Is A Small Gap In The Middle Of Front Teeth A Turn Off To Girls?

A small gap in the middle of your front teeth isn’t a turn off to most girls, given that there is so much more that comes with attraction.

Is A Small Gap In The Middle Of Front Teeth A Turn Off To Girls?How you carry this small gap matters.

With a confident attitude and a great personality, a small gap in the middle of your front teeth does nothing to hinder you from getting girls.

Your confidence and personality matters most.

Worrying too much about the gap in the middle of your front teeth, makes you doubt yourself.

When you doubt yourself, you affect your sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

A dearth of self-worth keeps your legitimate personality from shining through.

You have lost your shot with the girl, not on account of the gap, but on how negatively it affects your overall personality.

To counter this, own that small gap in the front of your teeth like a name brand, as it is part of who you are.

Give it a name too.

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No harm in that.

Naming something personalizes it to us and this fosters acceptance and positivity towards what was named.

Take comedians for example.

A lot of comedians use something they don’t consider to be a visually attractive part of themselves as something to pick fun at lightheartedly.

They are self-deprecating.

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They make fun of their short height or weird hair or prominent nose.

This is how they show the world they accept who they are and own whatever deficiencies they have.

A positive approach to something that was once an issue to you, reduces the likelihood that the deficiency renders you insecure.

Your mood or sense of humor isn’t affected by the deficiency anymore.

This is where so much about your personality has the room to be showcased.

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That gap loses its power over you, being that you embrace it and own it.

Accept your gap today.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and believe that you are worth it.

Believe that any girl is lucky to have you as a boyfriend.

Make this affirmation to yourself every day.

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Yes, smile at your image in that mirror.

When you see that gap in the middle of your front teeth, accept it as part of what makes you unique.

It is one little piece of you.

Recognize there are many other facets to you.

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Your personality is filled with so much interesting and invigorating qualities.

As you learn to look at yourself like this, you realize that there is so much more to you than a gap in the middle of your front teeth.

You have a sense of humor, a sense of adventure and a sense of mystery, an astute talent in listening to people and helping them solve their problems, etc.

An ability to get the best out of people in your life is your staple.

This is where your eyes open up and you see the world in a different light.

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Suddenly, your other talents take center stage, as opposed to the gap in the middle of your front teeth.

Your confidence rises and your personality shines through whenever you are around girls or talking to them.

With this mindset, that gap in the middle of your front teeth never impedes you from getting girls.

It is part of what makes you so unique.

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