Does Romance Decrease When The Honeymoon Phase Is Over?

When you are determined and intent on keeping that romance alive, it doesn’t decrease.

Does Romance Decrease When The Honeymoon Phase Is Over?The misstep that many people make is in becoming complacent and misunderstanding how love and relationships work.

It is natural for you to come back down to earth after a period of time in a relationship.

A human being is incapable of being on cloud 9 forever.

It is like watching a movie that is nothing but climax.

No one watches a movie that is nothing but climax and genuinely enjoy it.

At some point, you are going to need a breather.

There is nothing wrong with going through a honeymoon phase and realizing that your excitement has decreased.

This is natural and mustn’t be feared.

The romance doesn’t have to decrease in the relationship just because the honeymoon phase is over.

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Where people go wrong is when they think that this is a time to relax on their effort and get complacent.

Sometimes, this is a conscious decision and sometimes it isn’t.

It’s a dangerous period, as it makes a partner lazy.

They take there relationship for granted.

A decrease in excitement needs to be met with actions to keep the romance in your relationship alive.

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Nothing extravagant is required.

You don’t need to have a romantic horse drawn carriage ride every time or an expensive dinner.

Romance doesn’t have to be this elaborate.

In fact, some of the most effective romance is remarkably simple and straightforward.

Romance is a quiet evening with some wine and fun conversation.

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Yes, it is that easy.

What does this require?

A quick stop at the wine or grocery store, a trip home and a conversation.

Yes, it is something this elementary.

Once the honeymoon phase ends in a relationship, a lot of partners forget the influence of conversation.

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They just stop talking to each other.

They talk “at” each other instead of “to” each other.

This is where a lot of couples fail and see the romance in their relationship decrease.

Conversation matters in a relationship.

Good conversation maintains a strong connection which keeps the romance alive.

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Romance is as uncomplicated as reading to each other.

This is a practice that a lot of couples are unaware keeps the romance alive in a relationship.

When there is a particular kind of literature that you both like, read it to each other.

This creates an incredible romantic connection between you.

You get to listen to each other’s voice.

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The sound of your partner’s voice is incredibly powerful.

It creates a sense of togetherness and is soothing.

After a while, it isn’t so much about the words that they are saying but how the sound of your partner’s voice makes you feel.

This creates a potent romantic connection that stays with you for days, weeks or more.

This is only reading to each other.

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It didn’t require much effort from you other than grabbing the piece of literature and opening your mouth.

Keeping the romance alive with your partner is this accessible.

You don’t have to overcomplicate it.

You don’t have to do something so elaborate and difficult to put together.

The most effective romance is the stuff that takes very little effort to put together.

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This is what is meaningful.

This is what gets you through the immediate low when your honeymoon phase is over.

From here, the romance stays alive and grows stronger.

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