How To Know If An Online Gamer Guy Likes You?

How To Know If An Online Gamer Guy Likes You?

An online gamer guy who likes you prefers talking to you against playing games with you.

He is more concerned about getting to know you than in playing the online game itself.

Take this into account the next time you both play a game together online.

Gauge his behavior.

Is he primarily interested in the game?

Is he primarily talking about the game as the both of you are playing or is he talking about you?

When an online gamer guy doesn’t like you, his focus is primarily on the game and not in chatting with you or about you.

It’s the opposite when he likes you.

Not just that.

Why do you think he happens to be online every time you are?

It’s not by accident.

He is actually rearranging his own schedule to coincide with your own, to share more time with you.

Nothing screams, “Hey, do you see me?,” more than this.

His curiosity is piqued and he wants to have an introduction.

Watch out for a good old boost to your ego when he praises you out of nowhere.

He observes your game stats and congratulates you, praising you for your prowess, hoping to lift your spirits up.

It doesn’t stop here.

He asks you for tips for how you reached a certain level on a particular game, though he is a lot better at that game than you are.

Nope, he doesn’t stop here either.

An online gamer guy who likes you plays games he knows you play, regardless of whether he likes those games or not.

Whenever you look at the games he plays, many mirror yours.

In life, this is regarded as mirroring someone else’s behavior for the sake of romantic interest.

In body language this is shown through mirroring physical posture.

As this is the online world, the equivalent is in mirroring the games you play.

He masters them to make himself look good in your eyes.

He is hoping that when you detect that he is playing the online games that you play and is good at them, you are impressed and are more inclined to talk to him.

An online gamer guy knows your stats by heart.

He recites your specific stat numbers on online games you play and provides said information without having to look it up.

He brings up those stats right off the top of his head as the both of you converse online.

This is him showing strong interest in you, familiar with where you stand statistically at different games by memory.

An online gamer guy who doesn’t like you doesn’t bother memorizing this information unless he is just one of those really competitive gamer guys.

Hopefully, you have observed some of the aforementioned signs of romantic interest from the online gamer guy like.

Be diligent in responding to his advances.

The more conversation you have with him, showing interest in his stats and his life, the more likely he pursues you and eventually asks you out.

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10 thoughts on “How To Know If An Online Gamer Guy Likes You?”

  1. My coworker seems to like me too. hes the only person i know that gets back to me right away through text. or within the next posibly opening to respond. Im still on guard that though that he may not like me and just wants to be friends. but at work when we eat sometimes he will offer me some of his food and hes extra polite or funny toward me… He always does nice things for me. but we cant really get together because I have a bf, were coworkers, and im not sure if he likes me. if he really does then i think its time to end the relationship i have with my bf ive been with for a few years… I really really like this guy. In response to telling him i liked him but i failed to break up with my bf after telling my bf i liked my coworker, my coworker said he wasnt looking to date another girl right now, but to still talk to him and stuff. I took as hes not interested period and just being nice. I cant really tell if hes semi interested in me or just wants to friends.

  2. Hi nooboobz-915,

    It’s unlikely that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

    When you told him that you liked him, he told you that he isn’t looking to date another girl. This meant that he wasn’t looking to be in a relationship with you.

    He may be extra polite to you and funny. He may do nice things for you. But, all of this doesn’t mean that he wants to be with you in a romantic sense.

    More than likely, he just wants to be friends.

  3. So, I’m playing online within guy in the U.S. I’m in Europe.
    In the beginning he said he is too busy in work to have a gf and thinks it would be unfair to get into a relationship when he has no time to give her.
    But, over the last two months he has started staying up late to message me when I wake and getting up early to message before I go to sleep.
    He shares pictures of himself and talks about his plans and interests and tells me when he is gonna be offline.
    He seems to just wanna chat…not doing so much in the game itself now.
    Now he is calling me Hun and sending kisses.
    Two weeks ago he sent “love you!” Which surprised me a lot because he already said he has no time for a relationship.
    I admit, although he is much younger than me…the personal attraction and tension is definitely there and growing , I really like this guy.
    I’m a bit confused at his mixed messages.
    Does he want a relationship with me?
    And how do I proceed without messing up a great friendship?

  4. Hi Climbingrose,

    He did tell you that he is really busy with work and thought it would be unfair to get into a relationship when he has no time.

    Hence, it doesn’t appear that he wants a romantic relationship with you.

    At this stage, you may have to take him at his word.

    He may be calling you “Hun” and sending you kisses but he may doing this because of his fondness of you.

    Try not to get carried away reading too much into messages like he sent two weeks ago that said, “love you!”

    In order to proceed without messing up a great friendship, just be yourself and enjoy the interaction without drawing conclusions.

  5. Hey guys.

    Well that escalated quickly!
    I went to the movies with another friend who is a guy…but we are really good friends and that’s it.

    Later on when I was chatting with the U.S. guy and he said he was going to the movies.
    When I told him that I had just been to the movies he said ” with whom!” , so I told him.
    And he got mad!
    I said ” why are you being like this” , an he said ” because I wanna be him!”
    I told him that it was just my friend and he calmed down a bit , and we were ok and continued to chat and play.

    But then after about 10 mins, he asked why I wasn’t dating , so I told him why and also what I would like in someone I choose to date in the future.( because he asked about that).
    He said ” I can do all that!” And I said ” well yes, maybe you can , but you are safe cause you are so far away.” Trying to make a joke of it.
    He then said ” but, I wanna try if you will let me!”
    So, now we are kind of cyberdating!

    I don’t quite know what happened, but it seems that he just realised that I have an actual life offline and wants to be involved.
    He has said personal stuff previously, but only about him and his work and plans.
    I mean he totaly changed and spent hours telling me all sorts of personal stuff and planning on how to manage to visit me.

    I couldn’t be online the next day as I was out with friends, but he sent some really lovely messages telling me how he misses me. He continues to message me multiple times everyday.

    Now I know that it is kind of wild to proceed with this due to the distance and dynamics, but if I don’t take the chance, how will I ever know if he was that one?

  6. Hi Climbingrose,

    You can take the chance, however, long distance relationships are difficult to maintain.

    It takes two people who are absolutely willing to make it work for it to succeed.

    You may be for it now.

    However, he may get discouraged in time if he is beginning to feel like the both of you will never meet each other physically.

    Again, you can take the chance, but you do have to be aware that no matter how much you feel you can do this, he also has to be just as willing.

  7. He’s a total gamer and he introduced a game to me and is patiently teaching me. I once told him I loved him but he “friendzoned” me.
    These days, he made me a character based on my name, teaches me his game very patiently (though he only prefers doing it by text, no talk) and would usually talk with me before he sleeps (But I usually start the conversation).
    I like him, and we call each other friends. But this gut feeling is telling me he likes me more than friend. What is you insight?

  8. Hi Kim,

    He has shown a number of signs that indicate that he just likes you as a friend.

    He seems more interested in teaching you about the game than getting to know you better as a person.

    He rarely starts conversations with you and even then will only text, not talk.

    We have to use the signs that he has shown us so far and so far it seems like he is just not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

  9. okay so I recently started playing with this guy on overwatch and I’m really bad but he always tells me I’m “carrying” or “destroying” the other team when I’m really not. Whenever I get online, if hes on, I ask him to play, if hes playing with another friend he will tell the friend that he wants to go play with me. Whenever we do custom game woth our friends he always puts me on his team or asks the host to put me on his team because I’m “one of hos favorite people” in the group and recently he asked me to join the game with a ton of other people and I was kinda uncomfortable because I only knew like 2 people in the whole team and so I don’t talk so he took a hint and asked me if I was uncomfortable and I didnt want to hurt his feelings so I said Idk. I didnt want him to stop having fun so when he asked me if I wanted to do something else I said idk. After the game ended, he told the group that me and him we were going to play a custom game instead. I kind of like this guy but I dont really know if he likes me we have only known eachother for a month or so and He has never done anything mean or rude. He always allies with me when its free for all and doesnt kill me but if he accidentally does he said hes sorry. There’s just one thing from stopping me and its that I’m two years younger than him. He doesnt treat any of his other friends like this. If there were another girl my age that played with him Idk if he would act differently but my sis is 1 year older than me and he treats her like his other friends, he just treats me differently in a good way. I kinda get mad when he pays attention to other people and not,me but I never say it. Do you think he likes me? We are under 18 and we are 2 years apart. I’m pretty sure we live in the same time zone but I’m not sure.

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