Should You Fight To Date A Girl If Her Parent’s Said No

Should You Fight To Date A Girl If Her Parent's Said No

Her parents believe you are not the right person for their daughter.

Fighting to date her is going to be met with harder pushback from them, leaving you frustrated and creating further tension with the girl.

This girl’s parents said no to you dating their daughter due to your socioeconomic status or spotty background.

They have a definitive picture in their heads of who their daughter should be dating.

This imaginary person is picked out already in their minds.

Many parents are protective of their daughters in particular.

They look at their daughter as a gem who needs to be protected and guided in the big bad world.

In an imperfect world, their hope is that through their guidance, she remains unblemished until she has found her perfect mate.

Her parents hope for her isn’t realistic.

No partner is perfect.

Regardless of who they believe embodies the perfect partner for their daughter, they have to face reality in the end.

The reality that the guy they thought was her perfect match has anger issues or is a narcissist.

That “right guy” turned out to be not so right for their daughter.

It is hard for a parent to let their daughter date blindly, as they are fearful that someone she chooses to date takes advantage of her and hurts her.

Although, they believe they are looking out for her, they are doing her a disservice.

She needs to date and make mistakes to gain experience.

This is how she learns what works for her in a mate so that she makes better choices in partners in her future.

Without growth, we are never enlightened.

Unfortunately, protective parents prefer closeting their daughter until that so-called perfect mate comes along for her.

They want to give their daughter the best shot at meeting Mr. Right at her first attempt.

This is near impossible.

Yet, they hold on to the hope that they know what is best for their daughter.

By sheltering her, she doesn’t grow and mature as a person.

Rather than devoting time and energy meeting her surreptitiously, behind her parents back, dedicate yourself to bolstering your life.

Strive to excel.

Transform yourself into a valuable and productive member of society.

Positively contributing in your community bolsters your reputation.

A good reputation captures attention.

People come to respect you and talk about you.

Her parents hear about you from these sources.

With this much good news about you, taking a second look at you and considering you as a mate for their daughter isn’t out of the question.

Growing as a person matters.

By generating a positive reputation, you make yourself worth dating.

As a person who has built himself up into an invaluable member of your community, her parents have good reason to look at you as Mr. Right for their daughter.


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