Do Guys Ask Girls On Dates Anymore?

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Do Guys Ask Girls On Dates Anymore?

It is just different now.

Due to the explosion of technology, guys tend to ask for dates in a less traditional manner.

For instance, the online dating world has created a whole new dynamic in dating.

It is poignant.

In a world like this, a guy can maintain a conversation with several different women at the same time.

This affords him the luxury of taking his time when it comes to selecting which one he would want to ask out to date.

Due to technology, it has become so much easier for a guy to actually take his time and get to know or hook up with as many girls as possible before asking one out.

You will also notice this in the real world.

There are a lot more opportunities for guys to meet women today.

There are a lot more social events taking place today than there were in the past.

There are a lot more people out there actively searching for a mate because the world of dating has changed so dramatically.

Unlike the past where there was no opportunity online or the best opportunity a guy would have to find a girl to date was through friends, family or work, guys have an abundance of opportunity today.

In this modern era, a guy can find a girl to date by simply downloading an app into his smart phone.

Lots of girls.

With all this choice, a guy can be a lot more selective in who he chooses to date.

It is not like the old days anymore where a guy had to meet a girl through more formal channels.

Today, there is an abundance of choices for guys.

This is why we currently live in the “hookup culture.”

There is a lot of this going on.

Due to the ease in which guys can meet girls now, many feel that they don’t need to date said girls in the traditional sense.

They feel that they can simply hook up with as many as they choose until they are ready to settle down.

Hence, guys do ask girls out on dates but they have just become a lot more selective due to the abundance of options that they have.

Again, technology has been the catalyst of all this.

A guy can easily meet multiple women online.

A guy can easily download an app and be talking to several girls at the same time in minutes.

A guy can now put up ads online or in paper publications requesting a particular kind of woman and get multiple responses.

In this generation, dating options for men have simply exploded.

Unlike the old days where there were no dating apps, Facebook, internet dating, dating classifieds, speed dating events, Meet-Up groups that organize social events where both sexes can interact, happy hour and so on, there are simply too many options for guys today.

There are guys who have their own family members or friends create an online profile for them just to help them find mates.

This is how much the “hookup culture” has become a staple in our current society.

In your situation, your best bet would be to be patient and allow yourself to interact with a number of guys. In other words, keep your options open.

Don’t put all of your dating hopes on one guy.

Be social and don’t get too concerned with finding that one special guy who wants to date you.

As long as you are open and genuine, a guy will ultimately ask you out.

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