How Do You Start Having Good Normal Friendships With Girls?

How Do You Start Having Good Normal Friendships With Girls?

Having good normal friendships with girls calls for a clear intension.

Convey the impression that you are authentically interested in a normal platonic friendship.

An ambiguity to how you approach relationships with girls is where you fail.

When she isn’t clear on what relationship you want from her, she has a hard time knowing how to talk to you.

Is he into me romantically or platonically?

This is a baffling question that taunts her.

It taunts her, owing that you haven’t been straightforward with your intentions.

The ambiguity forces her to be confused when she is talking to you.

One minute she is contemplating whether what you said was flirty or whether you meant nothing by it.

Having good normal friendships with girls means you are clear and straightforward with your intentions.

You won’t get away with a concurrent platonic and romantic approach.

Pick one and stick to it.

Girls perceive inauthenticity.

A guy who isn’t clear about his intentions is a guy to be cautious of.

She doesn’t want to misread your cues as a sign of romantic interest from you and develop feelings for you.

She is worried that she makes herself incredibly vulnerable in falling for this.

On the flip side, a girl who reads your cues as a sign of platonic interest doesn’t see you as a romantic option and treats you as a platonic friend.

Were you to suddenly show strong signs of romantic interest, it throws her off and your platonic friendship with her suffers.

She doesn’t know what to make of it, is uncomfortable, and pulls back on the friendship altogether.

Ambiguity leads to losing out.

You lose out on a potential good friend in a girl or a potential romantic partner.

Fostering trust in whatever relationship you have with a girl is a must.

When you are ambiguous, you make it challenging for trust to develop in the relationship, as the girl is confused to what you are doing and in some circumstances winds up heartbroken.

Figure out the relationship you desire.

Do you sincerely desire a good normal friendship with a girl or are you looking for something else?

Many guys use a platonic friendship as a ruse when their true intention is romance with the girl.

They pretend to be her friend so as to get into her circle and hopefully romance her at some stage in the future.

This is underhanded and rarely gets you anywhere.

Know what you desire first.

Where a normal friendship is totally what you seek, building that friendship requires showing an interest in her interests.

Use something that you have a shared interest in.

For example, she loves photography and so do you.

You have a conversation with her about her love of photography and mutually share pictures with each other of photos in your catalogues.

This exchange has to come off as strictly platonic.

This is about starting a good normal friendship and nothing more.

Never give her the impression that you are in it for more.

This is where your behavior matters.

Don’t flirt or give her compliments centered around her physical attributes.

Any compliments must reference an interest she has, not her physicality.

There are a range of interests that aid in connecting with a potential platonic friend.

Photography, literature, exercise, art, music, movies, TV shows, travel, academics, etc.

Pinpoint a shared interest and use that as a doorway to develop a potential platonic friendship.

Watch what you say and do, so that she never misreads your intentions.

Until the platonic nature of the relationship with her is fully cemented, don’t put yourself in personal environments with her where you are alone with her.

For example, don’t go to each other’s homes to hang out with each other and no one else.

Keep your early talks in public areas or around other friends.

This keeps you from awkward situations where too much alone time spent together makes her think there is more to this than a platonic friendship.

She comes to this train of thought, regardless of whether you have flirted with her or not.

Such is the power of having too much alone time together as platonic friends.

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