My Friend Won’t Date And I Want To Date Her

My Friend Won't Date And I Want To Date Her

A friend who won’t date, is a friend who isn’t interested in you romantically.

Right now, she has no inclination within her to pursue a romance with you.

Why keep at this, investing so much time and energy into someone who isn’t emotionally available to you?

Believing that as long as you are persistent with her, she is going to come around, is a waste of your time.

Your friend doesn’t want to date you for a reason.

She is at a place in her life right now where she either needs to sort herself out mentally or accomplish a task that matters.

There is so much going on in her head, the thought of dating you is an added burden.

Would you rather she enters a relationship with you while caught up in whatever issues she is grappling with in her life?

How long do you think a relationship like that survives before it crumbles?

Not for very long.

She wasn’t ready to get into a relationship.

For a relationship to work, the parties have to be fully prepared and devoted to making that happen.

A friend that has other pressing priorities at the moment that she is consumed with, won’t dedicate herself to a romantic relationship with you fully.

In a predicament like this, you are left desperately working to make the relationship work.

You are the one initiating conversations, asking her out on dates, making her laugh, giving her gifts, doing her favors, etc.

No relationship survives when one partner is doing the work and the other is coasting.

Your partner doesn’t care that you are the one who is doing everything.

Being that you were the one who imposed on her to get into a relationship, she doesn’t believe she bears any responsibility to make it work.

She told you she didn’t want to date and you refused to take no for an answer.

Well, you got what you wanted.

You convinced her to get into a relationship with you and the onus is on you to carry the weight of the relationship without any help from her.

Be careful what you wish for, right?

Listen, let her have the time to work on what she needs to work on and go on with your life.

In time, should the stars align and she is ready to date, and you so happen to be single, there is an opening for you to ask her out again.


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