What Should You Do If A Woman Across The Room, Coffee Shop Or Train Is Staring At You And Smiling?

When a woman across the room, coffee shop or train is staring at you and smiling, smile back without ambiguity.

What Should You Do If A Woman Across The Room, Coffee Shop Or Train Is Staring At You And Smiling?Hold the smile and her return stare until she takes it away.

Make a conscientious effort to do this regardless of whether you are comfortable or not.

A lot of guys catch a woman staring at them from across the room, coffee shop or train and remove their return stare too quickly.

Comport yourself and hold your return stare while smiling back.

Strangers get uncomfortable looking another stranger in the eye for any sustained period of time.

It’s part of how society has been programmed.

We are taught to avoid eye contact unless for brief moments.

In finding this woman attractive, holding the return stare until she looks away gives you your moment to show romantic interest and determine what her intentions are.

Sometimes, the sight of someone triggers a happy memory, causing a woman to stare and smile, but the woman has no romantic intent in looking at the guy across the room, coffee shop or train.

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Sometimes, she has a friendly disposition and smiles at everyone she establishes eye contact with.

Either way, to determine whether there is romantic interest, wait to see whether she looks at you again.

A woman who is just a smiley person in general and looks at everyone isn’t going to look back at you again nor is a woman who was merely staring and smiling because you triggered a happy memory.

When you catch her eye and she looks away, look back at her periodically to see whether she is looking back at you.

Don’t be too obvious about it.

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Women are good at sensing they are being stared down and this is uncomfortable.

This isn’t about staring her down.

You kill your shot at creating a romantic connection when you make it obvious you are looking in her direction waiting for her to look back.

It’s too intimidating to her.

Keep her in the periphery of your eye line, but don’t keep looking directly at her.

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From time to time, look back in her general direction, but be subtle.

When a woman is attracted to you, she is going to look at you again.

Once you catch her eye again, she is sending the message she is attracted to you.

She doesn’t have to be smiling at you, at this juncture.

The eye contact is solid enough.

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This time, she won’t sustain it for as long as she did initially.

She looks away faster once you catch her eye.

This is when you know she is attracted to you and knows she has been caught again.

Women, in general, are not used to being the aggressors in dating.

Men have been given that role.

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So, don’t expect her to make a move on you.

The good news is that by looking at you again, she is inviting you to approach her.

This is where you go to her and open up a conversation.

This is what she wants.

She has given you a clear signal to do so.

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Don’t waste the opportunity as you sit there figuring her out.

Just go to her immediately.

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