Am I Too Boring? Is My Personality Dull? Is There Something I’m Lacking?

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Am I Too Boring? Is My Personality Dull? Is There Something I'm Lacking?

You may indeed be boring, dull and lack something.

However, you also have to understand that being accepting of yourself is your first step to enlightenment.

How does this work exactly?

What does this truly entail?

When you are able to accept the fact that you are indeed a unique individual who is layered and complex, you will be able to move forward.

Perhaps you feel that the reason why you may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life is because you are boring.

Well, think about what you typically enjoy doing. Is there an activity that you absolutely love.

You may enjoy camping, dancing, exercising, movies, books, etc.

There are things that you love doing, partaking in or experiencing.

Now, think about the fact that there is someone else out there who enjoys the same thing.

There truly is.

There are a number of people that enjoy what you enjoy.

If you were to put yourself in an environment where these people were around you, there is a good chance that you would really get along with these people.

You wouldn’t be boring to them because you would have the same activity or passion in common.

You need to start putting yourself in these environments.

You need to start putting yourself around like-minded individuals.

You can start taking more of an active role in interacting with people when you go camping.

They are just like you in the sense that they already like the same thing you do.

Start getting to know these people.

Don’t allow the fact that they are not in your friend or social circle stop you from conversing with them.

You will discover that they will find you to be far from boring.

This can be said about anything that you are passionate about or tend to engage in.

Start talking to other people who you may notice hiking alongside you.

Talk to the regulars that you always see at the local coffee shop or bookstore that you like to frequent.

They already have something in common with you.

As a result, the likelihood of them being bored is a lot less.

Your personality is not dull when you allow yourself to be free.

Don’t keep yourself mute when you have something to say.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions when it is called for or disagree with what someone else may have to say.

This is you being your true and identifiable self.

Some people are afraid to be this because they are worried that people won’t like them.

On the contrary, people are very attracted to those that speak their minds.

This is why oftentimes the most vocal and opinionated person in the room gets most of the attention.

You see this in everyday life all the time from the workplace, to social settings and the media.

If you feel that there is something lacking, it may be because you are waiting.

You are waiting for that special someone to make you want to do something meaningful with your life or make you feel complete.

When all you are doing is waiting, people will be able to tell. They will sense that you are not entirely happy with where you are in life.

They would rather not be a part of someone who is waiting for someone else to make their life more meaningful or fulfilled.

They want to know someone who already feels like they have a rich and fulfilling life.

This is who you have to be. Live your life and live it fully.

You can’t sit around waiting for someone to make your life whole.

No one wants to feel like they are the ones saving you from yourself.

This is where they may feel that you are lacking of a strong backbone and a purpose.

This is what would turn them off of you.

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