Girls – What Are Your Expectations Of A Guy That You’re In A Relationship With?

Girls - What Are Your Expectations Of A Guy That You're In A Relationship With?

Once a girl is in a relationship with you, she has chosen you over several.

This has significance.

She expects the guy she has chosen as her boyfriend to keep her safe, respect her and desire her.

Safety in a relationship matters to a girl.

As her boyfriend, making her feel safe is something you must never forget about.

Whether it be in what you say or do, she has to feel safe.

Yes, she wants you to protect her physically, but she expects you to defend her verbally too.

Where she is being disrespected, she expects you to step in and defend her honor or character.

It doesn’t matter whether she is being disrespected by strangers or her own family, she expects you to step in and speak up.

Her desirability matters too.

Some guys erroneously forget about how much their girlfriend needs to hear that she is beautiful.

Now that they have her as a girlfriend, they fall off on giving her compliments, and this is a huge blunder.

Your girlfriend never gets tired of hearing she is beautiful from the guy she has chosen to date above every other guy that was vying for her.

Never have her doubt that you think she is beautiful.

She wants to know that she is the most desired woman in your world.

Showing respect for her is another expectation that matters.

Guys erroneously think that respect has to do with never insulting her, but with a girlfriend, there is more to it.

To your girlfriend, respect is when you exercise discipline to avoid looking at other girls when you are in public with her.

Don’t think she isn’t observing you.

She is.

When you are out together at a restaurant, mall, theater, coffee shop, gym, grocery store, etc., your girlfriend expects you to keep your eyes on her and never linger on other women about.

It doesn’t matter how much you justify staring at another woman in public, believing it harmless, it is disrespectful to your girlfriend.

She expects you to exercise this restraint when she isn’t with you too.

Don’t think that being out with your guy friends gives you permission to look at other women when she isn’t there.

It is disrespectful to her nonetheless and habitually doing it is going to get back to her.

She is finding out sooner or later and you are in trouble.

Respect her when she is with you and when she isn’t.

This is an expectation that most girlfriends have next to no wiggle room on.

This respect extends to what you do online too.

Visiting the social media pages of hot girls online and liking their posts is as disrespectful as they come to her.

To her, there is no justification.

Arguing that you have no interest in these girls doesn’t resonate with her.

Following these girls on social media and liking their posts is disrespectful to your girlfriend and there is no getting around it.

An expectation that you spend quality time with her is another one.

She doesn’t want a boyfriend who primarily shows her significant attention when he is intent on having sex.

Guys think they are sly when they do this, but she sees right through it.

She can tell when his attention suddenly becomes so much more intense around the time she knows he is hoping to sleep with her.

Other times, he is more intent on playing video games or watching a sports streaming channel when he is around her, barely acknowledging her, regardless of whether she brings him a beverage or not.

Quality time with her means quality time.

She expects that you show her quality attention without an expectation that sex occurs at the other end of it.

An afternoon chatting about everything under the sun with her without any expectation of sex after the fact is where she needs you to be.

This is how she knows you want to be with her for her, not for sex or a warm-bodied companion to sleep next to at night.

Another expectation is, romance.

Yes, romance.

So many guys forget about romance once they get into a relationship with a girl.

Your girlfriend expects to be romanced, regardless of being in a committed relationship with you.

She hopes you hold doors open for her and walk on the busy side of the street.

Receiving flowers every so often from you is welcome and a surprise bubble bath after a hard day at work is a godsend.

Going out on romantic dates are a must, especially when you invest the time and effort into it.

Think, picnics, romantic dinners, a day at the spa, a weekend at a bed and breakfast, etc.

Many guys think that once they are in a committed relationship with a girl, their work is done.


That is when the real work begins.

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