How Do You Start Having Good Normal Friendships With Girls?

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How Do You Start Having Good Normal Friendships With Girls?

Be yourself.

You have to be able to convey the impression that you are real.

If you want to build friendships with girls, this is your first step.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is in not doing this.

They believe that they have to act a certain way in order to become friends with girls.

They go about this all wrong.

They have no idea what they want.

Do they want to start a good normal friendship with girls or do they want to start romance?

When they aren’t clear about this in their minds, their approach to starting friendships with girls comes off as inauthentic.

Girls can totally sense this.

They get the impression that the guy isn’t being sincere in his so called attempt at friendship.

They get the impression that he has ulterior motives.

Perhaps, he may actually be looking for romance or to hook up.

Yet, he is trying to convey the impression that he is only trying to be a friend.

Girls can read on this and it can be very off-putting.

Based on this impression, they won’t allow you to go any further in the interaction because they simply don’t trust you.

You shouldn’t be one of those guys.

You have to truly figure out for yourself what you truly want.

Do you honestly want to start good normal friendships with girls or are you looking for something else?

Understand, a lot of guys will try to use friendship as a ruse for romance.

They never had any real intention of starting a normal friendship with the girl.

They just wanted to pretend to be her friend in order to get into her circle and hopefully romance her at some point in the future.

This is dishonest and will rarely get you anywhere.

Hence, do be honest with yourself about what you really want.

Now, if you feel that indeed you simply want to start good normal friendships with girls and nothing more, you can start showing interests in what they do.

Your approach should always be to try to relate.

If you notice that this girl has an interest in taking photos and you have the same, start sharing photos with her.

You could do this through social media or while she is there in your physical presence.

This helps to build rapport and understanding between the both of you. Again, this has to come off as strictly platonic.

You are trying to start a good normal friendship and nothing more.

Hence, you should never give her the impression that you are wanting more.

You should avoid flirting or giving her compliments that praise her physical attributes.

Keep things professional and straightforward.

You could do this with any girl.

Simply find some similarities in what you like to theirs and try to relate.

You may discover that another girl has an interest in a particular TV show.

You can watch that show and if you like it too, begin to converse about the show with her.

You could tell her about your opinion of the last episode and go into details.

This is forming a connection with her.

This is how a lot of people start friendships with others regardless of gender.

They find commonalities and use those to create a connection.

It is the same thing when you want to start friendships with girls.

What you simply have to ensure is that your intentions are clear.

You are aware that all you want is to start friendships and nothing more. This way, everyone is aware of what kind of relationship that they are in without any confusion.

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