How Do You Reply To “Have A Good Day” Text From A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

How Do You Reply To "Have A Good Day" Text From A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

You can reply by asking them what they are hoping to accomplish in their day.

They respond to your text by telling you about the goals that they have planned for the day.

If you both have the time for some discussion, you can ask them to elaborate about a particular goal that they have for that day.

Should your boyfriend or girlfriend respond that he has to take a class that day, you could reply by asking him what the class is and how it has been going.

This begins the process of discussion and allows you the opportunity to have a longer conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is only feasible if your boyfriend or girlfriend has the time to actually discuss.

with time to discuss, you can get into this topic and eventually start a new one from there.

However, if there is no time time to have a discussion, you can respond to the text by sending your boyfriend or girlfriend an uplifting quote of the day or a humorous joke.

The intent of the quote or joke is to help them get excited about their day.

It could be inspiring in nature.

You could seek out some really good quotes from the internet and text one to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Again, the objective should be to lift their spirits and give them some wise words to live by for their day.

This is insightful and helps your boyfriend or girlfriend appreciate you even more.

In choosing the humorous route, you could text your boyfriend or girlfriend a hilarious cartoon snippet or poster.

Again, you can find many of these online.

Try to find something that matches your boyfriend or girlfriend’s brand of humor so that they get the joke.

This will make them laugh, which in turn, helps them get through their day.

Doing this often makes your boyfriend or girlfriend actually look forward to texting you the “have a good day” message.

They know that once they send you this text, you reply with something funny or enlightening.

This is good. It is always beneficial to a relationship when a partner looks forward to hearing back from their mate.

When you text them these responses, you are showing them that you truly care about their day.

Another great way for you to reply to the “have a good day” text would be to respond with a message reminding them about something fun that you both already have planned for the near future.

When you reply with something like, “I hope you have a good day too, can’t wait to play tennis with you on Saturday,” it gives your boyfriend or girlfriend an immediate image in their head.

It allows them to have something to look forward to and know that you will be a part of that.

It also makes your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like they are someone worth your time and attention.

It gives them a boost to the ego.

It helps to reassure them that they are in a great relationship with someone who truly cares about being with them.

They imagine what it would be like to play tennis with you and look forward to how much fun it could be.

You have put a smile on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s face and that is always a good thing.


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