What Do You Think About When A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Confesses His Or Her Love To You?

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What Do You Think About When A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Confesses His Or Her Love To You?

You think about whether you love them as well.

You may even try to go back to when you realized that you loved them.

Now that your boyfriend or girlfriend has confessed their love to you, you may even be feeling a sense of relief because you are now aware of how they feel about you.

You may not have been entirely certain about how they felt about you for a while.

Perhaps you realized that you loved them a while back but you didn’t tell them that because you were worried that they may not love you back.

You may have even been worried that if you were to tell them, you would be making yourself really vulnerable in the relationship.

In the end, you decided to stay quiet about it, at least for a little while longer.

Now you have found out that they feel the same way about you and you are most likely feeling a sense of relief.

You now know where your boyfriend or girlfriend stands in terms of their emotions for you and it feels as though a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You can now exhale a lot more easily.

Now you can even begin to think about what the ramifications are of all of this.

You may begin to envision a real future with this partner.

You may even start envisioning the both of you engaging in activities in the future that you didn’t allow yourself to envision before.

Hence, if you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, this confession is most likely a relief to you and also a source of elation.

As I mentioned earlier, it may be as though a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders and now you feel as though you can really start making this relationship move forward into the future.

Now, if you don’t love your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are going to be thinking a lot differently.

Perhaps you are really fond of them and feel that you have a lot in common with them but you have not yet reached the point of loving them.

You don’t necessarily believe that falling in love with them isn’t a possibility.

It’s just that, you aren’t at that point yet.

Hence, the thoughts you may be having now, upon receiving this confession from your boyfriend or girlfriend may be those of uncertainty and perhaps even fear.

You like them and care about them but you don’t love them right now.

You worry that letting your boyfriend or girlfriend know this now could end up hurting them and even possibly jeopardize your relationship with them.

You don’t want to hurt them or end your relationship with them so you may decide to lie to them and tell them that you love them too.

This would be ill-advised.

This kind of lie could actually be what leads to the end of your relationship.

You would be misleading them.

They will eventually find out or get the sense that you lied and they may end the relationship as a result.

Hence, regardless of how fearful you feel, you should still be honest with them in letting them know that you aren’t in love with them.

If you truly believe that there is potential in the relationship, you should let them know that falling in love with them is certainly a possibility in the future.

Partners don’t always fall in love with each other at the same time.

You would be surprised at how understanding your boyfriend or girlfriend could be at this revelation.

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