Will My Accent Ever Vanish? Is It A Turn Off For Boys?

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Will My Accent Ever Vanish? Is It A Turn Off For Boys?

Your accent may or may not ever vanish.

The older you were when you arrived in this new country that you currently live in, the harder it will be for your accent to vanish.

It may become less noticeable as you are around these new country people over a longer period of time, however it may still remain in some form.

There may be certain words that simply have that accent in them.

You may indeed master many other words that will sound more like the tone of the indigenous citizens of the new country.

However, there may still be a few words that just don’t change in tone.

These are the words that may have some similarity to a word in your native language and as a result it becomes a lot more difficult to start making those words sound the way they would if a native of this new country spoke them.

Hence, in all honesty, your accent may never truly go away.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot depends on how young you were when you first arrived in this new country and how many of these new indigenous people you are around on a daily basis over a sustained period of time.

The younger you are, the better your chance of your accent disappearing as you get older.

Will boys be turned off by your accent?

Most boys wouldn’t be turned off by your accent as long as they can understand you.

Do understand this.

That is the most important part here.

You should ensure that you work on your grammar.

When you master your grammar, it will be easier for boys to understand you.

You need to get really confident in speaking this language.

It has to become a part of your daily vernacular.

If your parents tend to speak your native language to you at home, make sure that you continue practicing and learning the new language with new indigenous friends or even through books or media.

You need to get to a point where your grammar in this new language flows with enough ease that you can get your point across without being confusing.

This is really where your focus should be.

Your accent is not really going to be the problem for most guys.

Your grammar is what they will care about the most.

They would want to have the assurance that they can speak to you and you would understand them without giving them that look of confusion.

They want to know that they can get into a conversation with you and have no problem getting their point across.

When they sense that you are proficient in the grammar of the language, they will be more prone to conversing with you.

It is already a challenge for most guys to step up and talk to a girl they like.

If they know that this girl has bad grammar in their native language, it can make the challenge to approach and talk to her even more daunting.

Hence, try to focus on developing better grammar in the language.

Your accent isn’t really going to be the problem.

A lot of guys are actually attracted to girls with accents.

It can make the girl seem more exotic and different to them.

This obviously sets you apart from the other girls. However, work on improving your grammar.

Practice every day.

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