How To Be Romantic With A Girl Who Seems Like She Thinks Romance Is Cheesy?

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How To Be Romantic With A Girl Who Seems Like She Thinks Romance Is Cheesy?

You should first consider why you want to be romantic with her.

If romance doesn’t really fit into this relationship, it may not be necessary.

Perhaps, romance is what you like.

You may have gotten used to being romantic in your previous relationships and want to be that way with this girl.

You do need to understand that not every girl is the same.

Some girls may like a lot of romance, others may like romance in small doses and others may detest romance altogether.

You should be willing to accept what the girl wants and appreciates.

It is not wise to force-feed romance when the girl in question is clearly not into it.

This brings us back to your dilemma.

If it “seems” like she thinks romance is cheesy, then you don’t know that for sure.

You are probably making an assumption based on a comment that she made or a manner in which she behaved through her body language when something romantic was said or done.

Now, you are better off knowing for sure if she appreciates romance before making a full-on assumption that she doesn’t.

Since romance is important to you and you want to romance this girl, you will have to determine where she truly stands with it.

You are better off doing this by starting small.

You can get her a small gift and observe how she responds to that.

If you notice that she loves the gift and tends to reference it quite often when you converse, she may be showing you that she appreciates this kind of behavior and is open to more.

From here, you could start sending her a heart symbol or some kind of short romantic message in your text messages to her from time to time.

If you notice that she tends to reciprocate by sending you back a heart symbol or some kind of symbol of passion, she may be responding to what you are doing in a positive way.

Remember to do this in small doses to start.

You shouldn’t be bombarding her with these kind of texts too blatantly.

Next, you can begin to give her short massages.

From time to time, put your hands on her back and shoulders and just start massaging.

Observe how she responds to that.

If she clearly enjoys it and is even closing her eyes in satisfaction, there is a chance that she will want more.

She may even ask you to do it again in the future or may want to give you a massage as well.

If she has responded well to all of what I have described, there is a good chance that she is open to romance.

You simply broke her into it gradually. However, if she doesn’t respond positively to these and doesn’t reciprocate, you may have to accept the fact that romance isn’t for her.

You can still find other ways to have a fun and thrilling relationship without romance in it.

You just have to open yourself up to that if you like this girl this much.

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