What Should You Do If A Woman Across The Room, Coffee Shop Or Train Is Staring At You And Smiling?

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What Should You Do If A Woman Across The Room, Coffee Shop Or Train Is Staring At You And Smiling?

When a woman across the room, coffee shop or train is staring at you and smiling, you should smile back.

You should hold the smile and the return stare until she takes it away.

You have to make a conscientious effort to do this even if you feel uncomfortable.

A lot of guys will catch a woman staring at them from across the room, coffee shop or train and take away their return stare way too quickly.

You have to comport yourself and hold the return stare while smiling.

This helps you in a number of ways.

If the woman was staring at you and smiling for no particular reason because she may be that type of person who is smiley with everyone, it’s unlikely that she will look back.

She wouldn’t look back because now she would know that you were interested.

The mere fact that you forced her to take away the stare tells her that if she were to look again, you would do the same thing.

Strangers tend to get uncomfortable looking another stranger in the eye for any sustained period of time.

It’s part of how society has been programmed.

Avoid eye contact as much as possible unless for brief moments.

Now, if you find this woman attractive, you want to put her in this position.

This way, if she is not looking back at you after that, you know that this was just either a smiley person or perhaps a person that may have been looking at you and smiling because they were thinking about a happy memory.

All this is certainly possible.

The last thing you want is to think that this woman is really into you when she really isn’t.

Also, when you catch her staring at you and smiling but you don’t respond in kind, you will start wondering about her.

Since you find her attractive, you may try looking her way again.

And again.

And again.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t looked your way again.

Now, you begin to wonder why she hasn’t done that. After all, just a few moments ago, she was staring at you and smiling.

By your lack of response, she may have gotten the wrong idea.

She may have thought that you didn’t find her attractive.

Women, in general, are not used to being the aggressors in dating.

Men have been given that role.

If she is showing possible signs of interest by staring your way and smiling and you don’t respond in kind, you may dash any of the confidence she revved up to do that in the first place.

As a result, she may not look back at you and the opportunity has been lost.

When you look back, hold the stare and smile, you will let her know in no uncertain terms how you feel about her.

Again, applying this response can weed out those who were just staring and smiling for the sake of it, as I described earlier.

In which case, you don’t have to worry about it and wrack your brain over why she was staring at you.

You would know that it was not out of romantic interest because it is unlikely that she will look your way again.

However, if she were to take away the stare after you held it, only to follow it up with another stare a few moments later, you know for a fact that she is interested in you.

Again, a woman looking back at you moments later after you had forced her to look away, shows courage.

It shows that she is aware of what you just did and is willing to take another chance at you catching her staring at you and smiling.

At this point, if you are attracted to this woman, you should go to her and open up a conversation.

This is what she wants. She has given you a clear signal to do so.

Don’t waste the opportunity as you sit there trying to figure her out.

Just go to her immediately.

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