How Long Should I Wait To See If He Wants To Hang Out?

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How Long Should I Wait To See If He Wants To Hang Out?

You should ask him to hang out now.

There is no point in waiting on him.

If you were to do that, you would have no idea as to when he would be ready to.

There are some guys who simply won’t act even if they may feel the need.

They may be shy or just worried about what it would be like to initiate a proposal to hang out.

They may even be hesitant because they think that if they were to hang out with you, they would ruin whatever kind of friendship they have with you at the moment.

It’s imperative that you don’t allow yourself to sit on the sidelines with your fingers crossed feeding the birds.

This really helps no one.

You will essentially remain stuck in the current situation that you are in without any hope or prospect of getting out.

Is this what you want?

Surely it isn’t.

You have to come to terms with the necessity of acting now.

The danger of waiting is that you may wait indefinitely. You may wait for so long that feelings begin to change.

Over time you may not be feeling the kind of interest and excitement that you are experiencing now.

You may honestly not even realize that this will happen.

You may honestly be so caught up in how interested you are at the moment that you falsely believe that this feeling will persist.

Unfortunately, there is something that tends to happen with time.

Time tends to cause changes.

Your level of interest has a strong chance of dissipating with time the longer you wait to see if he wants to hang out.

This can easily happen to him as well.

He may totally want to hang out with you at this moment but may lose that initial interest as time goes on and nothing has happened.

This is why you shouldn’t wait.

This is why you need to do what must be done.

Try not to make this such a big deal.

This is one of the reasons why so many people end up not hanging out.

They make things so complicated by making enormous assumptions.

They assume that by hanging out they would have taken an enormous step in the relationship that could only lead to commitment.

Well, that is not necessarily what will happen and you shouldn’t put so much emphasis on what comes next.

When you put so much emphasis on what it would mean if you were to hang out, you would make it that much harder to simply be in the moment and allow that to guide you.

When you place so much meaning and expectation on what “hanging out” implies, you are putting too much pressure on yourselves.

Your mission is to be realistic and look at this hang out as simply that, a hang out.

If something more comes of it, great. If something more doesn’t come of it, fine.

However, you should give it the chance to be what it will be based on how you two get along and how much chemistry you have.

This is when you make all of this a lot easier on yourself and you give yourself the opportunity to allow the hang out to happen and unfold on its own terms.

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