Girls Think I’m A Player But I’m Really Not

Girls Think I'm A Player But I'm Really Not

You may be very good at making girls feel at ease when they are around you or talking to you.

This may be one of the reasons why girls think that you are a player.

They sense your confidence and the way that you carry yourself and think that you must have girls throwing themselves at you.

Perhaps you may believe that you aren’t a player because you don’t truly believe that you are that confident.

Perhaps you are really good at giving the impression that you can talk to any girl and make her feel at ease when in fact you don’t feel all that confident inside.

Well, this is what you will have to consider.

You will also have to think about the likelihood that you tend to develop very short-lived relationships with girls.

In essence, you may not have too many meaningful relationships with girls in your life.

If a girl senses that you tend to be the kind that talks a sweet game but rarely sticks around, she may think of you as a player.

You may not be acting this way because you are player.

You may have short-lived relationships with girls simply because they always end up not being the right one for you.

This may make it seem as though you go through girls like toilet paper.

However, the real truth beyond all that may simply be a lack of true connection.

If it bothers you that girls keep thinking this way about you, you can change their minds about it by beginning to develop long-lasting friendships with girls.

You don’t have to only talk to girls that you are attracted to.

You can also talk to girls that you aren’t.

You can start talking to all kinds of girls.

They can range from the attractive to the average.

If you begin to form relationships with girls of all looks and sizes, you will begin to appear to be the kind of guy that doesn’t just have meaningless short-lived relationships with only girls that you are attracted to.

You would seem like a guy that is willing to be open and cherishes relationships.

Again, this is a good way to begin to change minds and have these girls begin to look at you in a different way.

In addition to building long-lasting and meaningful friendships with all kinds of girls, you should also start working on ways to make yourself more approachable.

Your body language may not only be exuding confidence.

Sometimes, it could also be exuding a sense of arrogance.

Perhaps these girls can read that body language and what they see is a guy that seems like he knows he would be every girl’s dream catch.

A lot of girls can be attracted to this kind of attitude but some others may simply read you as being the quintessential player.

Thereby, making a few changes to your body language may go a long way in making you appear more down to earth.

Perhaps you could make more eye contact with girls and smile.

Or you could make your body more open by keeping your hands free from holding onto a device that you are staring into.


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