My Friend Won’t Date And I Want To Date Her

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My Friend Won't Date And I Want To Date Her

If your friend won’t date, you really should respect her wish.

She may honestly not have any room in her heart or life for romance at the moment.

Why would you want to invest so much time and energy into someone who isn’t emotionally available?

People often make the mistake of believing that as long as they are persistent and keep trying, the girl will come around.

This is a very ill-advised approach.

The girl doesn’t want to date for a reason.

Even if you were to somehow convince your friend to date, how much of her do you believe she will give to you?

Do you honestly think that her mind and her body would be fully invested in the relationship?

This would be highly unlikely because she got into the relationship under duress in the first place.

She may be at a place in her life right now where she either needs to sort herself out mentally or accomplish an important task.

If you were to force a romance with her through persistence, she would still have these issues that need to be dealt with.

Would you rather she kept trying to deal with them while in a relationship with you?

How long do you think the relationship would hold before it began to crumble?

Not for very long.

She just wasn’t ready to get into a relationship to begin with.

Perhaps you were able to convince her that a relationship would help her get through this period.

However, it hasn’t.

She still has these issues that haven’t been worked out.

All that this new relationship has done is add further complication into her life.

You really need to think this through.

Don’t allow the fact that you want to date her cloud your judgment.

For a relationship to stand a chance, both parties have to be fully willing and devoted to making that happen.

If your friend has other priorities at the moment that she is consumed with, how much true effort do you think she will be able to give the relationship?

Not much at all.

What ultimately happens in this scenario is that one partner begins to desperately try to save the relationship.

The other partner is barely putting in their fair share of the work because they are preoccupied with other duties or thoughts.

They have no inclination to make things work in the relationship.

After all, you were the one that wanted the relationship to begin with.

The relationship is your responsibility due to this fact alone.

This is how your friend will be interpreting the situation.

Unfortunately, this leaves you on your own.

This leaves you the hapless captain of a sinking ship.

You have to understand that though your desires may be causing you to want to date her, the common sense approach is to avoid that at all costs.

You can’t make her feel something for you at this time that she doesn’t.

You can’t force the emotion of desire out of her.

It is either there or it isn’t.

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