to turn to.

    And if we’ve done shopping for his sister’s birthday gift last year, why did he reject me after thinking about it for awhile? Does he still have doubts about me?

    Sorry if I’ve been asking a lot because I really have no idea on how I should go about it. I’ve not been through such an experience. I care about him, but also I want to give space. I don’t know when is it appropriate to interact and when is it not appropriate to interact.

  149. Ham,

    He may have shrugged it off going to buy a birthday gift for his sister with you because he doesn’t want it to be an an occasion where you keep asking him about the reason why he doesn’t text you.

    He may not have lost interest in you but he may be trying to keep you at a distance.

    Remember that he told your friend that the reason why he doesn’t reply to you is because if he were to do it, you would just keep sending him chunky messages and it wouldn’t stop.

    A good way to show him that you can type lesser and not chunky messages would be to do just that. Type less messages to him and make them less chunky.

  150. Ham,

    He may have initiated the text message because he does care about you and wants you in his life.

    However, he doesn’t want to be stuck having to respond to chunky messages.

    By initiating the text, he may be testing you to see if you will respond in smaller chunks.

    The best way to go about it is by responding with a more concise message that isn’t chunky.

  151. Ham,

    He may have unblocked you because he wants to test you. He may want to see how you send him messages.

    If they are less chunky and more evenly spread, he may start believing that you are doing better and this may make him feel encouraged to start talking to you again.

    It would be best to let him initiate contact. From there, you can respond in an effective and concise manner.

    It is unlikely that you have lost his attraction to want to hang out with you. He may just be testing you to see how you behave at this time.

    He may have not read any of those messages that you sent him because they were chunky and he just didn’t want to put himself through going through them.

    This is why you should try to start focusing on keeping your messages to him concise.

  152. Ham,

    He may have rejected you when it came to going shopping to buy a birthday gift for his sister because he didn’t want to be in a position where he would have to answer repeated questions from you about why he doesn’t text you.

    Yes, he more than likely still has doubts about you.

  153. Hey Luke, it’s been a week since he blocked me, and I do see he’s online, but very much less than by the Christmas and holidays when he wasnt working and we were playing and in more constant contact. I am still in doubt if I will send that message. I want your opinion, do you think what I did was a really good reason to block me? I think a week it’s too much time, don’t know if he’ll ever come around. By what I know he likes people chasing after his info- he did when I asked somethings, and seems to be proud and serious despite being a very playful person. But indeed he seems more distant in his apparitions and more serious, kinda embarassed, more restrained and sad but still playful. And he’s also not interacting with people that much. In his instagram is a motto like live how you want and love who you want and dont regret…maybe he’s a free spirit kind that dont go back to what done or decided. Once in our short talks, he’s the quiet type one in texts, he said he wouldnt judge me if I did sth wrong and that I havent asked anything he wouldnt answer when I said sorry for asking his age.
    I just don’t understand why he’s doing that to me, seriously. And I wonder why he wasnt so sweet as with other ladies, sometimes sounded rude and self-defensive. I wonder if his wife did see our interaction and told to cut contact with me and he just made up the least excuse to justify his weird act. I don’t think she did anyway, she seems not to care he likes half naked pics on insta and have him there, maybe they are an open relationship couple since he also doesnt wear a ring. Being that I told you the kind of guy he’s what kind of jokes do you think would work better if I decide to interact again, letting it clear I wouldnt be as close anymore and just a friend? I’m starting to think he might be a boring stubborn person to deal with, you know…he doesnt give away.lol

  154. Lumi,

    With another guy, what you did may have been perfectly fine and he may not have blocked you as a result.

    But, this guy is his own person and will react to something in his own way.

    The kind of joke you tell him depends on your history with him and what you have learned about him.

    Use that as your clue.

  155. Oh hahaha I see, okay I feel more relieved now. But I wouldn’t ask him why didn’t he text me, because now I know I may have overdone it.

    Initially I planned to change my way of texting if he were to come back. How should I let him know that he shouldn’t worry about me asking why he doesn’t text me?

  156. Ham,

    By not talking about the birthday gift shopping anymore.

    Let him be the one to bring it up.

    If he does, it shows that he wants to go with you and that may indicate that he has accepted that you won’t ask him why he doesn’t text you.

  157. So a couple month ago I met this guy, and we started talking a lot over Facebook and texting. After a couple of weeks we agreed to meet up. We went on a little date which actually went well in my opinion. He text me that night that he had a nice time and he would like to do it again sometime, however the following morning I noticed he had blocked me on Facebook and Instagram?? Even though he still texts me all the time like normal and makes arrangements to meet again. I don’t know what’s going on here but I am so confused on why he would do that.

  158. Hi Katie,

    He may have blocked you on Facebook and Instagram because he may want to focus on meeting with you face to face.

    He may feel like if he kept you unblocked on Facebook and Instagram, he may begin to lose his enthusiasm and drive to pursue you and ultimately may fall into the trap of only communicating with you online.

    So, it may just be a temporary cautious move on his part to block you on Facebook and Instagram.

    As long as he is still texting you consistently and making arrangements to meet again, his interest is still there.

    Most likely, he will unblock you once he feels like you both have a secure and consistent routine of meeting face to face.

  159. would it be odd to try and message him couple months later on a different account to try and reach out to him? or should I wait for him to come to me or should I just let it go and move on?

  160. Hi Jen,

    Yes, it would be odd to try to message him a couple months later on a different account. It would make you look desperate and awkward.

    That alone can turn him off completely.

    You should let it go.

  161. Thanks for your help all this while, I guess maybe when enough time has passed, I’ll let him know that I’m glad he’s back and hope we have a fresh start. Your advices really helped me a lot. Thank you.

  162. Do you think I should ask him why he has done it or shall I just leave it and pretend I haven’t even realised? I don’t want to sound too weird. It’s just giving me second thoughts on the guy, usually when I’ve been blocked it’s usually a sign of rejection.

  163. Now I am more confused! I think maybe he isn’t interested! after sending me a song that says sorry. I rang him to actually talk which he didn’t pick and after one week he his just texting to say he missed my call !!! asking me how I am? like seriously 1 whole week!!!! and then I replied few hours later and he doesn’t reply! what is this?!

  164. oh well ! I am not ready to be dragged along then! I already stated how I felt so if he can’t get his act together then I am not interested!!

  165. So this guy who i started chatting with would often start the conversations and occasionally i would initiate. He seemed to really try talking to me and our conversations would last a couple hours and we would chat back and forth until he’d go to sleep. And he would tell me he’d talk to me the next day and would actually do as he said. So we would chat every other day or 3 days later. I do admit I’m not very good at texting, and not very good at keeping a conversation going. I think he might have gotten bored of trying to talk to me. After a while i gotten no messages from him. So i messaged him, no response, so then i panicked and told him i see what you’re doing and he kept on ignoring me and not bother to text me. I told him I know hes not interested and tried asking him what is happening. He still did not respons to me, so then i got quite upset at his silence and told him that I’ll delete him because he is ignoring me. He blocked me and 1 week later deleted me as a friend.
    Did i upset him to the point of blocking me and deleting me? I’m not sure if he’s done it to prove a point. Or he was trying to ghost me

  166. Hi Izzy,

    He may have gotten bored of trying to talk to you, just as you said.

    He was making most of the effort in the beginning and may have just realized that he didn’t want to continue doing that.

    By the time you started messaging him, he may have decided that he would cut back on his conversations with you.

    As you sent him more and more messages, he may have gotten irritated and decided to block you.

  167. hello again,
    So could he have blocked/deleted me as a friend because he wants space for the moment?
    Is there a chance he’ll message me again?

  168. Hi Izzy,

    Yes, he may have blocked/deleted you as a friend because he wants space for the moment.

    As long as you don’t keep trying to find ways to continuously contact him, there is a decent chance that he’ll message you again.

  169. Hello, so I’ve been dating this guy for about 3-4 months and a few days ago he said he hasnt felt this way about someone in a while such as heart beating fast and feeling so happy and so and so that were alot of firsts with me that he hasnt felt with any other girl hes dated before and wanted to make it official right there over the phone! Then he said he wanted to ask me in person and then two days later I confront him about how I want to talk to him or see him more than he does because he said all that two days prior and I didn’t see any action showing that he missed talking to me after just telling me how much he likes me and then he all of the sudden changes his feelings and says “I’m sorry I dont feel the same way about you, I’m honestly not ready for a relationship” and then blocks my number, unfollows me on insta, blocks me on fb and so on. We were intimate and I just want to know if he just used me, cared for me, is just wanting time to think about how he feels about me, if he is ever gonna talk to me, and so on.

  170. Hi Stefany,

    Given the speed in which he went from wanting to make it official to telling you that he doesn’t feel the same way about you and consequently blocking your number, unfollowing you on instagram and blocking you on FB, he was most likely using you and it is unlikely that he will talk to you again.

  171. Is there any way that he could be blocking me to rethink his feelings for me? This is the third time he has done this and always comes back saying how he realizes how much he misses me and he never goes back to his exes he says there is something different about me and how even though I drive him crazy he still wants to be with me

  172. Stefany,

    If this is the third time he has done this, he is intent on keeping you around but not necessarily in order to be in a serious relationship with you.

    It’s unlikely that he is rethinking his feelings for you because he has had ample time to do that and he always keeps repeating the same kind of behavior.

  173. Do you think he has any feelings for me at all? Do you think hes gonna miss me again and come back because he actually misses me? Should I try to find a way to contact him? Give him space? I really don’t know how to handle this situation..

  174. Stefany,

    I don’t think he has deep feelings for you.

    He is attracted to you.

    However, he doesn’t seem intrigued or passionate about you.

    Since he has done this several times before, it is likely he will come back.

    Human beings are creatures of habit and we tend to come back to the path of least resistance again and again.

    However, it’s unlikely that he does it because he misses you as a person. He would most likely do it because he misses what you can give him.

    You shouldn’t try to find a way to contact him. He would only find new ways to shut you out if you do.

    Yes, give him space.

  175. Hi. So my situation is kind of long, but I’ll try to make it not too confusing. So Summer of 2014 my ex husband took off and left me. A “long time ago” person that I use to kinda knew started talking to me. I only opened up him because we sorta knew eachother. He was a fairly busy person and so was I and we never really met up other than text eachother. (Now bear with me, this is the weird part) Anyways he would text me every morning calling me his boo. And this went on for a good 3 months until my ex found out that I was talking to someone and decided to come back. I was honest with this guy all the way and I told him that I have to go back with my ex due to cultural circumstances. He finally wanted to see me and ask if we can meet up but I had to decline because I already made my decision and because I know that it was just going to be harder for me to start over again with my ex. I guess I kinda broke his heart by choosing my ex over him. (Keep in mind that over the course of 3 months we never met up, we live in a cultural bound society, and we are both adults in our late 20s and early 30s and both been married before). Well me and my ex didn’t work out anyways after 4 months of getting back together and finally called it quits. I learned that he also got back with his wife as well. Fast forward to December 2015 and I saw him with his kids at a social function. I messaged him on fb and ask how he was doing and so I guess we kinda started talking again. Well just this past Monday night he asked me to go over to his place. I wanted to make things clear as to why he wanted me over (I finally figure it’s best to friend zone him and so I’ve told him). Both our kids were with the other patent this week and so I decided to go over. My thought was that maybe we were just going to watch a movie together and just talk (I have absolutely no experience whatsoever with anyone else besides my ex. The ex was my first everything. Not to mention I was probably too naive). Anyways when I got there he didn’t have any lights on. We stayed in the living room for a bit and I was so nervous. I asked him thr same question twice in a row. And after about 5 mins I finally just ask him if he was tired and if he had to go to bed cuz I knew he had to wake up at 4 in the morning. All he said was Yeah he has to go to sleep. Well he took me with him to his room and we first sat down on his bed and talk about his guitar. And then I guess we just lay down and try to sleep (at least that’s what I was trying to do). And that’s when he started to make his move on me and eventually we had sex. Afterwards, he made everything so awkward. He said he couldn’t sleep anymore and was in the living room reading the news on his phone. I tried to talk to him but he only answered my questions and then was quite again. It didn’t felt right staying there anymore so I ask if he wanted me to stay or to go. He says that since he works at 4 in the morning he wouldn’t want to wake me up and tell me I had to go home. So I left. There was no hug or kiss from him although he did stayed outside to watch me drive off. He made it sound like we were just going to hangout and sleepover but I guess I was just too naive to realize it. I was kinda upset so when I got home I messaged him if sex was all that he wanted. No reply. After when I thought about it and got out from the shower I message him again to apologize that I was too harsh on him. The next night I message him again with just a simple Hi and still no reply. Later when I finally got home, I learned that he blocked me on fb. I wasn’t mad or upset about it really. In fact I feel so much more at ease now because now I don’t owe him anything anymore and I won’t have to live with regret of betraying him. I had another account on fb and I message him and I thanked him for everything and wish him the best in life.

    So I guess my question is: was all that just for sex? And did we really had anything there? Was sex his act of revenge on me for betraying him? And does he have any feelings for me as well?

    And I can finally say that for the first time in my life I did something daring and wild!!!

  176. Hi A,

    It may be that he doesn’t know what he wants and how he wants to define his relationship with you.

    He showed this kind of behavior even back in the summer of 2014 when you two first reconnected.

    He was quite attentive to you for several months.

    However, even then, he wasn’t quite sure of how to define his relationship with you or where he wanted it to go.

    This is probably why over the course of several months, he didn’t ask you out until your ex came back into your life and became a threat to his relationship with you.

    Hence, he may be stuck in a quagmire and now that he has had sex with you, he may be in even more of a mental quandary.

    He may not know where to take it from here but knows that you may start getting close due to that intimate encounter. So, he pulls away and blocks you on FB.

    You may have something here but there is a chance that he is still trying to define what that is.

    It’s unlikely that sex was his act of revenge for betraying him.

    He may have some feelings for you.

    However, it is unlikely that he will allow himself to truly understand and accept those feelings until he figures out what he wants to do with his relationship with you.

    Yes, you did something daring and wild.

    Hopefully, this is your first step to a life filled with more adventure and fun.

  177. Thank you for responding. I feel like after sleeping with him, I don’t owe him anything anymore. In a sense, I’ve reached a closure for myself. He is someone special to me and and I guess after a night with him, I will cherish it forever. I guess my concern now is what do I do or say if I see him again because we live in the same town and have close friends who we both are close to (one of his close friend and one of my close friend are brothers and sisters and that’s how we know eachother btw). Now that I’ve concluded things for myself, what do I do if he wants to reconnect again? I think by that point it will probably just confuse me.

  178. Hi A,

    If he wants to connect again, you will first have to figure out if pursuing any kind of relationship with him would be worth your time and emotion.

    He has already shown that he is willing to cut you off and block you without explanation.

    He may do that again even if he were to be the one who initiates contact.

    You have to know whether interacting with him again is something you are emotionally and mentally able to do while understanding that things may not necessarily turn out the way you want them to.

  179. Yes that makes a lot of sense. As of now, I’m just going to focus on the better things in life. If that day comes, I’ll know what to do. But as of now, I’m just going to treasure whatever that we had together. It makes it all more special that way.

  180. Hi,

    I am in a relationship with Z for 4 year. He was a nice and caring boyfriend. We used to be very close and supportive. However, things eventually get out of control.

    Weeks ago, we had a heated argument due to the stress he had at work plus some unpleasant feedback I replied him. One fine day, he suggested for a meetup to talk things out. He mention
    ike there’s a lack of communication between the both party, no mutual trust between us, insecurities and I wanted things to go my ways and my actions speaks otherwise. He suggested to have a separate period to do own stuffs.

    A week later, he whatsapp me telling me to let go and move on as he wants to move on and asked me to take care of myself. No more message after there.

    I text him a greeting message recently. He read it and I learned that he then blocked from most communication platforms (eg, whatapps). I feel very sad about it.

  181. Hi K,

    He may have blocked you from whatsapp and most communication platforms because he wants to move on.

    That heated argument may not have necessarily been the cause of the break-up.

    It may be that there are other pressures that he is dealing with that he feels he simply can’t handle while trying to juggle having you as his girlfriend.

    Yes, it could be stress from work among other things.

  182. Hi,

    Thanks for responding. So does means is really over for us. Can I wait or I should move on.

  183. Hello,

    A few months ago i met a guy on Facebook. We instantly get along. We both feel the connection after few months of talking to each other. I got easily emotionally attached by him, and yep fall in love with him, and he admitted to that he loves me back. I know it sounds cliche but those times were perfect. But then all of a sudden he became so distant and keeps on backing off, asked him whats wrong and told me he’s very with work, school, health issues, and it would be to hard for me in the long run, and he doesn’t have to much to give me, which he can’t even make food for himself. i felt hurt, and confused because he just told be he loves me few weeks ago and then now? What went wrong. I got so emotional plus my work, and family issues, messaged him he’s not the guy I’ve known before, then i took a time off and deactivated my account. Then after realizing everything and what i gave done, i activated my account back and was about to apologize to him but i was too shy and i don’t know what to say, and few hours when i finally got a courage to talk to him again, i can’t message him anymore, he blocked me. I am so so so devastated, confused, hurt. After a week i tried to call him but he cancelled it, called again and leave him a voicemail instead, and apologized to him, i even sent him a letter saying hos sorry i was. Till now i haven’t heard anything from him, I don’t know what to do. I miss him so much 🙁

  184. Hi Busy Bee,

    You have already called him multiple times, left him a voicemail and sent him a letter.

    It would be pointless to continue trying to contact him when he isn’t reciprocating.

    If he misses you and feels the need to reconnect, he will.

    If he doesn’t, he won’t.

  185. Hey Dating Logic!

    I’ve known this guy for almost 4 years now (we met online) and I’ve felt a connection between the 2 of us since. We’ve become distant many times because of school and life in general, but when I do initiate conversation with him, I become quite annoying and happen to talk almost every day through an instant messenger to a point where he blocks me. He’s told me about a girl he likes on his bus, but I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. I’ve known him long enough to know that he mentions different girls every time I talk to him, but a friend of his has inferred that he still likes me. I’ve asked to meet him once before, but that never happened. I’m not sure if he’s just really shy or really distant. It used to be that right as he saw me message him, I’m automatically blocked but now that he’s matured, it would tie a lot of power for him to block me as a whole. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, and when I apologize, he doesn’t respond. In fact, he never responds! Please send help.

  186. Hi Lola,

    He may not be interested in you in a romantic sense.

    He told you about a girl he likes on his bus and he constantly talks about different girls every time he talks to you.

    He has also blocked you on instant messenger in the past.

    This kind of behavior may be indicating that he isn’t interested in taking his relationship with you any further than that of occasional communication.

    It has already been 4 years since you both met online.

    In 4 years, he would have had ample time to make a romantic move on you if he was truly interested.

    But he hasn’t.

  187. Thanks for the response!

    I’m still holding on, though, and have no way to let go of what I thought we once had.

    Part of me feels like he’s a really shy person on and offline and is afraid to express his feelings towards me verbally, which is why I still have high hopes.

    And the girls are just his way of watching me get jealous.

    I still have no idea, though.

  188. I unfriended a boy I liked after I felt unsure of how he felt.. It was fairly casual mainly to begin with, prior to this if I messaged him he would respond or if he message me it continued pretty easy. However after I did this rather un thought out move of I friending he stopped talking to me then blocked me on whatsapp messenger so I couldn’t talk to him. I had tried once more with no response and then he blocked me. Is he angry with me or just not interested?

  189. I should add I had messaged him on another platform.. Just to see if something was wrong and he read the messages but didn’t reply.. He didn’t block me on that platform. I know this sounds so silly, but I usually don’t have much trouble verbalising when I’m upset or no longer wish to speak to someone.. It’s sounds ridiculous but I just want him to say one way or the other or even if I had hurt him.

  190. I really liked him, I have little experience with boys and my rash decision maybe hurt him and now I feel embarrassed and hurt. I’ve tried to explain to him but he won’t respond.. Is this due to the fact he doesn’t care. Sorry for writing so much!

  191. Hi Penny,

    He may be angry with you for unfriending him.

    Once you did that, he instantly reacted by blocking you on whatsapp and refusing to talk to you like he used to.

  192. Hi Penny,

    He most likely cares.

    If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have responded the way he did when you unfriended him.

    He reacted out of emotion by blocking you which typically means that he cares.

    However, he may not be willing to communicate anymore because he may have his doubts about you.

    He may not be willing to take the risk to put himself out there only to possibly get blocked again.

    There is also pride at work here most likely.

    He figures that if you did it to him, he can do it to you.

  193. Hi!

    My roommate invited this guy to one of our parties in January and he started to hang out with our group every week. He started messaging me on Facebook and we became close friends very fast, he was very sweet , always sending a lot of hearts and cute gifs. Two weeks ago he invited me to go out alone with him. We had the most amazing evening, but in the end, he told me he is moving to another city in 5 months and I got very sad. He told me he would miss me, hold my hand and kissed me. He walked me home holding me and kissing me all the way.
    He didn’t sent me any messages after the date. I asked why he was so quiet, he reply he didn’t want to have a relationship that would hurt both of us. I said that made me sad but we could be friends.
    After 2 days I sent him a message saying I was feeling better and asked how was him. He replied just one week later, a very cold message saying he would travel for 2 months and would call me if he find time. I got angry and told him I didn’t deserve being treated like that, I couldn’t accept such a change in his behavior and that he should call me only when he was ready to be the friend he was before. So he blocked me on Facebook.

    I didn’t try to contact him and didn’t asked our common friends about him. It’s been a week since he blocked me.

    Why he couldn’t talk about what happened?
    Do you think we still can be friends?


  194. Hi Jo,

    He may not have wanted to talk about what happened because he may have felt that doing so would have made him more emotionally attached to you.

    Since he didn’t know you for very long, it would be a lot easier for him to let you go for good.

    Thereby, it’s unlikely that you two will still be friends.

  195. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply.

    I was never blocked before and I don’t know how to deal with that. I decided to delete my Facebook until I get over it.

    Just one more question. If he wasn’t interested, why did he invited me to go out and kissed me? Did he had any feelings or he was just moved by the moment?

    I think if I understand what happened I’ll move on faster.
    Thanks again!

  196. Hi Jo,

    He may have been interested in you at the time.

    However, he was most likely moved by the moment.

    The emotion he experienced that moment soon dissipated when he realized that perhaps a long distance relationship with you just wouldn’t work for him.

  197. Hi!
    I was dating this guy officially for about three months… Everything was going amazing, but he ended up landing this great job in San Francisco. We broke up because the distance would just have been unrealistic for us. We ended things saying that we wanted to remain friends and that we wished each other the best. He gave me a huge hug at the end and said to text him as soon as I was ready.

    Now two days later he has deleted and blocked me on all social media… Not really understanding that.

  198. Hi Joelle,

    He may have deleted and blocked you on social media because he wasn’t being honest about wanting to remain friends with you.

    A person will say something like this often because they don’t want to be honest about how they truly feel and what their true intentions are.

  199. We are long distance relationship. Two years together. Had a fight, he blocked me everywhere.

    Two days after, when I asked can I at least know why he left me, he said he didn’t, he was just pissed. I asked ”you didn’t say even happy birthday yesterday, how didn’t you leave me” then he wrote me long letter that he is unsure, that he is depressed, that he doesn’t trust me…he needs time.

    Ten days after, I was begging him to tell me that it’s over so I could move on, justifying him – blaming me… nothing untill I said that I’ll come to his country, then he said again that he is depressed, didn’t talk to anyone, haven’t read messages… and that was it.

    after one month, now…. again i asked him how is he, he said sad and confused… i asked about what… three days no answer. Yesterday again I was asking him to tell me that this is over so I could move on, and what have I done so horrible not to talk to me for a month.. .no reply.

    Is he psychopath without empathy? I can’t let go… we were so close. I am begging him to make this easy for me so I could let it go…. but nothing.

    And this waiting is such a good psychological game, perfect for torture. I am really starting to think that he has no empathy in this situation…. I was in huge mess in my life and depression at the time he left me. He doesn’t want to say its over but he doesn’t want me to move on? Someone smarter, please help.

  200. I met an old flame at my class reunion and we ended up having sex. I’m married and we were both in from out of town. We texted and on my way home I met up with him at his house and we just talked. After we texted a bit again but he blocked my number the next day. At the very least I thought we could just be friends. I know I was wrong since I’m married but things have been rocky and I made a mistake coupled with alcohol. I’m just a bit confused about why he would block me. I wasn’t blowing up his phone or anything like that. Any thoughts may be helpful.

  201. Hi Maggie,

    He may have blocked you because he may be worried about entering a complicated relationship.

    After you had that talk with him at his home, he may have realized that it would be too much of a risk to get into any kind of relationship with you.

    Perhaps he sensed that your marriage is rocky and he didn’t want to get in the middle of it.

  202. Hi Loresa,

    It is unlikely that he would have kept this up for this long simply because of a fight and because he was pissed.

    Judging by the way he has been behaving, he has most likely broken up with you mentally but he is worried about verbalizing that to you.

    He may be trying to hold on to you until he has found someone new to replace you.

    He is probably not a psychopath but he clearly doesn’t have empathy for you and what you are going through.

    He is being selfish and cowardly by not officially telling you it is over.

    This leaves you waiting and depressed.

    However, you should understand that he may never officially break it up.

    If you just keep waiting for that to happen, you could be waiting indefinitely.

    As I mentioned earlier, he may find someone new to be with in the interim.

    You may have to come to terms with how he has been behaving and take that as evidence enough that the relationship is over. This is probably the only way you can move on from this.

  203. QueenB

    Hi, I met this guy when I went for a conference He is a photography. the first time ever he saw me at the conference, we clicked straight away. I was sitting in a group with my friends and he came and tried taking photo of all of us but I quickly turn away and he was abit carious so he decided to focus the camera on me mainly but I looked down than he shook his head. That night later we went out clubbing and I met him there again. I spoke to him this time and hugged him, it felt so comfortable and we insantly started talking. He told me it felt as if he knew me somewhere in another life before. The next day we went to watch soccer me and him hangs out the whole time and the sad thing is he had a gf but he told there were having issues, he broke up with her but she claimed she will kill herself and she was pregnant she claimed its his but he told me it wasn’t because she cheated on him. He said he was only with her because he does not want her to kill her baby after she gives birth he will leave her. That day he kissed me unexpectedly and it felt so real it was crazy, we didn’t Evan know each other but it felt as if we did, we went to the park, set on his lap we had so much fun. I left the next day he took me to the airport, Evan at the airport we made out as if we were couple we didn’t Evan care if anybody was looking. He live 4 hours away from me, but we keep in contact. We both liked each other so much but he said because of his gf situation though he knows he wasn’t gonna be with hard, he scare that I might not be able to handle it, but i trusted him because he was honest and we Agreed to try be in a relationship. It was so good, we used to FaceTime everyday for 6-7 hours. We did some crazy fun things, he told me I was his soulmate and future wife to be. After 3weeks I went and visited him in where he lived, everything was so good I had so much fun and it felt perfect. He bought braclet and a watch as a gift. But while I wa there the girl couldn’t leave us alone, according to her they were still together but he said she crazy he tried so hard leaving her but she keep talking about killing herself he does, she Evan tried that’s why he sticks around. When I came things wee still good but twos later he stop comtacting me. This guy also told his family and friends that baby was not his the girl cheated and there is no way he will be with her, however now his actions towards her is different. He spend most of his time at hers, sleeps over, but he told me he is not sleeping with her but I don’t believe him, he asked me to hold on and he has hope for us. However he blocked me before from snapchat, and my number as well cause I kept calling and texting him. After few weeks he unblocked me and we we were fine but i still felt like he was In love with the girl and he lied to me. He stopped talking to me again when I mention that to him, ever since than I keep calling him but he never picked up, tried different numbers as soon as he hears my voice, he hangs up and will block the number straight away. He did not block my number but he nevers pick when I call but when I Send messages, he reads all of it but never replied. Just 3days ago he blocked me on Facebook but he still kept me on smapchat and did not block me number. He only views my snapchats once in awhile. I really like him and he knows that but Why is he doing all this?? I’m confuse, should I move on, is he over me?!

  204. Hey there !

    I met a guy and we are still falling for each other, but in the beginning we were friends on Instagram and snapchat but then he blocked me from them & im still blocked that was about 6 months ago his reasons behind it is when he cares about someone he doesn’t want to be friends on social media that just doesn’t make sense to me. Makes me feel like he’s hiding something

  205. Hi! Good day.
    Actually, I’ve read all of the stories here since from the beginning til’ the end. It’s quite impressive how you understood the situation and how you gave some advises to their stories.

    By the way, you can call me Arcie for short am a ladyboy and I met this guy online last January I guess. He was the one initiated to have conversation with me. He said he wants to know me better and get to know each other and he said he will come in to my country to visit me and get to know me more and to build relationship with me.

    I like him coz his very nice his older than me actually. From the beginning of our conversation he even introduce himself to me if how old is he, what’s his job and he said his single looking for a serious relationship with a ladyboy.

    We always chat every now and then. He even said that he will come on the 3rd of September this year that’s Saturday he said…

    After that i asked him right away quote: “are you really sure? is that a promise? coz I don’t wanna expect for nothing a lot of guys told me that but in the end it was just a lie”

    And, he replied quote; ” the fact that you are doubting me is upsetting honey, it’s hard to prove it since were just chatting. He even promise me that he will message me right away if he has vacant time since he was busy at work.”

    So, I take his words and believe him 4 days after I checked his account and his online so I message him…quote: How are you honey? I’ved missed you” but he didn’t reply… The next day when I about to message him again I just knew it he blocked me after that I was confused and wondering why he would blocked me?

    Actually, I am totally fine now even though he blocked me I’m just wondering why he really blocked me in the first place he said he likes me even though am a ladyboy and wants to have relationship with me. I just need your opinion about this.

    More power and thank you!

  206. Hi Arcie,

    He may have blocked you because he was never truly serious about you in the first place.

    He may have enjoyed having conversations with you online but he may not have wanted to take it any further than that.

    Though he told you that he would come and visit you, those were just words. He never really backed them up.

    He has now blocked you because he doesn’t want you to keep asking him about why he has stopped communicating with you.

    Unfortunately, this does happen often when two people meet online.

    When people meet online, it is a lot easier for one person to make promises that they know they can never keep because they know that the other person isn’t there physically.

  207. Hi Queenb,

    He is spending a lot of his time with this girl now.

    He has already shown that he is unwilling to leave her.

    Even though he has told you that he is only with her because he doesn’t want her to kill herself and thereby the baby, he is now sleeping over at her place.

    That is not a sign of a guy who doesn’t want to be with his girlfriend.

    He clearly does.

    He has blocked you on Facebook and doesn’t answer your calls because he doesn’t feel like you are important enough to him. His girlfriend is the one that has priority in his life.

    Hence, he will continue treating you like someone of no importance or relevance to his life.

    Indeed, he is most likely over you and you should move on.

  208. Hello!

    Thanks for the quick response really appreciate it.
    Now, I know I get the point why he really blocked me.

    Actually, a lot of guys from different countries message me and would say that they’re gonna come here and visit me this year. Indeed! your totally correct those are just words but there are some point that I can feel it that they’re sincere with what they say.

    So, here’s my thing in order for me to avoid this circumstances and not to be block again coz’ some of them I kinda like them and even now were still communicating every now and then so my point is can you give me a piece of advise on how to deal with these type of men…

    Do you think one of them will really come here and visit me?
    What if one of them will come here and will meet me in person how would I approach them? am turning 26 this year and most of those men are 30 and above. Actually, this coming April I am expecting for someone though..

    Respectfully yours,

  209. Arcie,

    To deal with these types of men you just have to be patient during your interaction with them and try not to make assumptions on what you hope they will do.

    Truly spend some time getting to know them as people and avoid talking about meeting until it just feels natural to do so.

    It’s possible that at some point one of them will come and visit you. People do it all the time. It all depends on the kind of interaction you have had with them beforehand.

    If one of them comes there and meets you in person, just be the same person that they have gotten to know online.

    Try not to act different.

    This is the mistake that some people make.

    Just be yourself.

    That is the person that they came to see.

  210. Hi

    a couple of weeks ago I commented here about a guy I met online and who blocked me out of nowhere. I still haven’t heard from him, it has been 5 weeks now and I don’t expect to hear from him anymore and that’s fine. But now in 3 days his birthday is coming up. Should I send a Happy birthday text? To let him know I am not mad or anything. Or just ignore his birthday?

    Thanks! Daisy

  211. Hi Daisy,

    You should just ignore his birthday.

    Sending him a Happy Birthday text is unlikely to change how he has been behaving over the past 5 weeks.

    You would only be setting yourself up for even more disappointment if he doesn’t respond to it.

  212. Hi Bea07,

    He may have meant that you are going to love him until you are sick of being with him.

    In other words, he is in this for the long run.

  213. Hi,
    You’ve given brilliant advice and i really need someone to talk to!
    This guy ive being talking to for a short while blocked me on both whatsapp and facebook. We started talking maybe two weeks prior, and we really hit it off. We spoke on the phone for hours (literally 4 hours at one time) and spend even longer getting to know each other. Though we spoke for pratically a few days it felt like i knew him in and out and he knew me. One time we hung out till 2am . We got to know each other on a deeper level and i doubt he’s every done that with another girl.

    He wanted to ask me out but i told him we should wait a little longer. In this time he told me he had crazy feelings for me and i was starting to feel the same. the connection we had was unreal and unlike anything i had before. Anyway, he unfortunately had to go spain (where hes from) to go see a dying relative before he passed away. he always told me that family was the most important thing to him and i obviously agreed. He left before i could see him to properly say bye, though he said he defo would i guess he didnt have time. He didnt message me (understandably) and i waited 4 days for him to settle.

    He told me that he was really busy (though it seemed he was on whatsapp all the time-idk maybe to contact his family here). I was having kind of a bum of a day and asked him if i could whatsapp call him, he said he was with his friends and asked to call me later. i was like yeah if you want. At the same time my ex was bothering me so i put up a picture about lousy guys.

    I go back on whatsapp only to see he blocked me. Not only this, he also blocked me on facebook. I was so confused and deeplyupset. What did i do to make him do this?

    Not only this, it really hurt to think i had a connection with someone who despite prior even being scared that id find someone else by the time he came back and didnt want me to forget him, felt that i was that insignificant that he could just block me like a didnt matter at all.

    I got my friend to message him on the same day explaining about my ex harrassing me and that i was confused and upset, and to spoke to me. He read it the day after however, didnt reply and didnt unblock me. Its been a week now and im still blocked. I dont know what to do, whether i should try contact him again? or wait to contact him when he gets back or accept he never wants to speak to me again? What even made him do this? Will he ever speak to me again? How can i make this better? i really thought he was the one, im truly hurt.

  214. Hello!
    Good evening.
    Happy Easter Monday.

    I just read your comment your correct I always assume especially if I like the man and in the end it just make me feel bad coz’ if time comes that they will visit they’re not gonna reply anymore with my message. Sometimes I can’t help it I talk regarding meeting in person which now I knew that it’s not really appropriate to remind them or talk about it.

    Actually, most of them chat me every now and then like saying quote: Hi, how are you?, I miss you baby, or smiley kisses or smiley with love.. dot they really meant it?

    This is my thing coz’ since am a ladyboy (Asian descent) I easily get attach to the person I chat with especially if those men are really nice and has sense of humor I tend to like them right away which I hate it so much I can’t help it myself. Sometimes am thinking if I better stop and better be single for the rest of my life so that in the end it won’t get me hurt but there’s actually a part of me as well saying that there’s still be someone who will love me and accept me for who I am..

    So, again am really sorry to ask you a question again do you think this type of having conversation with these men is worth it? coz as am writing this message to you now am thinking if what if I stop chatting with them for awhile like for a month and then come back if they’re still interested with me just to test them if they are really sincere with what they’re saying or not… is that a correct decision or not?

    Your advise has been very helpful to me.
    Thanks a lot!

  215. Hello,

    I have a really serious issue going on and I really need advice so I’ll be as brief as possible. I was talking a lot with this guy I met online since three years ago. We clearly liked each other, we were practically acting like a couple, he was incredibly adorable and lovable, he wasn’t like anyone I had met before. I fell in love with him and while being scared, I told him that not in the best way possible (I was in absolute horror and fear that he’d reject me for some reason) and he said he wanted to take things slow. And well, we were never official but it was clear I was into him, he was into me as well but I most likely did a lot of mistakes along the way and his attraction faded slowly (that was after we met in real life and actually starting seeing each other). I was never the actually jealous type but with him I’d get beyond pissed and jealous whenever he’d pay attention to a random girl and ignore me. I was deeply sad and tried to get my point across. We fought mostly because of that on and off for some months. There were incredibly beautiful moments between us (particularly after he left a rebound one night stand kind of girl he got just to piss me off as it turns out) but mostly as friends. I felt I was actually content with that. Unfortunately some time later his 12-year-old dog died and he took the loss really hard… he didn’t even want to talk to me yet it seemed he kept in contact with some other people all the time. That honestly hurt. In December last year we kind of reached a halfway peaceful closure to our arguments to give it a hiatus. And it was actually working, I improved as a person, defeated depression and got in control of myself. I was happy to know I’d see him in summer when he comes back from exchange. However my hobby of stalking his Twitters got the best of me – I got a bit too angry over the fact he fell in love with some girl out of blue. We argued but he left it at that, I told him I was with other guys (which was a lie but it was the only way to get him to speak to me), it was sort of clear it was unpleasant to hear that from me. He did congratulate me on my birthday, even if he just sent my favorite booze to the mail box (main reason was him returning the video game I borrowed him), and left a letter (before parting for hiatus I left him one too – still unsure if he’s read them or keeps them somewhere). It seemed hopeful. I was not too happy when I did try to reach him during that hiatus and he ignored (wanted advise because he’s literally the only person who could have properly advised me on that). It was a bit of a mistake but it went by. We didn’t talk for 1.5 month after that and a couple of weeks ago I wrote him first asking about one of our favorite band’s new album and tours. He wasn’t too keen to reply but when I said I’d be happy to hear from him, he proceed to talk to me. For the following nearly two weeks we talked like friends – not frequently, hot and cold, I left his messages unreplied just to keep him on his toes. And it was really great.

    But… one day I asked him whether he wanted to get on Skype for a quick chat to have a listening party of an album, maybe even reconnect somehow, he said he’d listen to the album before that. I wasn’t happy about it, I was more upset but within the day I said that it’s fine, whatever he feels like. It was for Easter he decided to fly back home so it was a perfect chance for me to try to see him for a quick coffee to catch up on what’s up? Apparently not. He wasn’t keen on that yet. I got upset because I thought that enough time has passed which was incredibly naive of me – I complained that he always spends time with random girls he barely even knows, doesn’t care that it’s been three years we know each other. I even wanted to invite him to a concert we’d love to see but I did it in a very strict way like “If you don’t wanna go, then fuck you”. Tried to show I didn’t care but I overdid it as he thought I was demanding and a day later after talking to him I found out he’s going to the same exact concert with some other girl’s friend company. Got jealous and annoyed. He let it slip and started completely ignoring me once again. All I wanted was for him to say something, give some certainty for the future. All he ever said was that I can’t force anything onto him, I can never get friendship from ultimatums or similar things, and if he doesn’t see that I’ve truly moved on, then nothing can actually convince him. That ticked me off and I called him out for being self centered and inconsiderate of my feelings but in reality…I was not any better. I told him I regret speaking to him (wasn’t the first time) and I don’t want this treatment, I deserve better – still no replies. After being a bit aggressive “You can insult me after this than at least after that there will be something mutual between us” he blocked me on facebook. It was shocking because before he’d only threaten me and say that he only hasn’t blocked me during the hiatus because I asked him. So I thought, “he probably just wants to have his space”. Then I saw he had blocked me on both of his Twitter accounts we were following each other on. I was shaking and quivering. Then I tried to call him. 80 times or something. Just to hear that I’m blocked on the phone too. Tried to text message him – just to realize he most likely has them sent to spam or blocked. I was stupid, heat in the moment, and desperate (I know it’s goddamn stupid and I extremely regret that) so I tried to reach out to him last night on his third Twitter account – only to get blocked there too. The last resort was sending email, to have him see, when I was more level-headed, what I really meant. Sent him a couple of heartfelt emails “I feel bad for us not seeing eye to eye lately and I guess this is for the better. The only thing I worry is whether I will ever get to see you again. I feel awful you did not understand what I meant and just decided to cut me off completely but you need your space. I’ll still miss you. These three years mean a lot to me. I wish I had you as a friend.” I have no idea if he’s blocked me as it’s quite impossible to tell, he might be ignoring or he could have all the emails sent to spam. And that sucks.

    So far it’s been about half a day since that happened. Haven’t slept nor ate. Otherwise I was a really healthy and happy girl… until he mistreated me and I put my foot down.

    I have tried to talk to some of my friends, even one of his friends (I’d be happy if he knew I’m alright and not depressed) and most of them said I should definitely give it time and not rush into trying to somehow reconcile. Which is quite impossible as he’s blocked me. While I agree, I fear this might be for good… I will never get to see him again, he hates me so much, I fear I fucked this up beyond fixing this even as a civil nearly friend like relationship. And I fucking hate myself for doing so but at the same time I want him to understand my point, just this once, why was I upset, why it’s difficult for me, why I want to just horrifyingly speed up the process as much as it’s possible. But I can’t do so. Will he ever reach out to me or I’m left to let it go for good? Forever? There’s absolutely no hope to even talk as civilised adults (I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m 21 and I act like a teen with this because he’s the only person I ever truly loved).

    I don’t know if this information would help but as far as I’m concerned, he’s never full on blocked anyone before, didn’t even block his first long distance relationship girlfriend (the other one straight up blocked him). I wouldn’t say he actively holds grudges but this wasn’t the first time he blocked me somewhere – he’s blocked me on Whatsapp and Twitter before, but it was always up to me to somehow change his mind, smile wide and put up a complete puppy face (he’s told me I do quite a good job at it). He’s never full on blocked me. It would be more simple if it was just Facebook or my phone number, but not…practically every line of communication? Makes me think how much he ever cared for me as a person. His last message to me was a couple of days ago (I sent a lot of messages after that, another mistake) was for me to read previous chats of ours. Painful to remember all that but I had to… But the point is, we always somehow settled our differences and even if not everything was perfect, our talks were getting better. It was until yesterday when that full block happened.

    What I want to know and I am sorry for the long comment is whether he’ll ever try to speak to me? (Note: we barely have any really close mutual friends so he wouldn’t be able to spy on me through him.). I know I’m awful and I’m going to counseling to help me through the tough times and learn to understand him better. I just don’t want to think I’ll never be able to hug him again. I don’t even feel like I want him as a boyfriend, I just want him as a friend, someone I can always chat up and have a good time with. I know I am still somewhat dependent on him and clingy as hell but I just want to know what are my chances.

    Thank you for the answer, it means a lot to me.

  216. Forgot to add we actually live 5 km. away from each other, in the same town. So it’s nothing long distance as chances are of us bumping into each other are quite plausible.

  217. Hi Marie,

    The most likely way that he will speak to you again is if there has been some time that has elapsed without contact.

    He has to get the sense that you are no longer as clingy and jealous as you once were.

    This means that you will have to stop with the emails, phone calls, twitter messages etc.

    You are the only one who can restrain yourself.

    As long as you remain this clingy and jealous, it is unlikely that he will ever want to speak to you.

  218. Hi Arcie,

    You will just have to control how quickly you allow yourself to start liking them.

    Try to be patient when you talk to them and avoid assuming that because they are nice, they really like you.

    You shouldn’t stop chatting for a month and then come back.

    It will just make you think about the person more and you will have a hard time staying away. Which means that the moment you give in and start communicating again, you will fall for that person even quicker.

    Just let the conversations flow naturally.

    Avoid letting yourself fall for anyone until you have given it time and you have really gotten to know that person well.

  219. Hi Lauren,

    You shouldn’t try to contact him again.

    This would be overkill and he would most likely be more annoyed by it.

    He already knows that you have been trying to contact him.

    He is in Spain with family and friends. He is dealing with a dying relative.

    He has a lot going on right now.

    When he returns, let him be the one who initiates contact.

    Again, a barrage of messages from you is not going to change how he has been behaving. If anything, it will make him more resolute to keep you blocked on whatsapp and facebook.

    He may have done all this because something happened when he got back to Spain. Perhaps he reconnected with an ex girlfriend or his family influenced him in some way.

    All of this seemed to happen when he left for Spain. Hence, this is most likely where the problem arose.

    The best way to make it better is to leave him be for now and live your life, as difficult as that may be for you.

    Once he is away from Spain and all the influences that come with it, he may be more level-headed and thereby more open to reconnecting with you.

    I know that you thought that he was the one, but a few weeks of amazing conversation that once lasted until 2am doesn’t mean that you are now soulmates.

    Oftentimes, a lot more time, interaction and patience is required before you truly know if you have met the one for you.

  220. Oh thank you for the answer! And that is true, I know I’ve not been the best person out there for these reasons. But I’m still not sure if he’ll ever genuinely wonder whether or not I made the big step forward. Would it be wise to try to chat him up if I do see him at the bar some months after this if he’s made little to none (either unblocking me somewhere or keeping it at that) effort? Assuming a handwritten letter some time later wouldn’t bring any help at all.

  221. I have this FWB which we were together for 6 months. We agreed before that we will still be friend once we end this FWB or either one of us start a relationship.

    Well, we drift apart after some times so I decided to end the FWB . We ended it in good way by wishing each other well .

    But he unfriend me and block in Facebook after few days . When I asked him via message , he said because we said goodbye .

    I don’t get it ? Why ? We agreed and promise before we will be friend .

  222. Hi KL,

    Your FWB was probably not being honest when he agreed that you would both remain friends once the FWB relationship ended.

    Once you ended it, he may have felt justified in unfriending and blocking you on Facebook because he didn’t feel a desire to maintain a connection with you.

    Hence, to him, all he may have really cared about and wanted was the FWB and nothing more.

  223. Hi Marie,

    You can acknowledge him if you see him at the bar.

    But don’t dwell.

    Exchange a greeting and just move on to your side of the bar.

    The idea is that if he truly wonders whether you have made the big step forward, he will be the one to come find you at your space in the bar and start a real conversation with you.

    A handwritten letter some time later would be ill-advised.

  224. My ex block me on Facebook but has not block my number and he also kept me on snapchat. When we were together, he gave me his Facebook password and he still hasn’t change it. Every now and than I log on to his Facebook, and I know he is aware of it because I often some of his messages and notifications on purpose. My point is why will he block me knowing that I will find out. He completely ignores me but than views my snapchats stories sometimes but not all of it. The other day I kept calling him over and over just to annoy him on purpose to see if he will block my number but he didn’t. So does he ignoring me means he is over me and want to move on? I mean if does the case than why did he only block me on Facebook, why couldn’t he block me everywhere and why does he not change his password? Do you think he is trying to keep me around just in case, I’m confuse. I still like him and I told him but he did not respond so I don’t know what to do.

  225. Hi Beauty,

    He did not respond when you told him that you still like him.

    He was unwilling to give you a definitive response which may mean that he still has some feelings for you.

    Hence, he may be have blocked you on Facebook but has still refrained from blocking your number or blocking you on Snapchat.

    There may be a part of him that still wants to keep you around.

    He may not necessarily want to communicate but he may like to know that you are still thinking of him.

    Perhaps this is also why he hasn’t changed his password knowing full well that you have access to his Facebook account.

  226. I ended a 6 years relationship last April.

    This year I started to go out a little more. I met this guy that night. He just end his 3rd LDR relationship 1 months ago (he seems to have a few LDR so he is mostly alone having his own free time doing all his stuff). He hardly goes out as he is very busy with his business.

    We hit it off very well, we kiss that night, and was really happy with each other.

    He text me the moment he got home. We have our first date the next evening. We are tired but we want to spend time together just kissing and chilling.

    Then we have another date one week after. It was really great.

    He will text me in the morning when he wake up, and will say good night to me every night, in between he will text me when he is not that busy. So the text is constant.

    But he is also busy with his competition and business, he work late every day, so we have not seen each other for the last 3 weeks and I have been patient.

    He said that he cannot commit now as he just broke off, he need time to clear his head and make sure this is not a rebounce. And he said dating and commit into a relationship is different, relationship need to commit the time to maintain it. I told him we just go with the flow.

    He said he is not going to go back to his ex. Even if she start calling again.

    And he also ask me to go out and meet guys, may be find one that is less busy, just don’t trial on a few at the same time. He said he like me and he is not kissing anyone else. I told him I only kiss him and I am not seeing any one but him.

    I asked him why he is not jealous?

    He said “I can’t be jealous when I won’t commit myself, right?”

    Last Sat, there is a event and I reluctantly went along with my gf but I told him around 10 pm.

    He said have fun. Don’t need to explain why i need to go.

    Then he text me “After a loooong break, you seem to have quite a few invites – may be that break wasn’t as bad as you mentioned”.

    I replied him, but the message never go though, and I thought may be he fell asleep.

    No reply the next day after I greet him good morning. (he already blocked me then but I didn’t notice)

    No text the next next day.

    But today I realized that he actually already block me on whatsapp on Sat night.

    I know he is preparing for a competition and getting ready to fly off end of March.

    But… what is the reason for blocking me?

    And after constantly text me everyday?

    Why suddenly block me without telling me why?

    If he feels that I have disturbed him in some way, he do not need to reply me, or he can give me cold shoulder and I will stop texting or we can end this.

    But why just block me suddenly.

    I do not know what happen and why he do that and what I have done wrong.

    And the feeling sucks. Nobody like to be treated in this way.

    I do not know why he do that, but I thought he is a mature man and he is always considerate and he should know this hurt.

    And now I am focus on myself.

    If one day he text back again, I might ask him why.

    But I feel hurt and angry, I do not think that even if he text me again I should respond (I know I might but I wish I will not), or I want this anymore. I do still like him but his action hurt and I do not want to pretend this is ok, or act cool about it before he is official.

    Do you know what is the main reason why he block me?

    I thought only man-baby or man-boy act like this. I don’t expect this from a mature successful man.

  227. Hey,

    I think you’re right with that. If I do get to see him in real life, I should keep it light by all means. So I suppose any form of contacting him in the future aside from accidentally/not so accidentally bumping into him (some months later) unless he’s unblocked me somewhere, would also be quite imprudent?

    By the way, I really love your advice and if the story unfolds with him, I’ll definitely get in touch with you. You seem one of the realest (sort of speak) relationship coaches out there.

  228. Hi Marie,

    Yes, it would be imprudent.

    Definitely keep me informed if the story unfolds with him.

    Thank you for the compliment and I hope that everything works out for you.

  229. Hi My Darling,

    He had told you earlier that he couldn’t commit as he had just broken up with his ex girlfriend and wanted to make sure that you weren’t a rebound.

    Perhaps he eventually blocked you on whatsapp because he realized that he is still in love with his ex girlfriend and he didn’t want to lead you on.

    This is one possibility.

    Here is another.

    He had told you to date other men.

    This most likely meant that he was dating other women.

    He may have found a woman that he felt had a better connection to him and as a result, he decided to let you go by blocking you.

  230. There’s this guy that I’ve been friends with for six years. The story is,I use to play in this area in the gym called Kids Action Fitness I met him when he first started working there and I was still a member at Kids Action at the time, He first started talking to me when I was doing an activity that I used to practice my karate on and I was done he came up to me and asked “do you do karate?” I said “Yeah I do” and that was when we both started talking and hanging out with each other we’re both one year apart (so like I’m 19 and he’s 20) so was were both easy to talk to and a couple years later I began working at Kids Action and I when I came in my friend was so happy and excited that I decided to work there and I that was when we both started interacting with each other and he was the one who started training me how work there as a coach. My friend was so good to me he always so nice to me and he was that one person who would always make you laugh, smile and I was comfortable around him. We both ended up being Facebook friends for a while but for some odd reason, he blocks me off on Facebook and I’m confused because in person my guy friend and I are so close to each other, we always get along really well and I’ve always felt that we close connection between us but for some odd reason he blocked me on Facebook and I’m confused as to why he’s doing it. Can somebody please help me out? I’ve got more story about me and my friend but I need somebody’s opinion or advice.

  231. Thank you for your advise .

    my ex-FWB is a nice person and I really see him as my friend . We share a lot of personal opinions when we were FWB and can talk for hours .

    Is there any possibility I can ask him to see me as a friend & be my buddy or friend ? Any way ?

  232. Thank you for the reply.

    “because he realized that he is still in love with his ex girlfriend and he didn’t want to lead you on”

    “This most likely meant that he was dating other women”

    – I thought of that. But he knows that I trust him on such thing, we just discussed about this few days ago, he said he do not even have time to see me, so he definitely do not have time for any other woman. And he like me, he is not seeing any other woman and he definitely not kissing anyone except me.

    – He told me he is very firm that he is not going back to his ex even if she contact him.

    – He didn’t want to lead me on is possible as he is worry he do not have enough time to have a relationship, dating is not so heavy responsibilities for him.

    I am thinking that he need space for his training and competition, and that I might have distract him, but if he feels that way he should not keep texting me everyday for the last one month. and then suddenly block me and never give me a reason.

    I am preparing myself to buried this, and move on. Of cause I am sad and angry for being treated in this way. But still I wish to know the reason if I have the chance (I do not know may be I will never know).

    I want to be kind to myself at least once. I do not wish to hold on to someone who do not appreciate me, then I do not wish to treasure him too. So I tell myself even if he do text back when he is back from his trip, I should just drop this guy irregardless the reason.

    I have a feeling he will text after his trip but I might be wrong… (may be just my wishful thinking)

    What is your best advise how I should handle this if he do text me back again?

    Thank you for your time.

  233. Hi Michaela Denton,

    Your friend may have blocked you on Facebook because of something that recently happened between you.

    Perhaps you said something that turned him off or you did something that made him feel uncomfortable.

    You may have to think back to the recent interactions you have had with him in order to figure out where this happened.

  234. His last text to me when I join the party is — “After a loooong break, you seem to have quite a few invites – may be that break wasn’t as bad as you mentioned”.

    Is there any meaning in this text?

    He told me all about his relationship on the second date, but he know nothing about mine. I only told him I had a very bad broke off a year ago, and I did not go into details on any of my past relationships.

    It is not because I do not want to, it is because I am not ready to share. It is not only the break up is really bad, it is the whole of 6 years is very suffering and it is not a normal life for a woman to live in this way. I do not want him to judge me before he gets to know me in person. That is why I feels it is better to share when I am more ready….

    Do you think this is a better approach especially when I just started dating after such a long time.

  235. My Darling,

    He may have sent that text to indicate that you are still very popular with the guys.

    So perhaps there was a slight tinge of jealousy there.

    Well, your approach should be open and honest.

    If it feels like you are hiding something, you may make him feel left out. Hence, you may be better off just sharing some of your past, not all.

    Just enough to make him feel like he is someone you trust.

  236. Hello, I just want to ask and clarify things up because I had a friend of mine and we’re talking last 2 weeks before and we’re pretty good and having a chat, sweet convos then suddenly yesterday morning when I visited his profile we’re still friends and when I checked again hus profile at night I can’t open his Facebook profile but when I ask one of my friend to search his Facebook account, my friend told me that she can search his profile but when I search it, his profile do not appear and I guess he blocked me. And the most I don’t understand why he blocked me all of a sudden. I’m still confused right now why he blocked me out of nowhere ?

  237. How to tell him what kind of relationship I want to have with him when we are not even in a relationship, and he still need time. I do not wish to push him or sound too eager too.

    Not sure if I should even forgive him for blocking me.

    I do not feels there is any good reason to block someone, unless you want to have a permanent break off with them for the rest of your life.

    I do prefer a honest and open relationship, and I do want to share when I am more ready, but for something more sensitive, I prefer we do this face to face. But after the second date, we still have not meet up since then, so it’s hard to even find the right moment to do that. Do you think it is wise to share this by text?

  238. My Darling,

    Doing it face to face may be your best bet.

    However, it may be slightly easier to do it over text being that you still have not met up with him since the second date.

  239. Hi Chinchin,

    He may have blocked you on Facebook because he doesn’t think that you are both compatible.

    There may have been something discussed in the last 2 weeks that made him draw that conclusion.

  240. Let’s see if he will ever reach out again after his competition.

    I am angry and sad, yet deep inside me, there is a voice telling me to have a little bit of faith in him. May be it’s just a wishful thinking.

    I thought he is angry, because may be I took up too much of his time before competition, but somehow I have a feeling he is a little bit jealous or unhappy, and he is trying not to feel that way because he claim he is not jealous as he isn’t going to commit to a relationship.

    May be I will never know the real answer. Let’s see.

    Thank you very much for your advise. I really appreciate you took the time to help me and all the helpless soul here.

  241. I met a guy on Tinder and we’d been texting back and forth and spoke a few Tims over the phone.

    He seemed as though he liked me, always referring to me as babe, etc.

    So finally, we met and went on a date.

    We had a pretty strange conversation. We spoke about drugs and religion. It was apparent that had zero experience with drugs. And I believed in God/a higher power, where as he didn’t.

    He also kept bugging me about why I didn’t text him often, ‘you don’t really text much’, ‘why don’t text often’, ‘you don’t really like texting do you?’. Before we’d met he was always mad about how I didn’t text him enough.

    We went to seea couple of live bands play and quite frankly I was bored to death and to which I mentioned this numerous times. I was really so bored I had no idea what to do with myself.

    He suggested we check out other entertainment venues and I still bored as hell.

    I suggested we leave and he drove me home.

    He said it was nice to meet me and gave me a hug and left.

    The next day I texted him to ask him if he’d gone home fine. He never replied.

    Later I was going to respond to a message and thought pop through to our chat history to see if he’d received the text.

    He had.

    He’d blocked me.

    This is the first time in my life somebody has blocked me and it’s freaky as hell.

    What could this possibly mean?

  242. Hi Daria Loot,

    It most likely meant that he felt that the both of you lacked compatibility during the date.

    He may have just felt that there were too many important differences from religion to perhaps your taste in music.

    You did mention that you were bored as hell watching the live bands play and ultimately asked to leave.

    Perhaps he just feels like there isn’t enough commonality between you to justify continuing the interaction, so he blocks you.

  243. I know him in social media..We flirted n got intimate in phone..AAfter a week he told tat his gf has found out and he asked me to forget him..since then he is not talking to me…He told me to go because he lost his gf n don’t want any anymore…yesterday he block me telling he is fed up…I should stop msg hm n he doesn’t like…n I’m blocked…

  244. Hi Tina,

    He is distraught and going through an emotional time right now due to the loss of his girlfriend.

    Given the fact that he was flirting with you intimately over the phone, he may not have been taking his relationship with his girlfriend very seriously.

    Thereby, there is a chance that once the initial shock of losing his girlfriend wears out, he will unblock you.

    However, you have to give him a chance to get to this point.

    This means that you will have to stop messaging him for now.

  245. HELLO..
    My boyfriend and I have being good these past days, I just turned on my cell phone and saw his message asking me about my shoe size, then I replied him but the msg wasn’t delivered… It was until later I realized he blocked me. I feel hurt. I registered my other line on whatsapp and asked him why he blocked me, still hoping on his reply.
    What should I do now?

  246. Hey Luke, remember me? Hope you are ok 🙂
    So, after a month and a few days of the block I decided message him in a simple message happy birthday through that chat app we didnt use till then. I said despite being silly after all, wished him and his dog pal day whichever the day would be to have a great day and happy easter too. He didnt reply to this but I know he read and didnt block me on that. I guess he got happy by that cause his mood on the first app changed a bit last week and he seemed a bit smiley, no idea if by my msg or whatsoever. But He still didnt unblock me on the other two apps. It’s been a week and two days since then and I really wish he’d unblock me for me to join in his collaborations once in a while, speak a word or two, and not so frequently as before…. also to make me feel less guilty. Was wondering if I should try to reach out apologizing for “invading his personal space”. I can’t stop blaming myself for sth idk if it’s a fault or not though I know I shouldn’t. I think I’ll just stop ruminating in definite about this issue if I try to work things out and discuss our differences and reconnect even if it’s just to speak friendly once in a while. I just can’t stop thinking about an unsolved misunderstandment if I don’t solve it. I think a weight that’s been upsetting me would be taken if I managed to do it. How should I approach that? By now I think you are the most sensible person whom I spoken to about it. At this time i just want to reconnect to be friendly distant app colleagues, nothing more than that.

  247. Hi Lumi,

    You sent him a message wishing him a happy birthday and a happy easter and he didn’t respond. He is still not being open to communicating with you.

    Thereby, your approach would have to be to let him come to you.

    If wishing him a happy birthday and a happy easter didn’t get through to him, nothing else you try will.

    He will have to take the initiative on his own to contact you.

  248. My crush said he likes me too and all….everything was going well until I said something and he got pissed and blocked me..and when he sees me he ignores me. I don’t know what to do..I really like this guy. but I think he’s dumb for blocking me for such a stupid thing geeez

  249. Hi Zembrosky,

    You may consider what you said as a stupid thing, but he may not look at it that way.

    You may have struck a nerve.

    It wouldn’t hurt to apologize for it if what you said could truly be considered insulting to some or at least tell him that you hope there was no offence taken because you didn’t mean any harm by it.

    Perhaps this makes him feel better about you and the situation in general.

    As you stated, everything was going well until you said what you did.

    Thereby, before he got angry and blocked you, he must have felt like he could get along with you.

  250. Hi,

    Met this guy on a dating site. We agreed to meet after a few weeks. Our first date was a nice stroll on the beach boardwalk which is a tourist attraction in my country.

    However, what I did not expect is that he would have wanted to take a late night dip in the beach and taught me to swim and well had a coitus.

    I felt awkward and I swore I would have never saw him again. Yet, he swooped me off my feet. He kissed my forehead and was always romantic when we continued to meet up.

    After a while he would have me meet some of his family and friends quite often. He always maintained contact with me everyday. I got used to it and I was glad it was not just based solely on a coitus.

    However, one night he messaged me to come over to my place and I told him that I was a bit tired and we could see each other the following day.

    Surprisingly, he told me via whats app that since I am not seeing him that night he would lock me off and not to tell or call anyone about him. After that I was blocked from all platforms.

    I am so confused I have no idea what to do. I didn’t want to exacerbate the situation and constantly call him. I called only twice and that was it. He never returned my calls that night. It has been days later and I am unsure what to think.

    His cousin which is in touch with me via social media asked me to still chill out with the rest of the family and friends regardless but they are not sure why he behaved liked that.

    I, on the other hand did not want to visit the family or interact too much with anyone that was closest to him because the situation hit me very hard and I miss him very much and wanted to let sometime to pass.

    I contemplated leaving the entire thing alone and have him contact me (that is if he ever will). It is really unfair and uncalled for.

    Prior conversations he told me that he had a twelve year relationship and they were engaged and they broke up and it is four years later and he decided to test the waters again – that’s how he met me.

    Also he mentioned that he didn’t want to be tied down but wanted to see how things go between him and myself. He did mention though at times he hated to waste time and usually locked off people but even in our conversations up to the point he blocked me everything was fine until he asked to come over to my place.

    I am so confused.

  251. Dear Dating Logic,

    Would you please help or shead some light. Thanks!

    Known him for 10year, we use to work together, that time we had feeling for another but i didn’t want to believe because it wouldn’t work out so i left as its best for both of us!

    We stayed friends ever since & kept in-touched.

    I live in different country from him now but will return before end of this year & he knows.

    In Jan 2016, i was going through a turning point & very lost/upset, he supported & help me out. I realise then i still like/love him & told him, he was very happy!

    He very busy man so when hes got time he would read my text & sometimes short reply but when he knows is urgenty he respond instantly.

    I don’t wanta disturb him working so i thought of emailing instead & keep whatapps for short texting.

    He knows about my fantasy, like/dislike, he shows interest, been happening for over a month etc but yesterday he block me on facebook, i ask why, he didn’t reply.

    It does feel hurt, he know i’ve been crying. When i text saying “take care” he would reply “you too” instantly on whatapps & read my texts!

    Hes always care about me so i’m sure he block me for my best interest but what is his reason?

    Is he still interested in me? Still like/love me? If not, i will try to leave & be best friends!

    Should i text him or wait for him to contact me or give him space?

    Thanks for listening & your help!

  252. Thomas,
    You need man up and tell her. You never know she may like you back. Stop beating around bush before you poked.

  253. Hi Christina,

    He may have blocked you because he may not quite know what to make of his relationship with you.

    Hence, he may be trying to give himself some space to figure that out.

    It may be best to let him contact you first and give him his space for now.

  254. Hi Ashley,

    When he asked to come over and you turned him down, he may not have liked that he didn’t get his way.

    This may be the reason why he blocked you.

    Having his way may be more important to him than his relationship with you.

  255. Thank you so much for your response. I realised that his actions proved to be that way.

    Heartbroken over the fact that he exibited the traits humanly possible to show his interest beyond words up until this point. Emotions were sky high that night until he could not come over.

    His ways tend to demonstrate insecurities and he was rather clingy. Quite often he would throw a tantrum if we were unable to meet. I found it unusal but slightly cute and we were normal.

    However, that night simply confused me and I wondered if I’ll ever hear from him again. I grew so accustomed him everyday. His deamenour was so soft when spending time with him. These few days felt empty.

    His actions proved to be inconsiderate. Close friends of mine told me I’m trying to justify his actions to hold on to the relationship and though I’m displeased for how he behaved I am taking this too hard.

  256. I broke up with my ex about a year ago. He’s blocked me and readded me on facebook about 3 different times since then. It seems like he’s bragging a lot on social media about girls, how much money he makes, fancy vacations and new cars. I don’t know if he’s trying to get a reaction from me or if he’s just turned into a self absorbed guy. He’s drunk texted me a few times about how he misses me and wants to see me. Today he sent me a few texts, sober I think, telling me he wants to meet up, asking how I am, and so on. I don’t know how to respond. How do I tell if his interest is genuine? I don’t know if he actually still likes me or if he just wants a reaction to his overly emotional behavior.

  257. Hi Adrienne,

    A lot of his behavior since the break up may be all about him trying to get your attention. The bragging about girls on social media, the boasts about how much money he makes etc may all be a way of him trying to show you that he still has it.

    By asking to meet up, he may have reached the point where he feels that it is time to make his move.

    There are certainly feelings involved and it doesn’t appear as though he has gotten over the break up.

    If you are considering having him back in your life, meeting up with him will help you determine if he is truly being genuine.

  258. Hi
    I noticed last week that the guy that blocked me just recently unblocked me after he kept me blocked for over a month.
    He hasn’t sent me a friend request or message me.
    Why would he have unblocked me?
    Could it be that he’s waiting for me to contact him first?

  259. Two years back, I met this guy through a friend. Then I realised that she liked him and I didnt talk much to him. Somehow me managed to get talking after he tried and kept talking non stop from good morning messages until good night messages. I was keeping things slow to make sure that there was actually nothing between them. And he hinted a few times there were nothing. Things started changing slightly as he doesnt talk to me as often as he used to in the 9th month of knowing him.I feel that maybe he getting closer to someone else. I find it weird but then I decided to tell him that I actually liked him. And the replied the message a few days and brush off the topic. He started talking about other things and I got pissed off and said he doesnt have to talk to me anymore. We stopped talking for a few months. After a few months, he tried contacting me through snapchats and make conversation. And after he trying a few times, I decided to give in and talk to him. So I asked him what happened? And after asking a few times, he finally said that he was seeing someone else. He said that he did like me but he wasnt sure about my feelings and didnt want to risk the friendship. Since then, we do talk to each other but we dont talk as much as we do as I feel that I shouldnt be talking to him so much since he is seeing someone else. He always have this miscommunication where he thinks I dont want to talk to him and vice versa. And one day, he went out with his friends for drinks and came back messaging me. We messaged for a few hours and the conversation ended by him saying that he did like me. The next day, I realised that he blocked me and I left it as it is. After a month, he wished me for my birthday but I ignored. Meantime, he did unblock me a few times on snapchat and unblocked me on snapchat. After six months of blocking, he messaged me saying that he thought he saw me. I ignored at first but then I decided to reply after a few day. I asked him why? And he said should have asked what happened? And he said he’s not the one who blocked me and he wouldnt ever do that to me. But when I asked, he said doesnt matter. He just wanted to know how I am? I didnt reply him then.

    So I am confused? What does he really want? Does he really liked me or he is just playing around? Is he genuine to be a friend?

  260. Hi joanne,

    He may be wrestling between pursuing a romantic relationship with you and just keeping your relationship with him platonic.

    In other words, he may be stuck in the middle.

    There is a part of him that wants more than just friendship. But then there is the other part that worries about losing your friendship if you were to get into a romantic relationship with him that ultimately failed.

    The way he has blocked and unblocked you on snapchat over the last few months would indicate this kind of confusion.

    In his mind, he may not believe that he is playing around at all.

    He wants to keep you around.

    But until he knows exactly what kind of relationship he wants with you, it will be difficult for him to settle with either just being a friend to you or a romantic partner.

  261. Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s kinda confusing as he blocked me on whatsapp too and unblock me then. He tried talking to me twice since then which I ignored. Once for my birthday and the other just randomly when he thought he saw me somewhere. But he doesn’t say much I ask for explanation. And according to him, it was someone else who did that. And taking a wild guess about it, it could be the girl he is seeing. So I am not sure whether should I take the step to be friends or just leave it.

  262. Joanne,

    You may be better off leaving it if you don’t want to stay in this perpetual state of confusion.

    Leaving it may make your life a lot less complicated, especially on an emotional level.

  263. Hi Izzy,

    Even though he unblocked you, it may be best not to contact him.

    There may be a higher likelihood of him reestablishing contact with you if you allow him to come to that decision on his own.

  264. He blocked me on instagram after I said hi but I see him looking at me every time we are near eachother. He also watches me when I walk by him, did he block me because he feels awkward around me or for some other reason?

  265. hi this is iqra, so ive liked this guy for about two years, two months ago he decides to finally msg me and stuff and wanted to hangout. we only chilled twice and things seemed fine but also it seemed like he just wanted to have sex. but when he realized that he wasn’t going to have sex with me cause i told him i wasn’t ready, he decides to block me off of snapchat. i feel like i should txt me but i don’t know. what should i do? just move on? its hard when i really liked him and felt for his sweet talk… guess he was just a player.

  266. Hi iqra,

    It really depends on what you want.

    You stated that, “it seemed like he just wanted to have sex,” and you told him that you weren’t ready.

    He consequently blocked you on snapchat as a direct result of this incident.

    Hence, if what you want is to gradually get to know someone and get them to earn your trust, you may be better off moving on.

  267. I started talking to this guy. Eventually we hooked up and agreed to only hook up with each other. Soon after the first time he deleted me from IG and blocked me after the second time. But he text me and I’ve text him. Why would he do that? He stated he is single .

  268. Hi Staci,

    He may have done that because he doesn’t want you to see what he is doing on IG.

    He may have stated that he is single but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t actively interacting with and flirting with other girls.

  269. I have known this guy for almost 20 years. We went out many years ago at the moment I am married and he is married we contacted each other through Facebook and we were Facebook friends for almost 2 years. I live in New Jersey and he lives in Puerto Rico I recently went to visit my family in Puerto Rico and we met each other Just For Old Times Sake. Everything was very good we laughed we had lunch we took some pictures. After I came back to the States we contacted each other for a couple of days through the messenger. One day I couldn’t sleep and it was 2 in the morning so he text me and we video chatted. It was around 2:30 in the morning when we say goodnight everything was perfectly fine all of a sudden when I wake up at 7 in the morning he block me from Facebook. I am in shock why would he block me we never had an argument and we just finished seeing each other and we were actually very happy to see each other. What struck me the most is that the last message she sent me was an emoji of a kiss face. What happened? ??

  270. Hi Iris,

    He may have blocked you because he may be worried that he could become emotionally attached to you.

    The reality of this possibility may not have hit him until after you both video chatted that morning.

  271. Hi,
    So, I wanna start with that we were really good friends until I told him that I love him and he said I dont mind. And also I mesg him several time which he ignored all the time I mean I know I made mistake that mesg, him all the time. Hence, he blocked me.. and his not talking to at school either. Can you help me.. should I apologize to him.. or.. should I just ignore him like he did. ???

  272. Hi ruveyda betul,

    You should just give him some time to digest what you told him and really refrain from messaging him.

    The more you message him, the more you push him away.

    Don’t apologize.

    Just show him through your actions that you are respectful of his space.

    You don’t have to ignore him. You can still be civil when you see him.

  273. Hi.
    My ex and I had a terrible argument a couple of weeks ago. He subsequently blocked me on Facebook and Twitter, yet I noticed that he periodically unhides his normally hidden “last seen” status on Whatsapp. I wonder if he is spying on me. He does this at weird hours (we are both light sleepers). I have not reacted to his blocking, or sent him pleas to unblock, etc. Could it be that he’s conflicted? I’ve never blocked anyone like this on social media; isn’t a serious, final gesture?

  274. Hi Ananda,

    He is most likely still upset from the terrible argument that you had with him a couple of weeks ago.

    His act of blocking you may not be serious nor a final gesture.

    It was done based on emotion.

    He may not necessarily be conflicted. He may just need time to calm his emotions and really start thinking about his relationship with you.

    When he gets to this stage, he may unblock you.

    Yes, he may have spied on you on Whatsapp just to see what you have been up to.

  275. Hi my name is rosa after 2 months of the no contact rule my ex texted me saying he wanted to be my besfriend even tho his in a new relationship now for 2 weeks we spoke on the phone from time to time facetime he toll me he wanted to see me and miss me but out of the sudden he block me from instagram snapchat and i dont understand because we were getting along i am thinking maybe his girlfriend got bother but she knew he had me on snapchat and she was not triping about it i just dont understand i will appreciate if you would give your opinion in this ?

  276. Hi Rosa,

    You are someone that he most likely still cares for.

    However, he is in a relationship and he may want to not to mess things up or get his girlfriend upset with him.

    When he realized how much he missed you and how much he enjoyed reconnecting with you, he may have come to the decision that he needs to block you in order to prevent things from going too far.

  277. He left me, but still we had contact till last conversation. He said he found a new woman. I congratulated him and said goodbye. I never contacted him after that but he blocked me after two months. He blocked me in Telegram not Whatsapp. I got confused why he did so because I never contacted him after last talk. If he wanted to stop me, why not blocking every where?

  278. Hi
    My bf and i have a serious fight last night…because of anger i called him stupid and that makes him really angry..i thought he’s just kidding when he said he will block me..but i was wrong he really did blocked me..i tried to call him many times but he just keep on cancelling my calls.

    Does it mean he already broke up with me?

  279. Hi karen,

    It doesn’t mean that he already broke up with you.

    He is emotional right now because of the fight and what you called him.

    Avoid contacting him for now and let him cool off.

    Once he has a clearer head, he will most likely contact you.

  280. Hi Luke.

    Awesome site! Thanks for all the advice and articles.

    Last month my long-distance ex blocked me from social media after I made a big stink about him adding younger women as contacts and liking their photos or updates on FB and Instagram. On a conscious level, he’s not the the cheating type so I should not have overreacted the way I did, but I feel that he’s overly nice to some women (and people in general) and with his poor boundaries often attracts narcissistic/ manipulative/ exploitative people, some of whom don’t/won’t/ didn’t care that he’s in a relationship.
    Anyway, I noticed that he has not blocked me on two IM apps. Was that an oversight on his part or is he keeping lines of communication open for later? He’s also a very reactive person. We’ve had arguments because we’re both emotional and anxious about abandonment but we also have strong compatibility (interests, values), something he said he hasn’t had in previous relationships. I miss him but am annoyed and puzzled because since he blocked me I found out from another account that he friended an ex-gf who was rather abusive to him and ex-FWB (one of the users, though he rarely sees her) again. Did he do that for revenge?

    Thanks again for your help.


  281. Hi Millie,

    It’s unlikely that it was an oversight.

    Yes, he is most liking keeping the lines of communication open for later.

    It’s unlikely that he consciously friended an ex-gf and ex-FWB for revenge.

    He probably did it because he feels a certain degree of freedom at the moment and is just taking advantage of that.

  282. Hi, I know this is kinda opposite from the main topic here but I really need some advice.
    I’ve been chatting to this guy I met online for a week or so but the past few days have made me realize that we just don’t click at all. I was starting to feel weird about him wanting to chat with me all the time and questioning me ( a few times) when I replied late. So I decided to ignore his texts for a few days (where he still texted everyday to ask me how’s my day etc).

    Now I’m contemplating to block him on all platforms but I’m not sure if I should just block him straight without saying anything before?

  283. Hi Maze,

    You can just block him straight without saying anything before.

    You are not obligated to tell him anything if you don’t want to.

  284. It was this guy that I meet online, everything was good between us until one day we were suppose to go out but him and his kids mom got into a argument which messed up the plans that him & I had. He told me he was still gonna come over after he got something to eat an hour pass no him, so I began to feel some type of way. I text him and told him that maybe this is too much, I Dont know if he misinterpreted what I was saying but the next day he blocked me. He want reply back to any of my text messages, when we were just making plans for our kids. Do you think I just need to move on because if he likes me the way he said he does I should’ve never been blocked.

  285. Hi Lady,

    Yes, you just need to move on.

    He blocked you and hasn’t been replying to your texts.

    At this stage, the onus is on him to get in contact with you.

  286. So you’re saying basically there’s know coming back he’s done with me. All it was, was a misunderstanding. Yes I was upset because we still should’ve went out just to clear his mind, everyone go through their relationship problems but I think he went too far with blocking me.

  287. Hi Lady,

    Yes, it does appear that he is done with you.

    You may believe that it was a misunderstanding but he may have looked at it as an opportunity to end things.

    He may have already been feeling a degree of pressure in having to deal with his relationship with you and also deal with issues with the mom of his kids.

  288. Dating Logic, you were absolutely right about him feeling pressure in having to deal with me and his relationship with his kids mom. However he wasn’t ready to give up on our relationship, I just have to put aside my selfish ways. And show him just how much I care and I’m sticking in through good or bad time. Thank you Dating Logic for your advice!

  289. Hey, basically we were texting for about a month more or less everyday, I think it was my own fault I was playing it too cool after he told me he wants me, anyway I was giving really dead replies trying to be cool but he has now blocked me from everything? Should I try to arrange to meet and see reactions in person because I genuinely believed he liked me a lot

  290. Hi AL,

    He most likely blocked you from everything because he got discouraged by the way you were acting like you didn’t want him in playing it cool.

    Yes, you should arrange to meet.

  291. Thanks, I will call him any advice on what I should say? I don’t want him to feel pressured or anything, like I’m not looking for a serious relationship or something , hence why I play it so cool because I don’t want the guys to think I’m needy ?

  292. Dating logic,

    I find myself in a strange situation. I married four months ago to a good man. I’m 33 years old and this is my second marriage.
    About September of last year an ex from 15 years ago starting messaging me on Facebook. All innocent stuff. Catching up on our lives. What had happened in the last 15 years.
    We live states away. But I travel rather frequently to his because of family ties. Yet we had never seen each other again.
    This guy was my first ever love. Talking to him made certain feelings resurface. And I tried to ignore them. Then a couple of weeks ago we saw each other since I was in his state. Nothing happened. But we could both feel the tension of the attraction between us.
    After we parted ways he stared texting me about how he feels. How he loves me. Adores me. Has loved me for all these years. And hates himself for having let me go. And hates knowing the love of his life is out there, he knows who she is, but he can’t have her (since I just got married)
    Having him say all of those things made me realize I still have feelings for him.
    And after my return to my home, I find things changed. I no longer feel the same as I used to about my life. I want to be with him.
    We both know rationally this isn’t possible right this minute. And that it’ll take time for us to be together again, if ever.
    He said so many beautiful things to me.
    Then after a few texts from me that ended in silence, I looked him up only to realize I had been blocked on his Facebook.
    He only blocked me for 24 hours. As I checked again and I can now see his profile. Albeit we are no longer friends on Facebook.
    I am so confused. I don’t understand how or why would anyone open up all of those feelings to then reject them saying things like ‘you’re a shining moment from my past and I don’t want to ruin it’
    I don’t know how to feel.
    And I hate the fact that I’m in this position now, and married to a man who does not deserve any ill doing on my part.
    What are your thoughts?
    Thanks for any input

  293. Hi AL,

    Just ask him to hang out with you doing specific that you know he loves.

    Keep it simple and try not to overthink things.

    Overthinking is what gets you into unwarranted difficult situations.

    Avoid worrying about whether a guy will think you are pressuring him or that you are needy.

    Just take it easy and get to know him better in a fun environment and whatever happens from there happens.

  294. Hi Snatchers,

    Prior to meeting you when you came to his state, your conversation with him was innocent.

    Once you both met each other, the impact of that experience was so profound, it led him to send you texts professing his love for you.

    Now that you are back in your state, he has had some time to think about all this and may have gotten scared.

    He may have realized that being that you are married, he can never truly have you the way he wants to have you.

  295. Hey I forgot to mention that I did message him on twitter asking why I got blocked and then he further went on to block me from there, you still think I should arrange a meeting?

  296. AL,

    Yes, you should still arrange a meeting but remember not to force the issue when you ask him.

    If he is game, that’s great.

    If he gives you some excuse or ignores you, let it go and move on.

  297. Hi Dating Logic, its this guy that I really like a lot. We have been hitting it off pretty good, but now I’m starting to see a little change in him. We use to talk & text every day, he use to tell me how he’s really feeling me & that he hopes it’s all real. To him not texting, not answering my calls, I’m a very affectionate person and they way I am with him he told me its different because he would normally be all over the woman. I asked him was it bad that I’m showing so much interest he said no. What should I do? To you think I’m turning him away by showing that I’m into him. What are you thoughts?

  298. Hi April,

    He may have told you “no” when you asked him if it was bad that you were showing so much interest but he was most likely lying when he said that.

    Yes, you are turning him away by showing that you are this into him.

    You should back up and take it easy.

    You should give him the opportunity to want to be with you and interact with you.

    That means that you should let him start initiating texts and phone calls. You should also live an active lifestyle full of friends and hobbies that you enjoy so that he sees that you have a life and your entire being is not dependent on his affection.

    These are the kind of behaviors that may win him over to you in time.

  299. Hi, I know this is an old post. But I’m through a shock. I met this guy on OkCupid and we get into a ldr, he according to he comes and live in my country since I have kids and it would be more expensive all move there. We met in December and according be together in July. After 5 months making plan of marriage and having baby at beginning of June (exactly the month when he said he was going buy the ticket) he start changing, I felt him distant and barely had contact with me, I asked him if he was going truly to come and he said he can’t talk about that right now because he was going to travel to his natal country had issues to fix there bla bla I told him why you didn’t tell me before? He said he was too stressed.

    I tried to be supportive and just occasionally text him, because he said was very busy, I send him sexy pictures and that’s the only time he got me more attention. Next day was the same, distant. No good morning message nothing. I got upset and told him for more busy you are you can find for things and people you care, it doesn’t takes you 10 seconds text miss you or having a nice day etc… So he told me… I told him he can do whatever he wants.

    Next day I found he blocked me on LINE, he didn’t have FB or any contact and don’t answer me the phone, I was heart broken. I closed my LINE account. And​ went to OkCupid and he was there! He opened a new profile and was searching women for “new friends” near by….

    After talking for 5 months, making wedding plans, decide we wanted to be together and settle down, and lot of more things he suddenly made this. Without explanation, closure. Just left me. So I confronted him on OkCupid and told him he was an hypocrite, I told him how played i felt, how he just run away without saying at least a good bye, and more things….

    He answered saying and insisted several times that he didn’t play, and he never have play with nobody, said he has problems but never played with nobody and that I should feel ashamedfor telling him he was a player.

    Five seconds after I answered back to that he closed his account.

    The fact he left me without a proper ending​, a goodbye, or at least said “I need time” just like that, without closure broke my heart, I still trying to move on.

  300. Hey, I have been dating this guy for 9 months and then all of sudden he blocks me…. there was no fight nothing…. he said he lover me and that I was the marrying type… there was no warning to his dissaperence… at first I wasn’t to alarmed because sometimes he is just buse but as the test of the week went on I got worried because it wasn’t lIke him… I then realized I was blocked so I got really upset that I got no explanation and tried calling him like crazy on other numbers to tryou and get an answer but I got nothing…. he did answer to one asking who it was but when he relized it was me stopped…. I got really upset and left a message saying that I guess I will never get my message and I feEl like he doesn’t care about me since he knew he was hurting me and didn’t care and that I feel like there was another girl…… I know I was a little crazy but I couldn’t help it he’s never blocked me even during a fight and I felt like I deserved an explanation to block me out of nowhere….. anyways do you think he will ever contact me back even though I was a little crazy and upset? Or does he just not love me anymore and I will never get an answer?

  301. Hi,

    I dated this guy for a year. In the beginning, he said that he wants FWB but then he gets jealous with other men. He gets upset easily if I don’t follow my words. Our relationship was like real. He treated me like his girlfriend and he talks to me everyday. He care about me but he also sleep with another woman. I don’t agree with it but I have no choice. He is not my boyfriend but when he talks to me I am his girl.
    He gets upset easily if I don’t follow what he says or if I don’t follow my words. To a point he blocks me without warning.
    He doesn’t tell me what made him mad. Sometimes I assume that it has something to do with the past incident that happened which is until now his having a flashback. Then he unblock me if he feels better. It sounds like he enjoy torturing me.
    Is this normal for a guy to treat a woman like this? Why not say what you want rather than playing mind games?
    What should I do with this guy. I care so much about him but he doesn’t seem to care.

  302. I met this amazing guy online we hit it off really well. We went out a few times and we talked everyday. He said that we were seeing each other so on Monday i posted of him in my facebook saying its MCM this is my MCM everyday. He does not have a facebook but he has a face reconciliation software that picked on Monday night. He called me at 1am yesterday asking me why my picture was on my facebook page? So I explained my reasoning. He seemed to accept it. Then he said Im unwilling to be open but wouldnt explain. He said that he wanted to take things slow. so, I asked if you wanted to go slow cant we slow down a little and he said how dare you ask me that. I don’t see the issue with anything i did. Then he said lets forget this happen and part ways. Don’t bother contacting me. So do I move on? Did he say it because he was mad? HE said I had high hopes for us! Then he asked me if i have ever killed anyone or hurt anyone? Then he blocked me on Snapchat and his phone. He talked about having a future with me. Should i move on? Did he say this out of anger? Does he mean it? I don’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to me about this stuff if he had high hopes for us. Did he block me because he wants nothing to do with me? Will he unblock me?

  303. Hello, I had been in a relationship with my boyfriend for six months and he had always done things that bothered me. I wanted to break up with him but it was hard because he would always fight to stay together. One day we got in a big fight and I messaged old guys I used to talk to. I ended up hanging out with one of the guys I used to talk to and cheated on my boyfriend. I really liked the guy i cheated with but he blocked me after about a week. Are we totally over?

  304. I have been in a on again and off again relationship with a guy for about 2 years now. He was previously with someone for 10 years and has 3 kids. At the beginning he wanted me to be his girlfriend but I had also just ended a relationship not to long ago and was not ready. We did start hanging out, talking on the phone on a daily bases and spending alot of time together. We really became really close. After some time I did start catching feelings for him. I told him I was ready for a relationship now but to my surprise he wasn’t ready anymore which devastated me. But I said maybe still hanging out and spending time together will change his mind. Finally things shifted to the right direction between me and him. It seems to me that things were going great then all of a sudden he would step back a few steps. He became distant with me. About a week ago he texted me saying he needs time to himself. Of course I was very upset looking for answers. Calling him, texting him, went to his house but he was not home. I still tired calling him and now I realize he blocked my phone calls and text a few days ago. I honestly do not know what to do now? I feel like by me calling him every day with no success I annoyed him that now he has blocked me. I want to let him know I’m here for him and will wait. Been thinking about dropping a letter at his apartment.

  305. I met this guy from college last year after he and his ex broke up. We started talking and hanging out he wasent like the rest of the guys I’ve dated. We went to NYC for knicks game we never ever fault it was always a good time with each other. He started asking me to be his girl but I kept saying no because we were both fresh out a relationship and I didn’t want to be the rebound. We did relationship things people thought we were together. I found out that my friend was talking to his ex and telling her about me and him cause she saw us kiss at a bar. Then all of a sudden ex came back out of the blue and he still kept telling her he wanted something serious with me but I was not sure if I wanted something. Don’t get me wrong I had feelings for the guy just didn’t want to rush. We talked and hung out for a couple months. Then one day that one friend that was cool with ex told me the ex and him were talking again. I got upset and texted him saying “he played himself” and texted back saying he really did like me but he was also hooking up with his ex the past week. The message he wrote seem to be something she wrote. After that I tried to message him a week later asking him why he did that I thought we were cool. He blocked me on messenger. It’s been 5 months just recently I was on my fb message and he was appeared active on line on my fb. Wondering why he unblocked me. Not that I was lurking on him. But we were still friends in messanger.

  306. hi ! I have been friends with this one guy for quite awhile now and have never viewed him as anything more, but one day we are hanging out at his house and things escalate to making out. After this night we are inseperable. He takes me everywhere with him and his friends. He texts me all the time, everyday. One day we are having sex and then have a long conversation basically telling each other we are confused. We’ve both been hurt in the last and we are basically the same person and never argue or fight but after this night I go to text him in the morning to find I’ve been blocked. It’s been three days now and I’m left really confused and depressed. He meant everything to me and I’m sad because I even miss having his friendship . Someone please help I’m not sure what to do

  307. We dated 2 months, but there were only half month we stayed in same city and did something together. Then cuz his work he went to another city, but it’s unlucky, he met some troubles and made some bad choices then he needs to live with the consequences. During those time, I think about him, tried to relax him, but also express my emotion directly sometimes. Cuz he is an expat in my country, he suffered those things, and now just wants to back home several months, I did sleep well the day before, and texted something make he thought that I need a promise of him, but actually that’s not my thought, then he said how can he make promises in the middle of a negotiation and said goodbye to me, then blocked me. It happened yesterday. I still like him, but don’t know how can I do

  308. Hi
    So we are friends for more than 11 years. 11 years ago we had a connection but I was in a relationship and nothing happen. We went apart after that. A year a go he contacted me and notice that I broke up with my long term boyfriend which I have a daughter. We leave in different countries. We spoke during this past year almost every day or week. And last week we finally meet in person and we had the most amazing make out thing. About six months ago he told me that he likes me. After the make out thing we started to text non stop even sexted some bit. I told him that I liked him and that I was afraid if we would had sex I may liked him more. I moved back to the country that I live and we still speak. HE has even suggested to move to the same country as me and he said that the only issue for us to be together is the distance. Yesterday out of the blue he blocked me on WhatsApp. I am not going to contact him. I wonder why or if is something that I did.
    I though it was quite childish thing to do but he might need some space. But I was not expecting that.

  309. hi, dating logic,

    he’s studying abroad in OH but he’s originally from Indonesia and I stay here in jakarta, Indonesia. I’m just gonna say this, he’s rich and i’m just ok. and this makes me wonder why he even wants to deal with me, btw, he’s sagittarius and he’s always been so blunt about everything and sometimes does thoughtless things.
    We’ve been together for almost a year. the last time he came to Indonesia was last december (winter break) and went back in January 2017.

    2 nights ago, he asked me for “nudes” and i said no, bc i wasn’t that kind of a girl, so he started saying things like, i never made effort for us to work out. things from last year like, i didn’t make enough effort to spend time w him as much as possible while he was still in Jakarta (last december). this surprised me, the fact that someone like him still remember things from a year before, this means he still cares. (((He also admitted that he still cared, that’s why he keeps contacting me after almost a year.)))) So, i reminded him the reason i didn’t make it last year, bc i had mandarin test in my school and he went out of town (jakarta) the next day and he got sick the day after. The funny thing was, not long after he went back to OH this January (after the winter break), he admitted that he wasn’t sick, it was because of the Jakarta traffic that made him cancel our date.

    so, we were fine that night, we talked it through and we skyped. Im sorry but, i have to say this, the j*rked off on skype but i wasn’t doing anything, i was just sticking out my tongue while laughing and he c*mmed just by seeing me.

    this is the first time we did this on skype. we usually just talked about things. he used to text me everyday when he was still in indonesia but as he went to the US, we didn’t communicate that much, once a day > once every 3 days > he texted me a week later > 3 weeks and this has been going on for about 8 months since he went back. we ran out of topics to talk over skype. like, how are you? i’m good, how was your day? it was good.

    lately the communication has been good, the best we had in the last 4 months. but last night, he blocked me on basically every social media (snapchat and instagram) but, i don’t think he blocks me on skype so I text him a paragraph saying how i love his bluntness, his humbleness, the things i’ve said before, and how i will not give up on us, but the problem is, the last time he checked his skype was 2 days ago, the day we skyped. i don’t understand, he said he missed me 2 days ago and he explained that he might not able to go back to Indonesia this december as promised bc his sister just went to NYC to study at Syracuse, so he has to take care of her. But, if his sister doesn’t feel at home in NYC, they will visit Indonesia in December. I basically said okay (I mean, what else could i say?)

    he said that he didn’t have any sex this past 8 months since december and admitted that he was pretty close with several american girls but he didn’t seem to like any of em that’s why hes still w me. according to him it was because i was cute and we actually could have a conversation, he called me typical indonesian girl ((but in a good way, he said i was HIS typical indonesian girl.)) we fight and argue alot but he always comes back to me after 3 days or a week or even 3 weeks but, he always, always comes back, that is simply bc he still cares.

    hence, he couldn’t seem to find someone better than me to be with him.

    it was 2 days ago, we talked about it all, but i realized that this morning he has blocked me.

    idk why please help me understand. your reply would mean the world to me rn. thank you so much for even reading this.

  310. Hello DatingLogic:

    Blind date – I met this guy I thought I’m not going to like him. It’s just he was so persistent. We met and to my big surprised, I was attracted to him we both like each other.He wanted me to stop by in his house but I refused and he kept calling me left and right then he said he would proposed and I was his soulmate etc and we were exclusive. So he showed me where he lives and it was very nice house. I never drank alcohol before then he offered me too much alcohol that night I found out like he’s weird in anyways then I also realized that he has personality disorder he wanted relationship then the next day he doesn’t want to and persistently lying and it’s like fifty shades darker type of thing and emotionally/physically abusive multiple times but he has really charming looks I admit. Up to eight month on and off he keep coming back and last month he talked to me that he needs to see a doctor that he was damaged and doesn’t want to hurt me anymore and he wanted me to hug him for the last time so it means he’s breaking up with me for good. I was hurt I didn’t hug him I said good bye because I was sad but after he left me that evening, I told him thru text I loved him and it’s gonna be my birthday the next day that he needed to calm down I controlled myself for 2 months no contact . He told me before to block him which I did on my phone and he found me in fb. We got back together then we broke up again.For a couple of months Today I left him aMessage in Fb saying how was he doing and did he get the treatment I guess bpd/psychopathy if he really has that behavior he was looking for and told him that it’s not true like it’s not only about sex was the only thing I need from him but it’s a connection and I was lonely that’s why stayed with him and we met and let him in. on the same day, he blocked me in Fb, when we were started dating before he told me he never block anybody that he was all friendly with his exes and he loved me the most but now it’s tragic he blocked Me.Is it permanent that he wants to forget me completely in his life? I’m devastated.Please advise

    Thank you.

  311. Hi dating Logic,
    Last week Monday my boyfriend of 5 months blocked my number right after we had an argument. I found out last week Thursday he blocked my number when I called his cell to see how he was doing. We don’t see each other much because of his work schedule and my college courses plus I’m a single mom so we would skype, text and call whenever we can. I was okay with it because I understood we couldn’t see each other much, but as long as the communication was still open we were happy. We have known each other since summer 2016 and developed a friendship before going into a relationship and even waited to have sex for 11 months which was a first for both of us. We had instant chemistry on the first day seeing each other and he carried himself as a mature, charming and articulate man to the point I thought he was my age 28, but it turned out he’s 24.

    Other than the age difference and the fact I’m a single mom we were fine and happy. I’m very blunt so I always talk out our issues and give him some space here and there. Things slowly changed for us this month because I would be up late studying then I had to get ready to take my children to school. He would work from 5am-3:30 pm so we were both under stress from lack of sleep and handling life’s demands. For the past two weeks, his family visited and stayed over by his place so he had to give up a room which was uncomfortable for him.

    I saw the signs he was under stress, family over there and he was spending time which by the way I did give him space, of course to be with his family because I’m not the type of woman to keep her man from his family. I admit I would send little “I Love you” or “have a good day at work” txts just to show I miss him.

    For two weeks we barely spoke and I think the argument we had last week Monday was due to the fact we allowed the outside world to put a strain on us to the point we projected our anger at one another because we hardly ever argue. I’m the type to be forgiven and apologize the next day over a trivial argument plus we always talk things out.

    In my opinion, I look back at the argument and it was dumb and trivial and not like each other to come at each other’s throats. This is so out of his character to block me without even telling me and it’s been a week and two days not hearing anything form him. I sent him an email apologizing for my faults explaining that I see it from his point of view, understanding that he’s under stress and needs space, reassuring him I have his back I still love him, telling him I’m not angry and telling him we can’t help it when life becomes chaotic here and there . We can’t control the inevitable, but we can control how we react to the inevitable.

    I’m not used to feeling left in the dark without an explanation because I’m accustomed to talking things out and putting it into action. Yes, there was one time when he didn’t speak to me for two days because of our first big argument and he mentioned he did that because he doesn’t feel like talking to anyone and to be left alone, but this is the first he went to the extreme to block me.

    Honestly, I feel at this moment that yes perhaps this is his way of breaking up with me or he’s just taking a break from us. I’m torn and hurt, but their’s nothing I can do to get him to talk to me because this is where I have to let him be. My mind is strongly telling me to let him be…if his main reason for blocking is wanting some distance I wish he could have told me and I would have done it without hesitation.

    I do love him a lot and I’m prepared whether he comes back or if this is his way of breaking up then I will let him go. I’m not the type of woman to keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept. This situation is out of my hands. I feel no hate, animosity or any negative feeling towards him.

  312. Hi,
    I need some advice. I met a guy online several months ago, and we really hit it off. We talked every day for weeks, then he just disappeared. He wouldn’t answer my messages. I told him it was fine if he wasn’t interested in dating me, and I meant it as we hadn’t went on dates or anything, so no big deal. No response. 7 months later, he comes back apologizing and asking for another chance. He said life just got overwhelming between work, figuring things out with his ex as far as their son after their divorce, etc. I initially told him I wasn’t interested, but he eventually convinced me he was sincere and wouldn’t act that way again. We’ve been talking and have went on a few dates over the last month. Things seemed to be going great. He was pursuing me. I had a vacation planned with my family for a week. I messaged him when I got back. No response. I asked him if everything was ok. No response. I sent him one last message letting him know that ignoring me intentionally hurt, and I deserve to be treated better, and he shouldn’t have come back if he was just going to ghost me again with no explanation. He read it, no response, and he blocked me. I am so confused and hurt because I really liked him, things were going well, and now he wants NOTHING to do with me? What’s the deal? What should I do?

  313. Hey, I just ran past your website and thought that I might comment on my situation as well. I had this ex boyfriend who I dated for a month who I never had fights with, and even when we broke up we never fought with each other. On the last day we hung out as friends, he told me that he would text me a couple of days letting me know what feels towards me. When I texted him the next day, he acted normal. Then the next day after that, he blocked me on everything. And today, I just made a fake account to add him on one of the social medias, and asked him kindly why he blocked me and he blocked me again. Does this mean he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore? Is this really over?

  314. Hi D L
    I am going nuts here and overthinking (I so wish I could stop overthinking) because of whats happened over the past couple of months.
    I meet a guy online who falls head over heels in love with me (so he says) we message every day on Viber, messenger etc…he calls me often, we get on really well, treats me like a Princess and has huge respect for me.
    Then out of the blue he messages me one evening to tell me his Grandmother is very ill in hospital.. He keeps me updated about whats going on and i try to support him as best i can.
    (Doesnt help it was a LD r/ship..
    The calls get less, understandably so, but he still keeps up the messaging/texts
    He then says he is very busy going back and forward to hospital etc and will message when he can..
    At one point he also tells me he has his phone stolen whilst on the train but said he managed to get another phone the next day and also manages to keep the same no..
    Then he tells me his grandmother has now passed and again he is going to be very busy but says he will message when he can..The calls stop or actually had stopped before he told me this.
    I feel all along something isnt right but cant put my finger o it (apart from his Grandmother passing)
    so he cant use Viber as he said his phone was stolen, i presume doesnt have time to set up Viber on his new phone.
    All this is going on for about a month…sometimes i thought to myself, sure he is busy but there are 24 hours in a day
    Anyway the messaging gets less to the point where he is messaging every day but only in the mornings..(i thought that a bit strange somehow why it was every morning)
    He then told me the other day he may have to go to India, said he wasnt sure if he was going but would let me know..
    I just felt it was going nowhere, thought whats the point. so i send a message and say You clearly dont have the time for a r/ship, least not with me..Take Care
    The next day I discover he has blocked me from Facebook/Messenger..I deeply regret saying that and would love to talk to him about a few things..Had tried to speak to him before about how i felt..he just said dont worry everything will be fine, everything will be back to normal soon..
    Part of me is also thinking now I was lucky he still managed to message me every morning as some guys i guess dont even do that..
    I guess im shocked he blocked me..I should learn to say what i mean..I only said that as i was feeling slightly abandoned i suppose..I guess thats what guys do..initially they message continuously then they cool off..I think its a man thing..
    Anyway I miss him a lot and miss the beautiful messages he would send me.
    What should I do? Should I just move on now?
    \so confused about a lot of things..I also need to work on my trust issues..while typing this i just remembered , he couldnt call me anyway as when he had his phone stolen he lost all his contacts..Did he block me out of hurt and anger about what i said? What are the chances he will ever unblock me.?
    I sent him a message on his phone giving my no and saying if u can find the time to give me a call, as there are a few things i have to talk about.
    Guess thats all i can do now

  315. Hi , I could do with some advice,I have been with my LDR boyfriend for 18 months,I have met his friends and stayed in his home for weeks at a time, we were very close and talked marriage and children within weeks of meeting,we had a few prolems with misunderstandings due to language and his religion after 4 months which led to him blocking me for 6 weeks ,( I acted a little crazy at this time and called and texted from everywhere so he blocked me) after this time I change my number and texted him and he just started texting back ,things started slowly again and we have met a few times since then and talk marriage and babies again ,always he starts this conversation. He has recently moved back to his home country in the same town as his family for a short while as he has been away from his parents and home country for many years but he always face times and says he wants to be with me soon. Today I was feeling a little insecure and have asked if he is seeing girls ( I know silly mistake ) which he said no I love you, you are my love ,when I asked if I was a secret still to his family he replied 😘😘 I kept pushing and said I didn’t want to be a secret and now he has blocked me . this time I have not gone crazy but waited 5 hours before messaging from my other number that I was sorry If I offended him and could we talk . I was not blocked but he did not read the message . What do I do now ? Are we over ? (We are both in our late 30s so not children ) please help ,many thanks in advance Daisy

  316. I met a guy on line, everything was going well so I thought, we went out, spent a lot time together in this short period of time.. Less then a month. I asked him some very intimate questions during this time of dating. he said I was the one he been waiting for and that he mat even love me. The connection was there, then out of know where he sends me a text and stat that he cannot proceed with a relationship at this time because intimacy is a big part and he cannot give that part of him at this time. I went a little crazy and texted him with no response so, I made up a fake online page to have a conversation with him, he told this fake person that he felt I wanted to have sex way to early and that was not the case he also stated that he could not have an intelligent conversation with me…. Our text messages back and forth was over 7,000 for under a month times of knowing each other, so I do not understand what happen. Could someone offer some advice to me. I just cant let it go, I think I fell in love with him and it hurt that he do not want to speak with me anymore.

  317. So i has a crush with my coworker for months then come to find out he just broke up with his girlfriend then he ask for my number so we recently hang. Out 2 times in total then I ask if we could watch movie over the weekend at the last minute he canceled txt me the invite so I said ok so stop txting him that same night then he txt me em I still mad I was at the salon for hours That Saturday I finally replied back he said I haven’t heard from you all day then now you respond so he said he can’t txt in front of friends and family bc it’s rude so I said ok then txt whatever so then he txt me I annoy him then he will block me and never talk to him but the funny thing I saw him on Tuesday at work he didn’t say anything at first but was hovering all over so obvious the funny thing is his office is opposite sides from me but he kept passing by my question is was he overreacting or dosent really like me

  318. A guy I met online last summer. We hit it off, both very into each other and great chemistry. After a few months he went a bit quiet on me and eventually told me (when I asked what was going on) that he was very busy at work (he has a very demanding job which at times requires him to work very long hours and sometimes weekends), that he wasn’t sure of with his work commitments he was ready for a relationship. But wanted us to continue as friends. We did. A month later we flirt, meet and everything is as before (all the chemistry is still there). After this once again he goes quiet. I then snap and he tells me that we should just be friends (again). So we do continue as friends. We continue to talk. Month later we are flirting again. We meet up in new year and it’s the best it has ever been. He makes mention of me meeting his work colleagues at some point, and says something which alludes to him wanting something more serious. After this. Again he goes a little quiet. But I try to understand it may be work related. After a while I ask him what’s causing the quiet. He then tells me he is now seeing someone else. I was gobsmacked. A week later when I asked for some closure he told me he was confused and that he didn’t know what was now happening with the new girl. I left him to it. Few months later, I wish him happy birthday. He thanks me and we get into personal convo about his family. We keep up convo after this for a couple months. Then we start flirting again. And everything was fine. He wanted to see me but Work commitments were getting in the way. He started to go quiet on me again after this. And I asked him why he was quiet. He said he was busy at work. He continued to be a bit quiet. So after another week I asked him if everything was ok. And why he was still being quiet. Again he said it was work related. He was also quiet on the weekend. And so I asked if all was fine. He ignored my message. And every message I sent since for 5 days he ignored. I messaged yesterday wishing him a happy Diwali. He ignored it. Then I sent a firm message to him to ask to know what is going on. He read this message then blocked me on wats app. I find this odd behaviour for him to block me as previously he has always been man enough to tell me what’s going on. So why now? In hindsight I can imagine I may have annoyed him with the messaging and perhaps I should have been more understanding. Have I lost him?

  319. there’s this guy that i have been friends with on facebook for a long time and we chat really often and he seems sending out vibes where he likes me.
    i always asks him how he was doing then he starts ignoring my messages and he rarely replies . i understand that he was busy at work so i gave him enough space have time for himself cause i know he has to take care of his 1 year old son as well then few weeks ago , i was borrowing my sister’s phone cause my phone broke last time so i went to try to chat with him thinking what to say when i accidentally click the videochat button on facebook messenger and i apologized for it then the next day i realized that he blocked me but i never said anything bad towards him i really don’t know what has gotten into him that he intend to block me all of the sudden

  320. We were talking for awhile and things were going great, but then he said he just needed space for a bit because work was very overwhelming and stressing him out a lot and he was going through personal stuff (this was something he mentioned early on). He said it had nothing to do with me. I said okay, but then I got anxious and asked him where we stood a day later- did he want to see each other when things calmed down or cut ties? He didn’t reply and I thought this meant he didn’t want to continue talking, so I got angry and upset and sent him a text a few days later saying how he had hurt me, led me on and that I’m glad he at least showed me what I do and don’t deserve. I got upset and unfollowed him on Instagram and deleted him from my followers. He blocked me from Snapchat 2 days later. I felt guilty a week later and tried to apologize via Instagram messenger and re followed him, but he didn’t read the message even though he let me follow him on Instagram, so out of desperation I had a friend send him that apology on my behalf from her account a week later. He blocked both of us off on Instagram. I feel dumb because I let my emotions take over me and I really miss him. He asked for space late September, and he blocked me off Instagram last week following that message from my friend’s account. I don’t know what to do because all I have now is Facebook, but we’re not even friends on there because when I got mad, I deleted his friend request. Please help- I know this could have been something amazing and i screwed it all up.

  321. So I’ve known this guy for two years. We go to the same college. I’ve always found him attractive but we’ve always been just friends and I liked it that way. Just recently, he started hitting me up in a very flirtatious way and so I reciprocated. He’s been asking to hang out and I said soon. And then when I ask him to hang out, he didn’t reply and then blocks me from Snapchat. Lol. I figured it out because my roommate has him on Snapchat and sees everything he is posting, and I don’t see anything. What happened? We were having a cool conversation.

  322. I have a friend(or I consider him one) who is in 2 of my classes. We don’t talk to each other at school but we used to talk on instagram. One day he randomly said “gtg” and I believed him. He never texted back since and I knew I was blocked since his account isn’t private. Today on Snapchat, he added me as a friend, we texted and he again, said “bye” and foolishly, I said bye as well. I think I’ve been blocked since his profile picture doesn’t show. I’ve been blocked twice and on insta, whenever I asked why he wouldn’t talk to me he would say “cuz” or “cause”. I really need honest support on why he’s doing this. It really hurt me. He says I didn’t do anything or say anything.

  323. So there’s a new kid in my class, well I asked his number to add him into our class group and somehow we ended up texting each other a lot, I know few of his secrets and so he is.Then girls in my class start to get jealous of us and they’re throwing shades at me and that new kid.Since he’s the only guy in our class he told me that he’s sad so I try to help him.What I cant accept is, he block me while I’m trying to help him trying, to make him feel better.We flirt a lot too so I don’t know whether I love him or not.

  324. I am 42 and my friend is 45. In the spirit of gratitude, I thanked my friend for his friendship, said I cared about him a lot, and feel I have become a better person for knowing him. He didn’t respond. I asked how is day was, and he responded to that. I said I hope I didn’t make him feel uncomfortable earlier. He said I don’t know him and nothing makes him uncomfortable. I asked how it did make him feel. Hours after reading the message, he responded by saying he’d rather be a positive influence than a negative one. Later that night, I sent a good night text and said I hope I’ve been a good friend to him. He responded with a flippant, dismissive, sexual comment. I told him it made me feel stupid and worthless, and although I never expected him to feel the same way, I also didn’t expect that he would respond in such a flippant and hurtful way. Regardless of how he feels about me, there was no reason to be so cold. He read the message and didn’t respond. I don’t hold onto things, so I sent a normal message the next night. It remained unread. I sent three more messages over two days. Unread. He has blocked me. In my mind, I expressed my appreciation for his friendship, he was defensive, flippant, and dismissive, and he blocked me. We’ve never had an issue before. I’m confused and hurt. Any idea why he would block me?

  325. Hi!
    So me and this guy basically dated for two years and then we ended on pretty bad terms earlier this year. Then we decided that we wanted to be friends again and started getting along again. And he followed me on instagram and facebook, and even added me back on snapchat and started liking all of my photos and stuff like that and even texting me again. Then one day out of nowhere he blocked me on everything. And i was really upset because it hurt to feel like he was coming back and then he just left. And it was weird because even after our break up he didnt block me on anything at all. So i sent him an email because i was finally done with him, and i was so sick of being brought up and let down all over again so i was trying to end it on good terms. So i sent him and email thanking him for being a good friend to me and teaching me everything he did, because he did make me a better person in the two years we were together. He responded immediately, which was weird as he didnt answer any of my texts (i assumed he blocked my number as well) and he thanked me for sending the email, said it meant so much to him that i was in a better place. To not think of everything so set and stone and to take life as it comes. (I think he said that because i was finally ending it). Im just really confused and would love some advice as i have no clue why he would do what he did.

  326. Hello, Its zaynab here, when i was just 15 i fall i love with him, he was our family friend,
    i usually visited him on regular intervals but something happened strange, In 2015 our families just broke their bonds
    He was in my friendlist in facebook but he blocked me,
    i had his number but he didnt knew that it was my number and he blocked me,
    My father knows i love him but my mother is strictly against him,
    I love him more than anything butt he….
    another thing i should add his sisters were my very good friends, on his elder’s sister’s engagement in 2015, i did not attended the ceremony and they all are now very angry and have blocked me,
    what should i do??

  327. Hello,
    So I’ve been on and off with this guy for 10 months. Started dating in March, first time we broke up was in June. Said his heart wasn’t in it. A week later he was back and begging to work things out. We broke up again at the end of July because he was freaking out about the future. Once again a week later, he was begging. We broke it off again shortly after because of fighting, and didn’t reconnect until September this time. We thought we could work it out, but the fighting was getting to be too much again and I was insecure because he had been with someone else. (Which he regretted) so from mid October until thanksgiving, it was over. We had finally deleted each other rom social media, unlike all the times before. He came back the day before thanksgiving, explaining everything, why he had left all those other times, and wanted to give it an honest shot. I had been with someone else at this point, and we both agreed to let it all go and figure it out. He talked with me about the future, about us, and was very loving and attentive. Everything was perfect. But out of nowhere, he said he didn’t see me in his future, and his heart wasn’t it in. (Same excuses he’s always used). I told him I was done this time, and he needs to figure himself out. He deleted me from everything a week ago. I haven’t tried to contact him at all. His friends still follow me on social media, and I posted a picture the other night that I was out with one of my good guy friends. Suddenly yesterday, I’ve been blocked from Facebook and instagram, so o cant even search his name. Do you think it’s really over? Is he trying to get back at me or giving himself space? He always comes back, but this time it feels over for good.

  328. I found this article rather interesting. Obviously, I’ve been having this issue with someone. Hence, I looked it up and came across this. Here’s my problem I’ve been having lately:
    Months ago, I met a guy at my job. We enjoyed each other’s company and it led to a few one night stands. By the 3rd hookup, he opened up to me on why he was stressed. He had to send his ex away to rehab, and she was pregnant with his child. He wanted to be honest with me because he didn’t want to hurt me. Ok, fine. I gave him credit for being honest. We kept in touch by texting or messaging on Instagram every once in a while, even after I moved back to my home state a month ago. This is where things got weird. Just 2 weeks ago it was my birthday. I made a post on Instagram thanking people for the birthday wishes. Next thing I know I get a private message from him asking for my address, that he had me something for my birthday. He said he would send it out soon. Never happened. Last week he unfollowed me and followed me again when just the weekend before we were having a conversation. Well now over the weekend I discovered he’s now blocked me. I found that funny since he was liking my pictures the night before. What is going on?!?!? Idk what his problem is, but this is getting really weird and annoying. I know I didn’t say or do anything wrong. So idk what that was about. And it will probably only be a matter of time till I see him following me again on Instagram. Anyone have any idea? I’m thinking it’s either A.) He’s got some sort of emotional issues. Or B.) The ex girlfriend /baby mama is behind all of it.

  329. I’m dating a Scorpio guy we have ldr he is quick get mad I’m blocked it’s been a week idk what to do

  330. Hi my bf of 2 almost 3 years just blocked me about a week ago. His birthday was coming up and prior i asked if he was planning on going away this year. He told me no so i suggested that we go to this restaurant. So fast forward to a week before his birthday i text him asking what he was doing for his birthday and he told me he was going to Trinidad where he is from. I got upset because i had made reservations because i was under the impression he was still going to be here. I tried to express to him why i was upset and that we need to talk and that I wasn’t trying to make his birthday about me but instead he just read the message and never replied. i tried to wait two days to let him cool off before try again to make contact. I wrote him good morning on whatsapp and when he didn’t . I wrote him later i know you must be really upset and still don’t want to be bothered with me no more and still no response. So that night i tried to call 2 which he ignored immediately. The next day when i looked i noticed he looked at the messages but also i was blocked. We broke up 1 time before in which he cut off all communication with me. I’m not sure if he just blocked me on the app or on his phone all together. I’ve just decided to give him his space but i don’t know what to do at this point. It’s been a week since i tried to reach out and 10 days since the whole texting thing. what should i do next?

  331. He and I were together for a month. He has been very lovely and caring person. One week before he told me he is married and he need me to wait for him for 2 years for the divorce procedure to be completed due to housing issues. he and his wife are no longer staying together. From that day onwards, i have giving him a lot of pressure like asking him to get a deed of separation etc as I need something to prove that he will be really getting the procedure done 2 years later. we still met and being so lovely one day before he texted me he want to me to move on and he said he is being so stressed of me keep chasing and raising up all this issue. he said he just dont love me anymore as he said he love his wife very much. He texted me about this the next day and blocked me on whatsapp afterwards. May I know will he be coming back to me? he is a sensitive and emotional guy who always cry a lot.

  332. A guy I’ve been on again off again hasnt spoken to me in almost a month. We last hung out on a Saturday and we spent the night together. When I tried to message in the evening throught the next week, I received no responses. It was frustrating because I could see he was on bumble all day.
    Christmas Day came and he never responded to a “Merry Xmas” two days later I tried contacting him on another messaging app. I thought maybe his phone was broken because it was one time before. He blew up on me on the messenger app and said he was visiting an ill family member and “couldn’t deal with my shit” and that he was blocking me.
    I of course let him be for 2 weeks and tried reaching out again on another app, but of course,never received a response– i apologized for “previously bugging him”
    Safe to say, he isnt going to reach out?? I notice he’s still on bumble, but I think at this point, I just want a explanation because we have known each other for almost 2 years.

  333. Hi Dating Logic,
    I had met a guy on Tinder over christmas break. We hit it off very well and had been snap chatting, texting, face timing, calling everyday for almost a month. He lives in another state but made plans last week to drive the distance to see me so we could meet. He confirmed with me the night before he was supposed to come that he was coming the next morning but wanted to go to sleep so he could wake up early to come see me. However, the next morning I woke up and he had blocked me on everything: snapchat, instagram, my phone number. I tried to call him on a roommates phone but he blocked her number too after the first call. I have no idea what happened and it’s been driving me crazy. He told me just 2 nights before that he was falling for me, please help me I have no idea what to do…

  334. I’m really confused and hurt by his actions. I met a guy in Okcupid almost a year ago, Feb. 2 to be exact. We have not met yet because we live in different countries and although we have a very passionate relationship, we break up and make up a lot. Could be the distance or the communication barrier as English is not our first language or could be the huge difference in cultural backgrounds. We have fallen in love with each other, we have a lot of differences but we make each other happy. He said he has a big surprise for our anniversary, 2 days ago, he propose over the phone. He said it’s unusual but he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He is planning to visit me in a month and we can spend time together. The following day, yesterday, he was avoiding my text messages and calls. After a few messages and calls, he then said “Give me a break”. I told him I would give him a break and deactivated my messaging app, I turned it back on immediately feeling guilty that I’m acting childishly. To my surprise, he had already blocked me in all the means we communicate. What happened? I don’t understand.. 😔

  335. I met a guy on a dating site and we hit it off extremely well, and extremely fast. We never met, but we talked for a couple of weeks. He kept putting off meeting me but said he really liked me and didn’t want to lose me and wanted to build and grow with me and even said that he doesn’t leave easy and would talk things through before he leaves. But on Valentine’s Day he completely disappeared. We talked a little throughout the day, he told me Happy Valentine’s Day, and then when it came down to getting off of work he was just gone. Didn’t open my messages. Nothing. And I found out he went out with someone else. I called him out on it but instead of responding to me he just went and blocked me on literally everything. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and probably even blocked my phone number. But I had already removed myself from all of them. I had deleted him and unfollowed him. But he still went and blocked me. I don’t understand why. He was the one that was seeing someone else.

  336. My situation is a bit difficult to understand. It could many different reasons as to why he blocked me.
    This guy wrote me on social media he gave me compliments and made attempts to reach out first and call. However, this guy has a bad past and he was in a half way house at the time we started talking. He was really easy going and seemed genuine. Anyway, I was willing to get over his past and something about the “bad boy” attitude kinda turned me on so I stayed around. Him and I talked for well over 8 months, we never really met due to his situation. He went to jail around the time him and I were talking and I stood by him and helped him financially and emotionally. He would tell me things like “your my girl” “my one and only” and even after he was released him and I hung out and he told me he could see us being together when he gets his stuff together. I found out through his friend when he was in jail that he is an active heroin addict, I still stood around I hopes that I could help him. He’s not in denial and I know he wants change but the substance is much stronger then his will power so he’s struggling and I always give him a hard time about his addiction. He’s up and down with me and he plays head gamesz Long story short…he ghosted me for 3 weeks and I reached out first on his fb post and he responded really long in front of everyone he told me “you’re an amazing woman but we are from two different worlds and he pushes me away to protect me” keep in mind this was public where his exes could see, he then told me later on that night when I asked him to hangout he sent me his location and told me he moved back to his home town which was 6hr away, he saw how sad I was and the next day made up a lie about wanting to come back and he asked for specific amount of money! In my head an addict will take just about anything he didn’t settle for $50 he needed a good $80-100 he said for gas and food to get back down. I gave him $100 and started nagging him when he didn’t send his location hours later so I don’t believe he was in my town like he said he would be. I had a mental break down on him and he blocked me from fb messanger so a week later I sent him a text and it went through about 2 weeks after I sent him another and he blocked my phone number as well. Never has this happened. I get so many mixed signals I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t guce over that this happened to me, I mean you stood by his side for a whole year while he was going through shit. He put lots of time on communicating with me, maybe he got tired of it. Any advice or opinions on this matter are greatly appreciated

  337. Not to come off conceited but I’m fairly attractive, He told me he’s more attracted to me then he’s let me know. Which is why it’s so confusing, I do have more then him that’s 100% the truth but I’ve always let him know that doesn’t matter to me. Perhaps I was trying to hard to put him on a leash that it scared him away. I tend to come on strong my personality is very outspoken and honest. I just don’t understand a guy like him would rather go for less speaking woman then someone like me. I think it’s the heroin that’s getting him lost and confused but I couldn’t blame that 110%

  338. Not to come off conceited but I’m fairly attractive, He told me he’s more attracted to me then he’s let me know. Which is why it’s so confusing, I do have more then him that’s 100% the truth but I’ve always let him know that doesn’t matter to me. Perhaps I was trying to hard to put him on a leash that it scared him away. I tend to come on strong my personality is very outspoken and honest. I just don’t understand a guy like him would rather go for less appealing woman then someone like me. I think it’s the heroin that’s getting him lost and confused

  339. I wish i had read this the other day. A close guy friend of mine has recently blocked me from everything (snap, facebook, messanger etc) i was and am still very hurt over it…we have been friends for awhile…but both want 2 separate things. I have been searching to find a relationship and he wants a fwb relationship. We both knew this and decided to at least remain friends. Recently a potential new friend gave me flowers and my guy friend had seen the pic i had snapped. After that he started acting weird.. Making rude comments…he even said he could care less if i slept with anyone because he didnt own me…which is true. He doesnt own me and didnt want a relationship with me. So why act like this? The next morning i was going to swnd him a message through snap and discovered i couldnt…i went on messanger and discovered i was blocked there as well..and i cant even view his facebook page:( i really liked him…but i knew he didnt want us to be anything and so i have continued my aearch for love..but if he did like me …at all and told me i would have stopped. But he never said anything.. He just cut me off. I did email him and told him he should have at least said somthing..and yes maybe that wasnt a good move but it gave me peace. This morning though he called all mad. He said that he blocked everyone not just me and didnt appreciate emails and…after that i hung up…he wasnt nice…it has been 2 days since he blocked me from everything and i couldnt deal with hearing him upset:( i called him back but it went straight ti voicemail:( i just dont know anymore. I hope eventually he does contact me again so we can talk through things but being so hurt i couldnt hear him out and may have ruined even that chance….

  340. Hi, um I don’t really know how to start this because I’ve never been in this situation before. This is the first time I have had feelings for a guy, and I need advice.
    On the 15th of November last year this guy messaged me on snap chat asking me if I worked where he did, I was quite bewildered because I don’t really remember where I put my snap chat username out for people to add me but that’s how we first started to talk. The first few weeks we would talk normally, get to know each other generally like where we’re from, family, interests/hobbies etc. I did not open up to him during that time but he said that he was beginning to like me, and I liked him too. We would message a lot and talk on the phone late at night after he confessed that he started having feelings for me. He did say that he’s been hurt before (the girl cheated on him), so he was scared to fall for anyone again. He didn’t like the LOVE word because he loved that girl and she had done him dirty like that. That relationship ended three years ago. But yeah he lives relatively far, same country but other side, so we couldn’t meet straight away, I was studying and he would be working. But a time came when we did meet, 9th of January the following year. He arranged the place and time however he had forgotten and had me waiting there for a good while, I have to mention that I am quite shy around boys but he made me feel at ease. When it was time to go he said that he didn’t think it would work, the fact that he gave up easily hurt because he said things like “I want you. I like you.”, he made me feel bad for not being so open to him. After having said that to me, the next day i called him because I was confused, he said he had nothing to say. When I told him that it would be the last time I would speak to him he said “Goodbye”. The day after I called him again because I wanted to work things out between us, he said that day meant nothing to him and that he wasn’t going to put in any effort even though he likes me. The day after we didn’t talk much which bothered me because he told me before that he thinks about me all the time. Since meeting him for the first time, there would be times where we would fight then not talk for a while but whenever that did happen I would be the first to try and fix it, when we had good times he would say things like “You’re so cute. I miss you.”, he also made sexual comments through text and over the phone. The next time we met was on the 18th (same month), again it didn’t end well, he showed up but he said he was going somewhere then never came back, I called him and asked him where he was, he said he was on his way home, that really annoyed me because he could have at least said that he was going. He later on messaged me “I don’t love you and I never will”, he was very confusing. One day he would be totally into me, then the next day he would say mean things. The day after we didn’t talk much but the following day we made up. However, that didn’t last long because the day after we fought, again I was the one to call and we cleared it out, I did open up a bit of me to him. From then on we were fine. On the 1st of February over the phone he said the following: “He only wants me, he wants to help me, that I make him feel some kind of way no one else can”, and I believed him. The day after was the usual good day where we spoke a lot. On the 3rd something happened at home and I needed someone to talk to so I talked to him about it and he really helped me calm down. The next day he messaged me saying that he got into an accident (he cycles on the road), so I got very worried but when I called he was okay. The reality of how much this man meant to me hit me that day because the thought of losing him hurt. Since then it was normal again, I felt like my feelings for him were getting deeper every day and I began to open up to him more because I trusted him. On the 8th he went into detail about his first ever relationship with that girl he loved and she cheated on him. He caught a STI from her and felt betrayed because she lied to him and it was just all a mess after that (too much happened to go into detail), but he was very open about his past relationships and sexual encounters he’s had with people. I didn’t react well I have to admit so we fought which I instantly regretted but he called this time and we made up. He told me he doesn’t want to fall in love but he’s falling for me. He was crying over the phone because he was scared to lose me. On the 11th he told me “I love you” over the phone. He talked about having a future with me and how he wanted me, but on the 19th he said “Whatever I said was a lie, I don’t even like you”, which made me cry (not the first time he’s made me cry), but he told me he wanted me to get angry at him which I didn’t because I was scared to lose him. I told him that I rather get upset and cry about things rather than get angry but he still tried to get an angry response from me by saying hurtful things at other times. We didn’t talk much after that but we somehow ended up arranging a day to meet up on the 24th, he was on time and the outing went well, there was progress, but again near the end he just left like last time. I texted him that evening “sleep well”, but the next morning I wake up to a message saying “Goodbye, don’t contact me”, I was confused and annoyed. This wouldn’t have been the first time he’s pushed me away, I have pushed him away a few times (because I was scared) as well but not to this extent. He had blocked me on all social media, and all my phone calls would go straight to voicemail. I was so hurt and scared because I love this guy, he said he loves me too but why is he doing this? Since that day (25th February), he hasn’t contacted me once. I’m sitting here wondering what the hell I did wrong, for him to just cut me off completely like this, he won’t answer any of my calls, he hasn’t unblocked me on anything and it’s nearly been a week. I just want to know whether he doesn’t want me anymore so I can try and move on, because he didn’t leave me with any closure. He promised me so many things, did he not mean any of that? I’m just so confused at the whole situation, because I don’t know why it’s all happening? I know that when you love someone it’s not all happy days but he always puts me in difficult situations where I feel so desperate when I try and work things out. The feeling of not knowing whether he doesn’t want me anymore or if he just wanted some time to sort his feelings out is always on my mind. I’m still waiting for him to reach out first, I gave him my heart and it just feels like he’s just left with it.

  341. I’ve been seeing this guy for over a year in a FWB situation. It’s been stress free, no drama with lots of sparks. He cooks for me, will run me a bubble bath and is always very loving towards me. The other night was no different, although I have noticed that we seem closer the last few times we have been together. He even told me he’d missed me. Out of nowhere, he’s blocked my number. I finally got hold of him for an explanation and he told me that after a year he doesn’t want to see me anymore, he didn’t have a good time the last time we met and it was over. I’m usually good at picking up on vibes which I didn’t the other night- I’d go as far to say it was a perfect evening. I challenged him as I was shocked and it just said it didn’t feel the same. He’s never been disrespectful like this and it’s really hurt me. I just don’t understand where this has all come from.

  342. Hi there. I’ve been seeing my current guy for 10 months and we’ve had good days and bad days like most relationships do. He always has had a problem with me being needy and not respecting his space. So he went fishing with his friends and later went out with them. My biggest insecurities is being lied to and cheated on and I don’t know why I was throwing accusations at him for flirting with no evidence at all. We are in a long distance relationship. Same country by different cities. And he has always said to me if he wanted to flirt he wouldn’t get into something serious. My accusations caused us to fight and made him block me. It’s not the first time he has blocked me. He would usually block me when he is at work and I’m disturbing because I do have the tendency to text alpt. But it’s always for a couple of hours. But he blocked me and it’s been almost a full day and he hasn’t unblocked me (on whatsapp) I have sent him countless text messages and called him and he responded saying ” I’ll wait until he unblock me” and I should have respect for his space. But I kept on texting and calling and now he has blocked my phone number too which he has never done. What do I do? Will he ever unblock me or is this hopeless?

  343. Hi. I love your videos and this website.
    My daughter goes to a very small school and sees the nurse daily. Early in this school year she got a new nurse & upon meeting her my pupils dilated. I spent a couple months thinking about it & if it’s appropriate for me to act on my feelings. Eventually I decided to look for her on Facebook. I sent her a message to ask if she knew what I could do with old medical supplies. She didn’t seem bothered by it at all. About a month later I sent her a message on a Friday night, “hello. If you’re not busy this Sunday would you like to do something?”. She immediately blocked me. Weve talked since but neither of us has brought it up. When I see her randomly in the hall she completely ignores me but when we have to talk she’s very nice & friendly. Last time I spoke to her she looked me in the eyes & said “good seeing you again” & smiled. Im still blocked after 5 months. Will she ever unblock me? I’m really confused. I’ll see her in about 2 weeks & I’m just wondering if I should flirt or make a lot of eye contact or just be awkward or what.

  344. Hi LoveCat,

    Thank you for the kind words and I hope that the videos and the website continue to help you.

    It is highly unlikely that she will ever unblock you.

    When you sent her that message on a Friday night asking her if she would like to do something on Sunday, she reacted immediately by blocking you.

    It was not an accident.

    She did that because she didn’t want to give you the wrong impression that she may be interested in you. She didn’t want to give you any opening whatsoever to even entertain the idea that she may be interested in you and wants you to pursue her.

    You may be confused but her action was quite clear.

    She responded to your previous Facebook message because you were asking for her professional opinion on something related to her field of expertise. Being that you are the father of one of her students/patients, she felt it appropriate to respond.

    However, that is as far as she would want things to go with you.

    This is why she completely ignores you in the hall but is very nice and friendly to you when she has to talk to you. In essence, she wants to keep her relationship with you completely professional.

    Hence, do not mistake her friendliness or niceness when she has to talk to you as a sign of romantic interest. She is merely being professional and nothing more.

    You should be yourself when you see her in 2 weeks.

    Flirting and making a lot of eye contact would only make her feel very awkward and uncomfortable. This is especially true if you are going to be seeing her at her workplace.

    She has repeatedly shown that she is not romantically interested in you through her actions.

    However, if you want to still keep at it, you will have a better chance if you do all that flirting and eye contact outside of her workplace.

    Hence, if you can meet her at a place that is outside of that, she may be less guarded and thereby may be more receptive to what you are trying to do.

  345. Thanks for the response.
    Considering I’ve been blocked I doubt I’ll ever get alone time with her outside of the workplace. Unless you know how I could go about that……???

  346. I met a guy online a little over a month ago and things were going really well where he was texting me good morning and good night and talking to me throughout the day, he did all of it on a daily basis. So recently a couple days ago I told him that I want to talk to him about some things and just to see where things should go between us and he stood me up because our only way of communicating is online since we don’t live in the same state. But anyway he said he was going to text me after you got done with work and the next day I wrote him I’m both Snapchat and text saying that I should probably remove myself because I didn’t want him to feel Forest to talk to me and I didn’t want to get in the way of everything that was going on in his life excetera. I believe that same day he wrote me saying that even though he will love to continue talking to me and getting to know me he just doesn’t have the time right now because he’s going through a lot of stuff in his life and right now his only focus is himself. And I appreciated him being vulnerable to me and letting me know about that. So I wrote him again that nighttime him goodnight and that I hope that things get better in his life and I also told him that I will be the support system and friend that you need me to be for now while you figure things out and then this morning I wrote him saying like things such as good morning have a good day and I hope everything is going well with him. Now mind you this message that I wrote this morning as well as the one last night he did not read but for some reason I end up getting blocked this morning from Snapchat. What did I do wrong and it’s it’s over or is he just testing me or is he just needs space right now until he figured things out in his life?

  347. Hihi,… I known this indonesian guy for almost 3 years and started our Fwb relationship soon after. Everything was sweet for one and half year , and after that turns abit cash sensitive as he start to find excuses for me to give him money. At first, he would say to start up biz, than mom falls sick need hospital bills, than he needs money for house rental etc. It always turns ugly when I refuse to give him the money.. n he would guilt treat me. For the next one n a half year, it’s about him blocking n unblocking me whenever I turndown his $$ request. Than each time he unblock, we chat for a few weeks before he ask for $ again n block once again. This cycle has repeated for countless times. Now, he told me he has a gf n met in a car accident. Need $$ to settle. Initially I was soft hearted as I really do miss him n volunteered to lend him a few hundred. N than a few days later I change my mind as I realise this may not be genuine . I ended up telling him I was sick n needs the $ too.. (but I know if he shows a further more concern about my injuries, I would help) but sadly he didn’t.. He was so angry n block me say.. “sorry but u r not my friend n I don need your fucking money” n block me again.

    I was upset. That was just a test.. now I Miss him terribly. He don’t have a gf previously.. now he suddenly got one n block me totally. Do u think he will ever contact me again?? Or I am stupid…

  348. hi my name is kisha and me and this guy being liking each other texting and talking on the phone since december 2017 of last year to end of march 2018. we have had good moments and enjoy each other company. he got me upset one day and without thinking i send him a text i didnt want to talk to him anymore but i didnt mean it. i texted it out of anger then he texted me he have a girlfriend which he never mention til that day. he have blocked me and he not talking to me. like 2 weeks ago he unblocked to text me to stop texting him and we texted a little then he tells me he blocking me again and i havent hear from him. i really dont know what to think and do. what i cant understand why would he invested in all that time texting me everyday and talks on the phone if he have a girlfriend. he always told me he a player and he single when we were talking at the time. could he be lying to me or trying to prove a point. i am so confused

  349. I have known this guy for years. We have attempted to date a few times and always ended it for reasonable “agree to disagree” reasons and Always remained friends. We we tease each other that we were one another’s favorite. After a stint of not being in touch for about 7 years give or take, we ran into each other and reinitiated contact. The only caveat now a days is that I live a significant distance away. Over the past year we have routinely seen each other with all of the I love yous and yada, yadda, yadda. Well long story short. We got into a disagreement and he was very evasive/avoidant. So, I told him I was gonna take a break, some me time but that I am here and the whole 9… trying to be the bigger person and give him the space he needed LIKE I HAVE ALWAYS DONE! BUT after I let it marinate in my brain for a period time, I thought “NO!” with the amount of years we have under our belts, he needs to talk to me. So, yes I climbed up on a little emotional rollercoaster and went for a ride (something I have never really done with him to this extent). But stonewalling me at this point threw me into overdrive. I told him communication = respect and that It doesn’t matter if I don’t like what he says. I can deal with it … but I cant deal with the silence… still more silence. So I did do the long text thing and I did call once an evening for 2 days. I did NOT keep calling. I called he texted me ‘not now’ so I kind of ranted in a text. The next thing you know… he blocked me. I was pissed, devastated, heartbroken…. ETC. I felt that yes things got of kilter but when you love someone you navigate it. Mind you he wasn’t the center of all the stress. There was a lot going on and I was on the verge of making some significant changes… trying to make some decisions. And he walled me.

  350. hi
    someone blocked me for no reason he would flirt with me and say things to me don’t understand if it was all a game to him or is he hiding something that he does not what me to know have a feeling he Is living a double life

  351. Hi
    I was in relationship with guy that I really like but wanted that relationship to be end because I discover a lot on him. He had other girl many of them. But I couldn’t end that relationship. One day I left him a voice message on whatsapp tell him everything I feel about our relationship on our bad it hurts me. The next day I try to message found he block me on everything. after 3 months he unblock me I text him never answer and one day I told him that I will not fight for his heart since I already did it .That his turn now to open his heart to received my love and give me love back. The next day I text him send him picture.later I found that he block me again. Since then I didn’t try to contact him because I feel he made he is decision. But I still don’t get why he does that because I used to curse him by jalousie he never block me I probably touch him deep this time. I need a second thought

  352. Hi Dating Logic! First of all, I been with my guy friend relationship on and off him and I dated before like 2 months and after that he broke up with me because he wants me to get a full-time job and my license. And I told him I would get them if he give me more time to get them but now he was telling me that we’re just friends for now and maybe someday if him and I both single we could try again but it makes me confused more that right now him and I are just friends but he keep showing me all those romantic stuff and when him and I going in public he was holding my hands and kissing me especially when him and I hanging out at his house he was starting kissing me and telling me how happy he is when I’m with him and he was telling me how beautiful I am and he told me that he loves me and I said it back to him. And on Friday night him and I had a fight about something and all the sudden I called him a douchebag because he really does acting like a douchbag sometimes and he got upset and mad at me for telling him that to him but I told him I was sorry and he told me that him and I were never be friends and he told me to leave him alone and I was keep telling him how sorry I am and the last thing he told me is to fuck off. And last week he told me he forgive me and he explain to me why he was mad at me and on Sunday him and I hang out at his house and riding his fourwheeler I told him that was really fun and I really a good time hanging out with him. And last Wednesday night I went to my Facebook to change my profile picture but all the sudden I accidentally post the picture of him and I on Facebook but I decided to change it because I would think he doesn’t wanna see it on there and on Thursday morning he blocked me on Facebook and I went to my Instagram and I have a message from him and he explain to me how he blocked me on Facebook. I told him it was an accident and texted him that I’m going to delete that pictures of him and I so I don’t posted of them anymore and I ask him to unblock me on Facebook but he told me no because he was taking a break until now he won’t talk to me at all and he won’t texting me back when I’m trying to text him. Actually he was my number 7 and he was the last guy I ever dated. And now I really need an advice about all of this Please help me?

  353. hi!
    mine is rather silly. But still i’m really sensitive and it bothers me a lot. I have my interviews coming up and im afraid i’ll lose concentration. this guy i loved him for a year, he was my best frnd. But he got in to a relationship with another girl. I tried to move on. He talked to me even after that, knowing that i loved, may be he didnt wanna turn me down. He was like “hi! had dinner? gud nyt!” so formal. I was happy tht he minded me as a friend at least. All of a sudden, everything went well. this morning he even greeted me. But in the afternoon he has blocked me!!!!in whatsapp! I was reallly hurt… we dint have any controvrsial talks or anything! i dint know what to do! i’m going mad… i even asked him in facebook about this…but he dint reply!!! pls help me! he has no respect for me…i know that im unimportant in his life! but still he had never ever blocked me before! i dont know what i’ve done!! I feel like dying…I can’t code! I an’t sleep! pls help and guide what should i do next? will he unblock me again?

  354. Hi. We dated once and we cuddled for 4 hours in his car, watching movies and tickle fight. He kept telling me how he was attracted to me. He was so happy like a kid I can see it on his smile. He drives me home. Everything went well. We chatted for 3 days and I asked him if we can meet but he said hes on the gym that time so Friday instead but I insist and I ask him to wait for me coz I want to surprise him and give the cake that I bake but he said he just got home. So the supposedly surprise didn’t happen. When I got home I told him that I want to meet him to surprise him. He said that we dated once and I should not be in rush, that I would have said that it was important so that he didn’t done his things. But I told him that it was my way of saying thank you because he drives me home the other night and besides he’s kind to me. Then he thanked me for my efforts and said he was very sorry for that. Then I said that I just gave the cake for our visitors since its my mother’s birthday but It breaks my heart while watching them eating the cake that I baked for him with “hahaha”. But he just seen my message and the next morning I greet him “morning, take care” but he ignored it, then at night I said ” youre snob baby” “I’m on the gym right now, anyway I miss u and see ya soon” but he still ignored it. The next day he seen my message and surprisingly he blocks me on messenger. Were still friends on facebook but he blocks me on messenger. I got irritated because I don’t know what his problem or if I did something wrong. So I leave a message on his tinder ” I don’t know whats your problem. You really block me seriously??Did I offend you or something? I’m kind to you right maybe you misunderstood me or something. I guess that’s it. I want to meet you now to ask and say sorry in person if I did something. You would have said. Unmatch me or block me go. Do whatever the hell you want. Thank You (his name) and sorry for whatever that is.” I think he already read it but he still ignored me but he didn’t unmatch me. I hope you will help me to figure out what is his reason? Thank you very much please reply.

  355. Hi Luke,
    My boyfriend and I were in an argument last wednesday and he was really angry, he blocked me on whatsApp, facebook and also block my number.

    He actually have block my whatsApp several times when we have argument but usually left his facebook & number unblock for me to reach him and apologize.

    He always curse me and throw harsh words in any argument which makes me already used to it, i get it because he’s angry and emotionally unstable.

    But this time, he said something that really hurtful to me, that he knew i will be deeply hurt. He stated that i’m a women who desperate for men but didn’t realized that I’m handicapped and he shall see how my life destroyed afterwards.

    He blocked me then and it really hurt me as the reason of our argument is only a small matter. There was 1 time he did block all social media and number but he did text me telling how hurt he felt and I called him using other number.After that he unblock me and we continue our relationship as usual.

    I really miss him and i want him back in my life, but some part of my heart were deeply hurt due to his words, attacking my dignity as a women and my ego as well.

    This time i’m not sure what should i do.I really need your advice. It’s been almost 3days now including today and im wondering should i text him using other number and apologize?

  356. I have been dating this guy for 3 months, he even asked me how I felt about him and if we could consider taking the relationship further. He held my hand and we always talked and planned for more fun dates.

    He went for a business trip last week and was hospitalised when he got home. He texted me after getting discharged. I tried to check in on him after that and make plans for the coming week, but he blocked my number!

    I was so worried about him that I tried to dial his phone using another number… he sounded perfectly fine on the other side of the line. I was too angry to say anything to him.

  357. I’m hurting pretty bad
    I am a young mom of two, thought I had found the one but was being lied to the whole time. So, I fell out of love and focus on being a mom and obtaining my degree. I decided to get back into the dating scene and met a guy who is Asian, I’m black. I personally didn’t believe we was gonna hit it off but we did and had so much in common. I always wake up to morning texts and all, I was able to build the courage to tell him that I am a mom (the following week). When I did, he accepted it and was okay with it, he met my daughter and she was kind enough to give him a hug. After that, we both felt our feelings were becoming stronger, We spoke everyday for three months saw each other every other day, went out on dates. i felt protected and happy until a couple of nights ago he told his parents about me because he spent the night after not seeing me for a couple of days. So they wondered who he was meeting, It seem like they were okay with everything until the mention of kids. He’s three years older than me by the way, I’m 26 and he’s 29.
    He said he wasn’t going to give up. The last thing I told him was I understand and decided to give him some space (2 days). By the third day no response so I wrote him just thanking him for the memories we had and apologized for the “supposed” rift that may have taken place, but the label “delivered” never showed under the message. I’m a bit hurt and will like for an explanation. I fell for him and he fell for me too (according to him), I don’t want to move on assuming he won’t come back.

    We were intimate after having a talk about what we wanted, we both wanted a serious relationship

  358. My boyfriend hasn’t talked to me ever since promotion and over this summer. My parents don’t know that he is and it’s for the best because they found out that i liked him.. the only thing was that he was Muslim and i’m not-i’m Mexican- anyway, I was the first to break the silence on july fourth and texted him and didn’t reply ever since. I think he blocked me and I don’t know why.. i couldn’t have said anything since we haven’t talked..

  359. Please help!
    I’ve been texting with a guy (widower for 3 almost 4 years now) for about 3 weeks. We have so much in common, he tells me he thinks I’m the person that was put on this earth for him, and honestly I feel it too. All day everyday we text or talk on the phone. We met and stayed together Thursday. It was beautiful and magical and I’m pretty sure I’m madly in love and terrified. We both cried when we left because we live 3 hours apart. He said text me so I know you made it and I’ll text you. And he did. And I did. Then he says Ash this hurts, I had feelings for you before we met and now… I don’t think I can do this. It hurts. I am afraid of never seeing you. To which I say no. We can make it work. Then I ask if never seeing me is really a better option for him than only seeing me sometimes, he says he doesn’t know what’s best. I say you and me that’s what’s best. He says it hurts too much he doesn’t want to hurt me and then says I’m so sorry beautiful girl. Then… I assume is when he blocked me from texting and calling. I *67 and called him that night and he sounded genuinely upset. He said he was scared and doesn’t want to be hurt and needs to think through some things. I asked if it’s forever he says no, I will contact you soon.
    My heart is breaking. I miss him. I don’t know if this is forever or not. We had a beautiful time, serious magic chemistry and I’m not ready for it to be over. Help.

  360. I’m talking to a guy I’ve known for a long time now. But we had a lot of ups and downs. And he is always the one that shopping talking to me for months and then comes back again. A few days ago I wrote to him why he ignored my messages. He wrote that he got sad about I am always angry at him when he dont answer me back on the phone and he told me that I know he is busy with work. After that we had a long conversation and he ended the conversation by saying that it was okay but that he was still angry over what I said and did and that I hurt his feelings, which I do not understand. I don’t feel I have done something wrong. He never told me that he got sad when I got mad at him when he didn’t answered my messages. The next day I send him a apology for being mad at him and that I hope he understands me too. He replied that it was alright but he told me that it wasn’t easy for him. But he still likes me. The next day again I told him if he end up talking again, then I am here for him. But he blocked me after these words. I don’t know what I have done wrong. I know I maybe have been mad at times but that was all. I am always thinking about why he blocked me and what the reason could be.

  361. hi
    just why a guy blocked me for reason and tell me why he did that for
    We both like each other and now he will Nont talk to me for no reason
    l ring him last week and he was very happy to hear from me
    l Nont understand at all why

  362. So I’ve been casually dating a guy for 4 or so months. In the beginning of summer he told me that he was a cancer survivor and that he has relapsed.

    All was well, we still went out when he was feeling good and I routed him on every day. Then, about a month or so again he got a bit distant and we didn’t talk as much which I knew would happen due to treatment taking up his time and energy.

    Then, just over a week ago, he slowly started blocking me on social media platforms….but still has my number (We can communicate by text still).

    Anyway, he wouldn’t give me an explanation.

    I come to find out that he’s not doing well (through a mutual acquaintance). Do you think he blocked me because he doesn’t want me to see him like that? Or is there a possibility he’ll unblock me when he’s had some space away?

    I’m so confused and hurt.

  363. So I’ve had a massive crush on this guy for a while now. He knows I have a crush on him and he just stares at me and I stare at him. We don’t talk at school but when we do it’s just awkward. In front of people he’s just horrible to me and talks shit about me but when he texts me on Snapchat he is a completely different person. We get along so well! I haven’t talked to him on Snapchat or at school in about a month now but I don’t want to sound creepy or anything but I stalk his snapchat score! And I look at it so often and suddenly it doesn’t show up. Obviously I think my snapchat is t working but I can see other people’s snap score but not his, therefore blocking me for no reason what so ever. I think he’s blocked me to see if I notice and to see if I stalk him (which I do) What do you think? And what should I do?

  364. Hi. I met this guy online not too long ago. Things moved very quickly and we had some very intimate conversations. He told me he loved me and wanted to get married, which I was surprised due to how long we’ve known each other. Then I started to feel the same. Things were great, until I told him that I’m married. I’m not happy in my marriage but I did not go out looking for this. The day after I told him, things were still ok, but that night, after another intimate conversation, I noticed he was a little colder than usual. The next day I hadn’t heard from him until late at night. Another intimate conversation. The next day, I didn’t hear from him at all. I went into panic mode and texted him multiple times during the day. I finally got a text late evening that he needed some space. I feared the worst but I left him alone. The night after that, very late he sent me a picture of him with a sad face. We texted a bit back and forth and then had a video chat. He told me how much he missed me, how he loved me and how he wants to marry me. He wants me to have his baby, he talked about going to doctor appointments, etc. Then the next day he ghosted on me. I didn’t hear from him the whole next day either. The day after that, I hadn’t heard from him and even after I texted him, still nothing. I texted him on and off all day asking if we could talk. He wouldn’t respond. Then I made a fake Snapchat account and started talking to him. He responded and I asked for a video chat, which he agreed to. As soon as he saw it was me, he hung up. He texted right away that it was ridiculous (which I know it was, but I panicked and he wouldn’t talk to me). He then blocked me on Facebook and Snapchat, but not Instagram or phone. I continued to try to call him and finally late evening, I called from my work phone and he answered. I asked him not to hang up and he just said he had nothing to say. I told him I just wanted to know what happened. He said nothing happened he just needed some time.

    What the heck is going on? Why tell me he loves me? We were already having these intimate conversations so he didn’t need to say it to continue them. Is he pushing me away because I’m married? I made it clear I would be leaving my husband. Does he not trust me because I cheated on my husband? What does he mean by he needs time? Is it over? Why didn’t he block me from everything? Please help.

  365. He told me he is seeing some one. I told him that I would not force him to choose and that I wanted him and liked him for who he was. I told him that the timing is off and that I want to be with some one who will like me for me. he said yea, I wish you the best then he blocked me. he likes me because he asked me to go on vacation with him and asked me to meet his mum. I told him that I am unpredicatable but my feelings for him are real. I don’t know what to do now. Why did he block me?

  366. Hi Dating Logic

    So basically this guy I like who also likes me a lot we have been hanging out and having deep personal conversation about family future past etc. He really likes me and wants to get to know and always asks when I’m free like he can’t get enough. We haven’t done anything sexual or said.

    He told me he has broken up recently and that he’s unhappy with her because she’s controlling. But really I came to find out it’s actually his girlfriend. She seemed so controlling then she probably blocked me through his number on WhatsApp after a day later which is odd. Then 2 days after he still on my snapchat and then he blocked me or his gurl. So it’s been 3 days and I don’t know what’s his decision. But he’s unhappy and wants to be with me so I don’t know what happened.

    We only hugged and had deep convo and he loved my company made him happy and smile. He said ” your a guys dream short, and we’re meant to be” so I don’t know what’s going on till Monday and I don’t know how to confront him 🙁

  367. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your email.

    I would like to share whole situation with you.

    I met a guy, online we talked and we hit instantly.

    He said he likes me and wish to take things further, i said that there is some family issues which we need to discuss before we go ahead, and i will share when we are going to meet.

    Out of the blue, i was visiting his town last week and we met. we are not officially dating as of now. its like yes, i like you and you like me as well. no further steps from his / mine side.

    He always sent Cold/ Hot reaction during this time.

    While we went on a drive, his brother seen him with me and he was like shit.

    and said i should leave.

    we left and 2 days later what i see was he blocked me on Whatsapp , unfollow me on Insta & removed connection from LinkedIn.

    My point is, if you dont want to talk or anything like this you should have simply inform me.

    no rocket science right??

    I am feeling very bad about me.

    Please help.

  368. My situation is that I kept chasing ,texting, begging a man. He had lost his career a year ago and also lost everything because of alcohol. I know he has been trying to work on himself. He at one time he said he needed space. I really didn’t give him that. But in the last few months I kept begging, texting him still. The last time I heard he was where the hurricane had hit.The last text I sent him was watching the flooding are u alright? Will you let me know? No response. Instead he blocked me on the. I know I frigged up by chasing, texting, begging. But why block me. Why not at least answer my question. And tell me to leave him alone. Then block me. Cruel. It all I think about.

  369. I’ve liked this guy for a while now, and we’ve been messaging back and forth lately. When we would see each other it would seem like he has interest in me, as he would compliment me, ask about my personal life like relationships and what not. But he recently just straight up messaged me saying he thinks I am suggestive and that he doesn’t like me back. Sure enough, he blocks me as well. What could this mean?

  370. I met someone on Tinder, but not personally met him yet. After chatting for a while, he suggested to me we become friends on Facebook, which I agreed. This was a week ago. He said we become friends first, and he would like to meet up some time soon, though because of my work, I told him that I can’t but I really love the idea of a meet up. For three days, we chatted and I gradually felt butterflies in my stomach whenever we chat. However, on the fourth day, he became busy and… I sort of went out of control. We still talk at that but not as much as before. He told me he was really busy and he explained to me that he just have many things to do that’s why he cannot go back to me as much… Days passed, and like I said, my mind went out of control and I overthinked. When I send him a message and I saw that he didn’t read it, my mind thought of worst case scenarios. What if he’s chatting with somebody else? One day, I sulked so I told him that I want someone to share my day with, and ask him if he’s interested. He…explained again to me the situation, by saying that he was just really busy. However because I’m stupid, I can’t let go of my insecurities. So, a few days later, on an evening, after not updating me for the whole day, he sent me a picture with his cousins. I don’t know what happened but I just exploded and said to him that ‘you always tell me about your day but you never ask me what my day is… Do you actually care about me??? What do you really want?? Because I really want someone to spend my time with long-term.” to which he replied that I overthink when I don’t get a reply. He said chill, because we’re starting as friends. And that I shouldn’t push him to do something he might regret. I seriously felt the anger in his message.

  371. I met someone on Tinder, but not personally met him yet. After chatting for a while, he suggested to me we become friends on Facebook, which I agreed. This was a week ago. He said we become friends first, and he would like to meet up some time soon, though because of my work, I told him that I can’t but I really love the idea of a meet up. For three days, we chatted and I gradually felt butterflies in my stomach whenever we chat. However, on the fourth day, he became busy and… I sort of went out of control. We still talk at that but not as much as before. He told me he was really busy and he explained to me that he just have many things to do that’s why he cannot go back to me as much… Days passed, and like I said, my mind went out of control and I overthinked. When I send him a message and I saw that he didn’t read it, my mind thought of worst case scenarios. What if he’s chatting with somebody else? One day, I sulked so I told him that I want someone to share my day with, and ask him if he’s interested. He…explained again to me the situation, by saying that he was just really busy. However because I’m stupid, I can’t let go of my insecurities. So, a few days later, on an evening, after not updating me for the whole day, he sent me a picture with his cousins. I don’t know what happened but I just exploded and said to him that ‘you always tell me about your day but you never ask me what my day is… Do you actually care about me??? What do you really want?? Because I really want someone to spend my time with long-term.” to which he replied that I overthink when I don’t get a reply. He said chill, because we’re starting as friends. And that I shouldn’t push him to do something he might regret. That he wants me to understand. I seriously felt the anger in his message. But I think what made him very angry was when I accused him that he was fooling me. The next morning, I apologized to him but he just seenzone it. I tried again talking to him again after 2 days, which I suggested we meet up. I even chatted him about the song he posted to lighten up the mood… But then the worst happened, he blocked me. I mean… He seen the messages I sent, he seen my stories on messenger. I don’t understand. If he’s going to block me why not just block me the night we fought? I know I was wrong and I was ready to apologize to him but how can I now? I guess space is what he needs… And yeah I’m stupid.

  372. my friends told me a guy I was texting is a fuckboy I asked him about it he unfriended me on snap chat the next day I messaged him on Instagram about why he unfriended me he said he didn’t want to talk to me I asked him if he hated me and he said no he just didn’t want to talk to me then he blocked me its been 2 weeks and he still hasn’t unblocked did he like me and got mad when I asked him or is he actually a fuckboy or is she salty because things didn’t work between them

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