Would A Guy Text A Girl He Wasn’t Interested In?

Would A Guy Text A Girl He Wasn't Interested In?


A guy would text a girl he wasn’t interested in.

He would normally do this for various reasons.

There may be someone else that he wants to be with that he knows you are friends with.

He may start texting you to find a way to get more information about her or win you over as his friend.

If he can win you over as his friend, he may be able to get you to start talking about him to your friend which would ultimately be one of the best ways for him to break in with her.

A good word from you is worth a lot more than a bunch of promises from him.

A guy would also text a girl he wasn’t interested in so as to keep her as an option.

Now, understand what this means.

He may have no immediate interest in you, however, he still texts because he just wants to keep you as an option.

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You essentially become a number.

You could be option 6, 7 or more. Hence, your importance to him is very low on the totem pole.

There are a number of guys who do this just so that they can feel assured that if things don’t work out with Betty, Angela, Barbara, Emily or Denise, they will have you as a sixth option.

It is unlikely that they will ever get that far down on their priority totem pole.

Even if they did, this would mean that they only came to you out of necessity as their sixth or seventh option.

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This typically means that any kind of interaction you have with him would be very casual until maybe Betty or Angela gets back into the picture.

That’s right.

He still has his eye on his top five and the moment one of them becomes available or is willing to give him a chance, he will drop you and go to her.

A guy may also text a girl he wasn’t interested in because he may feel the need to build his circle of female friends.

He may do this because he wants to have more female friends in order to bolster his social appeal.

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There are a number of guys who do this in order to get that kind of boost.

They know that the more female friends they can show up with at a social event, the more attention they can get from other females at that event.

The other females may look at him as more of a catch when they notice that he has all that female attention.

They may wonder why he has these women all around him.

They may wonder what on earth makes him so special and dynamic.

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All of a sudden, they find themselves both psychologically and physically drawn to this guy.

Hence, yes, there are a number of reasons why a guy would text a girl that he isn’t interested.

In order to determine whether this guy is truly interested in you, your best option is to observe how quickly he asks you out or how often.

If he doesn’t ask you out at all or does so very sporadically and yet continues to text you, there is a good chance that he may have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with him being truly interested in you in a romantic sense.

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