Is It A Bad Sign If A Guy Texts Less After A Date?

Is It A Bad Sign If A Guy Texts Less After A Date?

It is sometimes a bad sign if a guy texts less after a date and other times it isn’t.

He may be showing you that he wasn’t too happy with how the date went.

He may also be showing you that he is not quite sure of whether he should pursue this relationship any further.

If the texting has gotten to the point where he is no longer texting daily, this is a problem.

However, you shouldn’t panic if he is still texting you daily but just not as frequently during the day.

Oftentimes, that first date is the culmination of initial interest.

Once a guy has been on it and he is content in the fact that this is a girl he would want to see again, he may not necessarily text as much during the day because he wants to save something for the second date.

Hence, if he is still texting you daily or quite frequently, you are still fine.

Now, if you notice that he used to initiate a lot of texting and he isn’t anymore, this may be for a couple reasons.

One reason could be because he just wants to see how you are going to respond after that first date.

Since he had been the one initiating things leading up to the first date, he may want to see if you start taking initiative and begin to text him first.

Hence, it’s almost as though he is testing you.

He gave you the benefit of the doubt prior to that first date by initiating texts, however, now that the first date is done with, he wants to see if you are willing to put in some work and take initiative in beginning to text him first from time to time.

The other reason why he would not be initiating texts anymore may simply be because he has run out of gas.

He was truly excited as the first date approached.

As a result, he would initiate texts and keep the conversation going.

However, now that the date has happened, his expectations may not have been met.

He may have felt that your interaction with him during the date was not quite as exciting as it was when you would converse by text.

His hopes and his expectations may have been dampened.

Hence, he chooses not to initiate texts for now because he is coming down from his high.

The high wasn’t met on that date.

However, he may still text you eventually after he realizes that there were still moments in the date that he enjoyed.

Of course, there is no guarantee of this happening.

Also, if this guy is texting less it could also be because he feels that he may not have left a good impression on that date.

He may be taking a few days out to think through the date.

He may not be confident in texting you more because he may feel like he disappointed you at the date.

His confidence may have taken a hit.

As a result, he chooses to text you less.

In a scenario like this, he may need you to text him to let him know how much fun you had at the date just so that he can feel confident enough to ask you to another one.

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